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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Shirley Primary School, Nuffield Road, Cambridge CB4 1TF. View directions

Contact: Toni Birkin  Committee Manager

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillors Smart and Perry. The Committee sent congratulations to Councillor Perry who gave birth to a son 23 February.


Welcome and Introduction (including Declarations of Interest)





Councillor O’Reilly


Personal: Teaches a police and justice course at Anglia Ruskin University.


Publishes in the Police and Governance Magazine.

Councillor Price


Personal: Trustee of the Red Hen Project



You Want to Know (Open Forum)


Members of the public asked a number of questions, as set out below.


1.  Jamie Dalzell raised the following issues:

  i.  The Jenny Wren Pub was recently closed.

  ii.  CAMRA were trying to save the venue as a pub.

  iii.  Asked North Area Committee (NAC) to support CAMRA protecting the facilities by applying for the property to be designated as an Asset of Community Value.


Councillor Gawthrope said he had been in contact with the developer’s agent and a presentation was expected at the Jenny Wren Pub 8 March 2017.


NAC agreed to support CAMRA’s application to request the Jenny Wren Pub be designated as an Asset of Community Value.


Claire King suggested the pub was already listed an Asset of Community Value by the City Council.


2.  Heather Glen raised the following issues about the Gonville and Caius College Boathouse:

  i.  The bright light at either end of the boathouse used during construction appeared to be retained. This was intrusive for neighbours.

  ii.  The towpath that had runs between Elizabeth Way and Victoria Road had been open to rowers and the general public for years. This had been locked/gated as of January. This raised safety/access concerns for residents who wished to know who to contact to re-open access to the towpath.


Councillor Tunnacliffe said he was in contact with Planners and Heather Glen to address the issues raised.


3.  Richard Taylor said that Gonville and Caius College had put a lock on the gate between the college and riverside. Richard took issue with this and asked NAC to look into riverside access in general.


Councillor Tunnacliffe said he was resolving the issue.


4.  Elisa Meschini raised the following issues:

  i.  The Post Office in East Chesterton was due to close.

  ii.  The alternative Post Office had different opening hours.

  iii.  Expressed concern about the effects of the closure on residents.


Councillor Bird said she had received a letter from the Post Office that their premises in West Chesterton was unsafe due to a ram raid and had to be rebuilt. Councillor Bird was aware of residents’ concerns about the alternative Post Office eg travel distance and accessibility. Councillor Bird had passed on residents’ concerns to the Post Office and asked for the new building to be accessible. She would pass on further information to residents when received.


5.  A member of the public raised the following housing issues:

  i.  The property on the corner of Green End Road was unsightly. Queried what the Council would do about this.

  ii.  A property on the (new) Water Street development appeared unoccupied although there was high demand for housing in the city.


Councillor Price said that properties on the Water Street development had not been finished to the standards of the City Council. Keepmoat (developers) were tasked with undertaking work then the City Council would take control of the property letting.


Councillor Price was concerned about the delay and would follow this up with Keepmoat.


Councillor Manning said it was the responsibility of owners to maintain their properties (eg Green End Road). The Green End Road property owners were not breaking any building regulations so there was no legal redress to ensure the property is tidied up.


Councillor Bird suggested reporting the issue to Environmental Health Officers.


6.  Doug Whyte raised the following issues:

  i.  North area residents were aware that people were trying their car doors when parked late at night.

  ii.  Queried why a small camera was mounted on the traffic lights on Kings Hedges/Arbury Road.

  iii.  Queried why markings were being painted on various pathways eg Mere Way.


Councillor Price noted various members of the public in the audience were aware of the car door issue. He suggested reporting details to the police.


Councillor Todd-Jones thought the small camera mounted on the traffic lights on Kings Hedges/Arbury Road and markings painted on various pathways eg Mere Way were related to cycleway work.


7.  Michael Bond raised the following issues:

  i.  Queried why markings were being painted on Arbury Road pathways.

  ii.  Noted a floating bus stop had appeared unexpectedly in Green End Road.

  iii.  Said that Kendal Way had been closed.


Councillor Todd-Jones said that Kendal Way would re-open in March. Work was being undertaken there, Green End road and Arbury on cycleways.


Councillor Bird said various safety concerns had arisen from the floating bus stop in Green End Road. She and other councillors were unaware that one (with an associated drop kerb) was due to be implemented. She would follow up with the Highways Engineer to check that no more were expected.


Action Point: Councillor Bird to check progress regarding the pavement / cycleway in Green End Road, specifically regarding drop kerb and floating bus stop.


