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Committee details

Housing Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

The Housing Scrutiny Committee consists of nine councillors and six tenant and leaseholder representatives (two posts currently vacant).


The councillors and the representatives scrutinise the decisions of the Executive Councillor for Housing and Homelessness.


The five tenants and one leaseholder on the Housing Scrutiny Committee are elected every four years through a citywide ballot of all Cambridge City Council tenants and leaseholders. For independence, the ballot is run by an external organisation, Electoral Reform Services.


The number of tenant and leaseholder places on the Committee represents the proportion of tenants and leaseholders living in Cambridge City Council properties.


Elected residents on the Committee can receive an allowance to cover their expenses and compensate for their time.


More Information


·       Speaking at committees

·       Archive information

·       Filming and recording at meetings



Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services. Committee Manager

Postal address:
Cambridge City Council
Po Box 700

Phone: 01223 457000

Email: democratic.services@cambridge.gov.uk