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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Shirley Primary School, Nuffield Road, Cambridge CB4 1TF

Contact: Democratic Services  Committee Manager

No. Item


Welcome, Introduction and Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Smart and County Councillors Manning, Richards and Scutt. Councillor O’Reilly provided apologies for lateness.


Declarations Of Interest





Councillor Price


Trustee of Red Hen Project

Councillor Sheil


Was organising a fund raiser for the Red Hen Project.

Councillor Sargeant


Members of Friends of Mitchams Corner.




Minutes pdf icon PDF 393 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on the 5 September 2019 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Matters and Actions Arising from the Minutes pdf icon PDF 117 KB


The Action Sheet was noted and an updated copy could be viewed at the following link under ‘Committee Action Sheet’-



NAC Area Committee Grants 2020-21 pdf icon PDF 398 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report from the Community Funding and Development Manager regarding Area Committee Community Grants.


Members considered applications for grants as set out in the Officer’s report.


Following discussion, Members resolved (unanimously):


To agree the proposed awards detailed in Appendix 1 of the officers report and as summarised in the table below.





N 1

Bermuda Community Room

40 teas and suppers


N 2

Brownsfield Adult Art Group (c/o Chesterton Community Association)

40 art sessions


N 3

Chesterton Festival Committee

Chesterton Festival Community Fun Day 2020


N 4

Friends of Histon Road Cemetery

Information and activities


N 5

Friends of Milton Road Library

10 after school activities for young people


N 6

Kings Hedges Brownies

Three trips


N 7

Kings Hedges Family Support Project

2 weekly drop-ins



N 8

Kings Hedges Rainbows

Hire of The Wild Place at Milton Country Park for 1 day


N 9

Meadows Centre Bowlers

Weekly 2 hour indoors bowls session



Meadows Children and Family Wing (The)

Active healthy lifestyles project



North Cambridge Organisers

One trip; three events



Red Hen Project (The)

Three summer day trips



Romsey Mill Trust

24 boxing sessions, 3 day trips and 40 weeks 1:1s for young people







Environmental Improvement Programme pdf icon PDF 274 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report from the Public Realm Engineering & Project Delivery Team Leaderregarding the Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP). The report outlined progress of existing schemes and new suggested schemes for 2019/20.


In response to Members’ questions the Public Realm Engineering & Project Delivery Team Leader answered:

  i.  Project N2 (re-estabishment of grass verges in Gilbert Road), was eligible and being considered for funding from the strategic EIP allocation.

  ii.  Additional local area funding was expected to become available in April 2020, with a further invitation to members to consider applications expected in early Summer 2020.

  iii.  Project N8 (additional funding for Hazelwood Close play area) required consideration from local area budgets by North Area Committee.

  iv.  Noted that concerns had been raised regarding grass verges which had had caravans parked on them at Green End Road.  Suggested that Councillors could approach the County Council to resolve in the first instance as they were the responsible authority.  It could be the case that a Local Highways Improvement project had been approved by the County Council and that they could still be in the process of resolving the issue.


Members of the public made the following comments in response to the report:

  i.  Thanked the committee for the hanging baskets.


Members of the public asked a number of questions, as set out below.


1.  Queried repairs to pavements and delays in these being repaired.


Asked that any issues were reported to the Ward Councillors.


2.  Questioned how bee hotels could be included in the North Area.


Commented that it might be worth contacting the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP).  One of the strategic themes of the EIP funding was biodiversity. There were a number of requests for bee hotels across the city that were being considered.  Reminded those present that there was likely to be a further application round in Summer 2020.


