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47 Bateman Street four storey building proposal 02/01470/FUL petition for a Development Control Forum

We the undersigned petition the council to hold a Development Control Forum meeting on proposal 20/01470/FUL by St Marys for a four-storey building at 47 Bateman Street.

Grounds for concern are:
1. Traffic congestion:
The effect of considerably increased traffic in the local area which is already heavily congested.
2. Light:
Blocking of light, especially sunlight in the winter afternoons and summer evenings along Bateman Mews. Blocking of light to 32 - 37 Bateman Street. The (50page) submitted document on light takes no account of the shadow the building would create.
3. Visual impact on a residential and conservation area:
An overdevelopment with a massive, excessive footprint on a small site.
4. Privacy:
windows overlook residential properties' living rooms and bedrooms.
5. Trees:
The footprint allows no space for trees to replace the many removed from the site.
A basis for compromise
1 The building should be lower:
To reduce the loss of light to 32 - 37 Bateman Street and loss of all sunlight to Bateman Mews (including the properties on the South side of Bateman Street) during winter afternoons and summer evenings;
To prevent loss of privacy to all local residents;
To maintain the view over the Botanic gardens from the properties to the South of Bateman Street.

2 The footprint should be smaller:
The building should be set back from the boundary at the West of Bateman Mews to allow for trees to be planted and to alleviate the loss of light. It is not possible to plant trees at the West end of Bateman Mews because of the Woodlands Surgery car park below. Please compare with the East end of Bateman Mews where the Eurocentre is set back from the boundary and obscured by trees.

A smaller footprint would allow some car parking for school staff. This would alleviate some of the increased car parking in the local area.

This ePetition ran from 05/05/2020 to 15/06/2020 and has now finished.

38 people signed this ePetition.