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Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 13th January, 2016 5.30 pm, Housing Scrutiny Committee

Venue:   Committee Room 1 & 2, The Guildhall, Market Square, Cambridge, CB2 3QJ

Contact:    Toni Birkin
Committee Manager

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Mike Todd-Jones Chair Present
Councillor Dave Baigent Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Nicholas Avery Lib Dem Spokes for Housing Committee Member Present
Councillor Mark Ashton Committee Member Present
Councillor Gerri Bird Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
Councillor Marie-Louise Holland Minorities Spokesperson for Housing Committee Member Present
Councillor Tim Moore Committee Member Present
Councillor Peter Sarris Committee Member Present
Councillor Nigel Gawthrope Committee Member Present
Diane Best Leaseholder Representative Co-Optee Present
Kay Harris Tenant Representative Co-Optee Present
John Marais Tenant Representative Co-Optee Present
Terry Sweeney Tenant Representative Co-Optee Present
Diana Minns Tenant Representative Co-Optee Present
Caroline Oriokot Tenant Representative Co-Optee Absent