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Petition request to fit CCTV cameras to deter criminal activity after recent surge

We the undersigned petition the council to ...fit three new cctv cameras. We, the residents of St Matthew’s Gardens, have endured a notable increase in criminal activity and threatening behaviour in and around St Matthew’s Gardens in recent years, with a noticeable increase this summer. Several of us have been in touch with police who tell us they believe county lines drug dealers are using our square because of its secluded location, darkness and lack of cctv monitoring. Events culminated in a stabbing, but we had all been aware before this of a surge in drug-selling and drug-taking activity across the summer. We need all local agencies to work together to improve the environment and security offered to residents, and to deter future antisocial and criminal behaviour. We petition the council to fit three police-linked cctv cameras on access routes in and out of St Matthews Gardens: - St Matthews Gardens / New Street - St Matthew’s Gardens / York Street - St Matthews Gardens / Beehive cut-through

We are also asking our local residents management company, which maintains the green with service charges from residents, that
- the sheltered seating areas in the corners of the central green are removed or blocked
- movement-sensitive lighting is fitted on the green
- two communal hallways open to public access are fitted with resident-access-only locks

These measures in combination will discourage criminals from using our square as a meeting point.

This ePetition ran from 18/11/2019 to 08/01/2020 and has now finished.

49 people signed this ePetition.