8.  A member of the public raised concern regarding the perceived lack of communication between the City and County Councils regarding the floating bus stop in East Chesterton.


Councillor Sales said that the County Council published information in public notices, but these were not high profile.


Councillor Manning said that work in Green End Road was a City Deal scheme.


9.  Leila Dockerill asked for a barrier to stop cars parking on the kerbs in Campkin Road since the fire in the shops.


Councillor Price said that cars should not park on the pavements but it was hard to prevent short stop offs. He had raised this issue on several occasions.


Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Jason Ablewhite

North Area Committee is pleased to welcome Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Jason Ablewhite who will give a brief presentation and will then take questions.


The Committee received a verbal presentation from the Police and Crime Commissioner.


The verbal presentation outlined:

  i.  The 4 statutory functions of a Police and Crime Commissioner:

·  Hiring (and supporting) the Chief Constable.

·  Tax precepts.

·  Setting the Police and Crime Plan.

·  Firing the Chief Constable (if required).

  ii.  The challenges and constraints for the Police:

·  Domestic violence.

·  Child abuse.

·  Drug related crime.

·  75% of calls to the Police were non-crime related eg people in mental crisis.

·  Cyber crime.

·  One off incidents eg responding to emergencies such as Storm Doris.

  iii.  Four key themes of the Police and Crime Plan:

·  Victims

·  Offenders

·  Communities

·  Transformation and working with strategic partners.


The Police and Crime Commissioner said the following in response to Members’ and public questions:

  i.  Acknowledged that there would be posts on social media when the police visited an area. Social media was a tool. Posts could be full of assumptions rather than facts. Changes could be expected in future leading to faster responses to misinformation. The public were asked to trust the Police and let them get on with their job. Information would be circulated afterwards.

  ii.  The Police and Crime Commissioner would listen to local concerns then raise these with the Chief Constable of possible local priorities to be taken on-board by section commanders. Area Committees were an important way of identifying local priorities.

  iii.  Speeding through towns/villages is one of the challenges for the Police and Crime Commissioner to address. Demand exceeded supply for road capacity/space, which let to frustration and anti-social behavior. Action needed to be taken by various organisations working in partnership, it was not just a police enforcement issue. Speedwatch was operating in the city.

  iv.  Acknowledged residents had concerns about levels of crime in Orchard Park.


Action Point: PCC to liaise with Section Commander to request PCSOs be re-instated in Orchard Park; and to liaise with residents about local issues.


  v.  The Police worked with strategic partners to tackle issues such as mental health and low level anti-social behaviour such as littering. For example, various organisations are co-located in Peterborough City Council offices to aid join up on priorities for action. It was within the gift of the Chief Constable to deputise council officers to take enforcement  action on behalf of the police eg issuing fixed penalty notices.

  vi.  There were various methods where the police could address instances where people broke the law unintentionally eg driver awareness courses for speeding. The Police also worked with strategic partners to proactively educate people to prevent incidents eg the Chelsea’s Choice play raised issues people should be mindful of. Overt and covert survellience and enforcement action was taken against people who deliberately broke the law.

 vii.  Police Community Support Officers spent a lot of time in schools to dissuade pupils from getting into crime through education programmes. Action to tackle vandalism in Fenland was held up as a good practice example for Cambridge City. Police Community Support Officers run speed watch schemes in schools to try to educate and raise awareness of the dangers of speeding. New technology enabled the Police to create educational apps which were based on local streets so that students were able to relate to the situation they were watching.

viii.  The Police monitored motorists’ speed when possible. Due to pressures of policing, greater priority is given to threat, risk and harm so it was not possible to have as many mobile speed guns/cameras as they would like. Funding has been made available for the Speedwatch Co-ordinator post. Members of the public could volunteer to participate in speedwatch.

  ix.  The Police would stop cyclists riding on the pavement and offer advice if they observed any incidents.

  x.  The Police and Crime Commissioner was working with the Chief Constable to review how best to utilise resources in the county. The Police were working with key partners eg the YMCA to assist the rehabilitation of offenders by ensuring they had accommodation upon release from prison.

  xi.  Cameras were an important tool for reporting crime eg CCTV and head mounted cameras that people could wear.

 xii.  A tool for reporting crime would appear on the police website in future.

xiii.  Ensuring that Police Officers in general were aware of International Women’s Day and how to deal with sexual assaults should be part of their training.


Action Point: PCC to liaise with Police to ensure training is given so that the importance of International Women’s day is recognised by the force.


