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Petition for a Development Control Forum – Westbrook Centre Redevelopment [24/00622/FUL]

We the undersigned petition the council hold a Development Control Forum (DCF) in relation to the following Planning Application Application No: 24/00622/FUL Site Address: Westbrook Centre Milton Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 1YG

The grounds for asking for a Forum on this application are as follows:

The Westbrook Centre is part of a large block in West Chesterton that is impermeable to walking. The lack of walking links make it difficult for residents to access nearby schools, work, or other community facilities by foot.

We are asking for a Forum on application 24/00622/FUL because it fails to provide new pedestrian access to the Westbrook Centre from Gilbert Road, Corona Road and Lilywhite Drive that are included in the Mitcham’s Corner Development Framework. These links would serve to improve the walking network in the area, enabling quicker and safer walking routes (especially for children walking or cycling to nearby schools), reducing congestion and air pollution. The application therefore does not meet the following policies of the Cambridge Local Plan (2018):

• Policy 5 (Sustainable Transport and infrastructure) which requires development proposals to “aim for a joined-up city-wide cycle and pedestrian network by addressing ‘pinch-points’, barriers and missing links’
• Policy 22 (Mitcham’s Corner Opportunity Area) which requires development proposals within the Mitcham’s Corner Opportunity Area to “promote and coordinate the use of sustainable transport modes”
• Policy 80 (Supporting sustainable access to development) which requires developments to prioritise “access by walking, cycling and public transport” by “conveniently linking the development with the surrounding walking, cycling and public transport networks”. This policy also states that “Areas where public transport, pedestrian and cycle movement is difficult or dangerous will be improved”

We do not hold an in principle outright objection to the application and our concerns could be overcome by providing the walking and cycling links described in the Mitcham’s Corner Development Framework. These connections should be wide and well-lit with good sightlines and natural surveillance.

This ePetition runs from 14/03/2024 to 25/04/2024.

27 people have signed this ePetition.