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Let Cambridge Verges Buzz with Bees!

We the undersigned petition the council to buy the 'cut and collect' equipment needed to manage our green spaces and roadside verges better for wildflowers and pollinating insects

Pollinating insects are in big trouble. Around 40% of insect species are now facing extinction but they are crucial to human food security.

Simply cutting the grass less allows more flowers to bloom!

All of Cambridge should be managed to support nature. This includes both our green spaces and the miles of road verges that the City Council is contracted to manage on behalf of the County Council. Cut the grass later, cut the grass less, time the cuts carefully and, most importantly, lift the cut. Moving to this simple ‘cut and collect’ system in itself boosts wildflowers naturally and pollinating insects and other invertebrates thrive. Some areas must also be left long for insects to overwinter and complete their lifecycle.

Cut and collect saves the City Council money!

Moving to a ‘cut and collect’ system involves buying a new machine but has been shown to save council money after only a few years.* This is supported by Plantlife, Buglife and Butterfly Conservation.

On The Verge Cambridge calls on the City Council to buy the equipment needed and to follow Plantlife’s verge management guidelines. The City Council declared a Biodiversity Emergency in 2019 recognising that our environment is in crisis. But our gardens and park wildflower meadows are simply not enough.

Save money, let flowers bloom and bees buzz in Cambridge!

Please sign the petition. Many thanks

* Rotherham Council’s 8-mile ring road wildflower meadow saved up to £25,000 in mowing costs and improved biodiversity.

This ePetition ran from 08/10/2020 to 18/12/2020 and has now finished.

41 people signed this ePetition.