Following discussion, Members resolved (unanimously) to:

i.  Note the operating amendments to the programme agreed by the Executive Councillor for Streets and Open Spaces following Environment and Community Scrutiny on 21 March 2019

ii.  Note the allocation of funding across all areas of Cambridge for the period 2019-21

iii.  Approve the allocation of £6,616 from local area EIP funds in 2019/ 20 towards the provision of 40 summer hanging baskets in Campkin Road, and along Chesterton High Street

iv.  Note those new North area project aspirations received in the latest 2019/ 20 round which would be recommended to the Executive Councillor for Streets and Open Spaces for funding from the new central, city-wide, strategic EIP allocation

v.  Approve the remaining new North area project aspirations received in the latest 2019/ 20 round for funding as part of the local North area programme for 2019/ 20

vi.  Support those projects selected for implementation, subject to them being viable, obtaining consents as necessary, positive consultation and final approval by the Council’s Place Board, Ward and Executive Councillors, where required.



Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods NAC pdf icon PDF 256 KB


The Committee received a report from the Police regarding policing and safer neighbourhoods trends.


The report outlined actions taken since the last reporting period. The current emerging issues/neighbourhood trends for each ward were also highlighted (see report for full details). Previous local issues and engagement activity noted in the report were:

  i.  ASB and dangerous driving on Fen Road;

  ii.  Street based drug dealing; and

  iii.  Youth and knife crime.


Members of the Public (MOP) and Councillors asked a number of questions as set out below.

  i.  MOP raised issues occurring at Carson Close off Green End Road on behalf of another resident, she would ask the resident to get in touch with PC Emms.


  ii.  Councillor Sheil asked about Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) contracts and whether there was any feedback from family members regarding their effectiveness.


ASB contracts were dealt with by the ASB Team at the City Council. They monitoured compliance. The police did scan calls for help in the area to see whether there were any trends regarding individuals with ASB contracts. If any issues arose these would be taken into account for any escalation of work.


  iii.  Councillor Price commented that he was pleased with the work which had been undertaken at Hampton Court and there had not been any repeat issues arising. He commented that it was helpful if residents were able to provide the Police with names of individuals when reporting issues.


  iv.  Councillor Collis asked whether Nuns Way Rec and the pulley in Arragon Close were going to continue to be monitored.


The Police confirmed that they were continuing to monitour the area.  It would depend where they received calls to where officer resource would be put.


  v.  Councillor Bird commented that she was disappointed that police data was no longer included within reports and that not everyone had access to a computer to be able to find this information online.  She also noted that more needles had been found in Bramblefields and asked whether the police could keep an eye on this area.


The police noted the comments made regarding the content of the report and would feed this back to Senior Managers.


Councillor Dalzell noted that there was some data regarding needles in the Environmental and Waste report. 


  vi.  Councillor Dalzell noted that Operation Carmel sought to deter drug dealing taking place in vulnerable people’s houses (also known as cuckooing) and that this also had the consequence of pushing drug dealing on to the streets. He asked whether ‘cuckooing’ was still occurring.


The Police noted that there had been an increase in street-based drug dealing because of the cuckooing police operation. He did not think that drug practices had reverted back to cuckooing because of the good cuckooing tactics the police were employing.  The Police had obtained two closure orders in the North Area on 27 February 2020.


 vii.  Councillor Todd-Jones noted that there had been some high profile arrests in Arbury as a result of Operation Carmel.  He queried whether the operation would be continued.


The Police confirmed that operation Carmel was not limited to the North Area and that the operation would continue. 


viii.  A MOP noted on page 50-51 of the agenda that the Police had commented that time had been spent on Fen Road but that it was difficult to justify police presence.  Commented that unless something was done about the level crossing then concerns would remain.  Requested that the Police randomly visit Fen Road to reinforce all the good work which had been carried out. They queried if a ‘your speed is’ sign could be installed on Fen Road.


The Committee discussed how effective a ‘your speed is’ sign might be.


Action: Cllr Bird said she would investigate getting a ‘your speed is’ sign.


  ix.  A MOP raised concerns regarding noisy motorbikes.


The Police confirmed that if registration details were provided then the police could speak with the owners and investigate.


The Committee were asked to nominate their local issues for focus over the coming months.