Matters and Actions arising from the Minutes pdf icon PDF 368 KB

Additional documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on the 15th December 2016 were approved as correct record and signed by the Chair.






14/26/NAC - Tree roots opposite Co-op Green End Road causing trip hazard

Councillor Manning

Update:  Additional tree has been added to the list for remedial work but the item is still on-going. 

Further update: given the cost and the fact that there is now an EIP in that area, and a project I have got added to the Northern Area Corridor Transport Plan pot, it will be done as part of one of these.  Officers have confirmed this won't affect either project (in terms of adding extra cost or stopping elements from being done).


Update 5 Dec 14 Cllr Manning : Initial site visit completed and this matter will be included in a wider feasibility study of the area.


Update 15 Dec 2014 Cllr Manning:  Work has been delayed but the issue is still ongoing.


Update 20 Jan 2015 Cllr Manning: Feasibility study still being written.


Update 9th April Cllr Manning

A residents meeting had been held and a decision on future action is expected to be considered post-election.


Update 14th August Cllr Manning

Waiting for designs to be completed by SKANSA. 


Update 20th January Cllr Manning

This matter is being address with other issues in the area.

The action to be retained for further update


Update 31 March Cllr Manning

This matter was progressing along with the rest of the City Deal consultations.


Update 9 June Cllr Manning

City Deal meeting earlier today discussed this issue


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Manning

City Deal scheme may go forward in January 2017. Maybe resolved by March? Retain on action sheet for the present.




Parking restriction in De Freville area and impact around Milton Rd Library




Cllr Scutt

18 December 2014, Cllr Scutt

Regarding Parking Restrictions steps have been taken to place double yellow on the corners of all the inter sections Milton Road.

County Council are appointing an Officer to look at parking in Cambridge and the problems that residents experience to determine safe parking.


Would investigate the possibility of four hour parking restrictions in this area as requested by Mr Sergeant at the December meeting.



3 Feb 2015 Update Cllr Scutt

From County Officers:

With regards to Milton Road Library parking, whilst it would not be permissible to restrict a parking space solely for library use, the County can restrict the duration of stay to say one hour to prevent long term parking and introduce some turn-over of vehicles utilising the parking bay.

This would involve an amendment to the traffic regulation order (TRO) and the installation of additional signage, so there would be a cost associated with this work which would need to be borne by a third party - that is residents or need to secure funding from alternative sources.

Update 9th April Councillor Scutt

Has discussed this with County Council Officers and options under are consideration including Pay and Display bays,


Update 10th September Councillor Scutt

County transport officers advised that it would not be possible to have dedicated parking bays for the library. Restricting parking to two hours in the area would require a Traffic Regulation Order and would include a wider area.


Update 19th November Councillor Scutt

Double yellow line work due to for early next year.


Update 31st March Councillor Scutt

Cllr Scutt stated that this issue was still on going, the Cambridge Joint Area committee was working on the issue of parking generally and she wanted a solution for the whole of Cambridge.


Double yellow lines are in the queue, two new officers have been appointed and expect work will be done in due course.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Scutt

Joint Area Committee is currently looking at parking in residential areas and will review in its January 2017 meeting. Maybe considered by Highways meeting in March? Retain on action sheet for the present.

15/4/NAC Q2

To investigate with property services: area around Tesco’s continues to be untidy. There is a large, uncovered, wire cage style litter bin, and rubbish gets blown about.

Councillor Price

Property Services are in the process of renewing the lease to Tesco and as part of this they will be leased an additional area at the rear of the shops where their cages are and will be erecting a simple store with flat roof (subject to landlord’s approval of the design and planning approval). Their cages will be installed in the area and this should be tidier and eliminate blown rubbish. The rear access road is just for Tesco and the takeaway for deliveries but not, longer term parking. The tenants are responsible to ensure the access is not blocked and control rubbish etc. We will pick up these issues with them.


16 June 2015


Retrospective planning application on-going.


Update 10th September Councillor Price

Councillor Price stated that work to improve was underway. He would push to have the double yellow lines in the area reinstated.


Update 31 March Councillor Price

The area had been re-surfaced recently and was waiting to hear when lines would be re-instated.  There had been no complaints about rubbish and wanted to retain until the lines had been re-instated.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Price

Retain on action sheet until the lines had been re-instated.


Sharing ‘Open Data’ to assist with the setting of Area Committee Police Priorities

Councillor Manning and Councillor Todd-Jones

Councillor Manning has agreed to take this forward and will be arranging a follow up meeting.