The following local issues were agreed (unanimously):


1. ASB and dangerous driving on Fen Road

2. Street based drug dealing

3. Youth and knife crime






North Area Committee Dates 2020/21

11 June 2020

3 September 2020

19 November 2020

4 March 2021


The following dates were agreed:

11 June 2020

3 September 2020

19 November 2020

4 March 2021




Open Forum


Members of the public asked a number of questions, as set out below.


1.  A member of the public raised the following issues:


At the latest information meeting regarding the Histon Road Project we were informed that there might be some bus service available on the road. GCP have been discussing with Stagecoach, present at the meeting and they were asking if the audience had any proposals for the route. Since then we have heard that the discussions are going on but no solution found.


The closure was anticipated to start at the time A14 diversion traffic was stopped from junction 32 probably beginning of May. That is 10 weeks from today.


When will GCP be able to present a temporary route replacing the Citi8 bus? 


Councillor Sargeant said that he had spoken with the Operations Director at Stagecoach, there wasn’t a solution, this was a difficult situation.  Asked that this issue was raised with Paul Van de Bulk during the GCP item on the agenda .  There was only one mini bus left which had been used during the Mill Road diversions.


2.  A member of the public asked for an update from Network Rail on barrier downtime and the business case to amend the North Cambridge train station layout.


Action: Committee Manager would try to obtain a response.


North East Cambridge Update


The Committee received a presentation from the Strategic Director, and Senior Planning Policy Officer.


The presentation provided an update on the North East Cambridge (NEC) proposed development:

  i.  The draft North East Cambridge Area Action Plan (NEC AAP) defined a vision for the development and sought to minimise transport impacts and match infrastructure which would be required by communities.

  ii.  NEC would provide circa 8500 new homes of a higher density and quality and new centres for local amenities and services.  It would also provide community facilities and intensified office use.

  iii.  Noted physical barriers to the development this included Milton Road, the guided bus service, A14 and the Science and Business Parks.

  iv.  Commented that it was beneficial that the NEC AAP was being developed at the same time as the Local Plan as quite a lot of the evidence being collected for the Local Plan could be used to inform the NEC AAP.

  v.  Other factors which needed to be taken into consideration include the Oxford to Cambridge technology corridor and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

  vi.  Referred to Fen Road Option Analysis.  Noted that Network Rail had attended a previous North Area Committee and that they had installed a CCTV camera to monitour the crossing following safety concerns.  Alternative access options for Fen Road had been considered if the crossing was closed.

 vii.  Discussed the Development Consent Order planning process.


Members of the Public (MOP) and Councillors asked a number of questions as set out below.


  i.  What would happen to Kings Hedges Road.


An addendum to the transport strategy was being prepared, officerss were working with County Council Transport colleagues to ensure traffic can move more smoothly around the area.

ii.  Noted the water levels of the River Cam and questioned where water would be coming from to service the site.


Officers confirmed that a water cycle study was underway, this looked at the Greater Cambridge area and was not limited to NEC development.  They looked at the water table which was high and noted that this would need to be maintained and potentially cleaned.  Officers noted that water solution was put in place water would need to be re-used and recycled to minimise waste.


iii.  Noted that the plans showed a main arterial route through the development but commented that the Science and Business Parks can be closed at certain times during the day and questioned how this would work.


Officers confirmed that the Science and Business Parks will have a walking / cycling route through.  This would break down barriers and make the sites more permeable.


Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) update


The Committee received a presentation from the Project Manager (Milton Road and Histon Road).


The presentation outlined:

  i.  Histon Road works had started, vegetation had been cleared and new hedges would be planted in the next couple of weeks.

  ii.  Work on Milton Road would not commence until works on Histon Road had been completed. The design process had slowed down, more time was being spent looking at drainage.

  iii.  Had looked to put in swales on Milton Road but this had proved problematic as property levels were lower than the carriageway.  They did not want to displace water into properties.

  iv.  Was looking to take a report back to the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Board in October.

  v.  Confirmed that another Local Liaison Forum would be held to consider landscaping, public art and the shopping area.

  vi.  Noted that the Combined Authority Mayor had taken over responsibility for the Waterbeach to Cambridge project.

 vii.  Referred people to look at the CAM metro consultation, which had recently been launched by the Combined Authority.


A member of the public made the following comments and asked a couple of questions, as set out below.


1.  The Histon Road Resident’s Association (HRARA) were please that Cllr Todd-Jones had raised the questions regarding air pollution on Histon Road with GCP Paul van de Bulk.  Since that time a further question has been raised with the GCP Joint Assembly on January 30th regarding inclusion of Histon Road in the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and they replied that the CAZ is one of the options and that the Joint Assembly and Executive Board will need to consider the alternatives open to them and determine next steps.


The reply from the project Manager regarding the monitoring of air pollution on Histon Road only answers half of the concerns with the health and welfare of the residents in the Histon Road area.  55% of roadside traffic pollution is made of non-exhaust particulates such as brake, tyre, and road surface wear.  The Air Quality Projects Officer at the City Council reports in the 2019 Annual Status Report that the particulate matter has risen rather than slowing down (PM10 and PM2,5).  Particulates cannot be measured using diffusion tubes, those tubes can only be used to measure NO2. 


There are 2 diffusion tubes for NO2 on Histon Road, DT2 and DT24 and 1 on Victoria Road by Prince Willian Court DT21.  The position of the tubes by the roof tops is in question by scientists at a conference in the University of Westminster just now.  It is more logical to monitor where the breathing takes place, by cyclists, pedestrians and babies in prams. 


There is no monitoring of particulates on Histon Road.  The nearest is in Orchard Park for PM2.5, a further one is at the Junction Girton/Huntingdon Road for both PM10 and PM2.5.


Both Histon Road and Milton Road were promised by the GCP Executive Board that air pollution should be measured before, during and after the construction works and that the results should be easily available to the public.  HRARA had expected to receive monthly graphs with the monitored results NO2 and particulates similar to LAQM Annual Status Report, from GCP starting from January 27th 2020.


1.  When will GCP publish the proper reports?

2.  When will particulate monitoring be installed on Histon Road?


Councillor Manning had put in a bid for a sensor (University project) which would provide the sensors being sought.


The Project Manager (Milton Road and Histon Road) made the following comments:

i.  In terms of managing Histon Road, he was reliant on what the City Council’s Scientific Officers required. Their view was that current monitoring equipment was sufficient.  Particulate monitoring was new.  Installing new monitoring stations would not necessarily provide more information and there was a cost and maintenance issue associated with this. Commented that this issue really needed to be taken up with the City Council’s Scientific Officers.


Action: Councillor Todd-Jones agreed to follow this matter up with representatives of the Histon Road Resident’s Association (HRARA).


2.Histon Road Resident’s Association (HRARA) asked at the latest information meeting regarding the Histon Road project we were informed that there might be some bus service available on the road.  GCP have been discussing with Stagecoach, present at the meeting and they were asking the if the audience had any proposals for the route. Since then we have heard that the discussions are going on but no solution found.


The closure was anticipated to start at the time A14diversion traffic was stopped from junction 32 probably beginning of May. That is 10 weeks from today.


When will GCP be able to present a temporary route replacing the Citi8 bus?


Action:  Paul Van de Bulk to provide an update on whether GCP will be able to present a temporary route replacing Citi8 bus during the Histon Road inbound lane closure.





Environmental Report - NAC pdf icon PDF 4 MB

This report is for information only, officers will not be present at the meeting but questions can be taken away with a response to follow.


The report was noted.


Estate Improvement Scheme pdf icon PDF 288 KB

This item is for information only, officers will be available to discuss this item prior to the meeting 5.30-6.30pm.



The report was noted.


Committee Action Sheet- updated post Committee pdf icon PDF 203 KB