Update Sept

This will be discussed at the next meeting when the Police are present.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Manning

No action to date. Retain on action sheet for the present.

16/04/NAC Q5

Chesterton Recreation Ground toilets often locked: why?


Councillor Manning undertook to raise with Councillor Johnson

Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Manning

Gent’s toilets are generally open, but the ladies are not. Cllr Manning to investigate on behalf of Mr Bond / Chesterton Eagles Football Club. Retain on action sheet for the present.


Meadows Community Centre

Jackie Hanson to have dialogue with Histon and Impington Parish Council with regards to Meadows Community Centre.

Update 9 June

Cllr Todd-Jones undertook to investigate further.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Todd-Jones

Undertook to investigate further as no information available to date. Retain on action sheet for the present.

16/43/NAC Q1

Ward Cllrs (City and County) to action together

Milton Road pavement and road surface in need of repair.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Scutt

City and County Councillors are working together with Milton Road Local Liaison Forum to address issues. There is funding available from the City Deal to make improvements. Retain on action sheet for the present.

16/43/NAC Q5

Cllr Scutt and Cllr Onasanya

Pavements to Arbury Road in poor state of repair. Raise as priority.


Contact cycle team about this matter


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Scutt

County Officers looked at Arbury Road pavement; it is not in a state where the County Council can justify making repairs due to budget restrictions. Cllr Scutt to look at alternative funding sources to undertake work. Retain on action sheet for the present.

Open Forum


Councillor Todd-Jones to liaise with Ambulance Service to ensure Emergency Services have a comprehensive list of defibulators stored in community buildings across the city.



Cllr Todd-Jones



Committee Manager note: Cllr Gillespie is following this up for West Area

Open Forum


Ward Councillors to liaise with Mr Bond regarding replacement of damaged middle bollard on St Andrew’s Rec cycle path



Open Forum


Cllr Todd-Jones to pass on concerns from Mr Davidson (regarding damage to his garden by City Council Officers) to the Chief Executive and Senior Officers.



Cllr Todd-Jones


Open Forum


Cllr Scutt to check lighting levels in the Hawks/Campkin Road area in response to residents’ concerns (raised by Mrs Harris)



Cllr Scutt


Open Forum


Cllr Todd-Jones to follow up with John Parrott about lack of light concerns in the Borrowdale bus shelter (raised by Ms Rundblad).



Cllr Todd-Jones


Update 2 March 2017 Cllr Manning

There has been some liaison between city and county contacts. It has been confirmed this is a City Council responsibility, officers will follow this up. As will Cllr Manning

Open Forum


Cllr Todd-Jones to follow up with Planning Officers if City Deal should be consulted in planning applications (raised by Mr Taylor).



Cllr Todd-Jones



Open Forum


Cllr Todd-Jones to follow up with Andrew Preston regarding Fen Road work progress query raised by Mr Taylor.


Cllr Manning to attend Local Highways Improvement Panel in January 2017 and will pass on Mr Taylor’s comments eg lack of publically available information.



Cllr Todd-Jones







Cllr Manning


Police and Safer Neighbourhoods


SgtMisik to clarify reasons for increase in cycle thefts in West Chesterton.




Lynda Kilkelly

Update 22/12/16: Sgt Misik has emailed Cllr Sargeant: Had a look through the crime figure for the last 6 months to look for a pattern in the cycle thefts.  There are two main areas which have had above average levels of theft of bike and these were Manhattan drive and the various Uni Boat houses.  These two locations account for around 15% of the theft of cycles for the ward.


Neither of these two locations are that surprising as there is increased number of cycles in the area.

Police and Safer Neighbourhoods


Anti-social behavior team to follow up with Police regarding installation of mobile speed camera in Ashfield Road.




Lynda Kilkelly


Louise Walbank


Police and Safer Neighbourhoods


Cllr Todd-Jones to follow up with Police Mr Taylor’s request for breakdown of assault figures in police area committee report as they committed to do for West Area.

Cllr Todd-Jones


Lynda Kilkelly

SgtMisik suggested at WCAC that the new format would be rolled out to all area committees.


Update 22/12/16: Sgt Misik has spoken with the Chief Inspector around the breakdown of the assault data that was discussed at the area committee and as I expected he said the it is intention to review the data provided to all the committees and he hopes to be able to split the assault data into assaults with injury and those without.


Police and Safer Neighbourhoods


Cllr O’Reilly to liaise with Police on a more user-friendly method of reporting online hate crime.




Cllr O’Reilly


Lynda Kilkelly


Police and Safer Neighbourhoods


Cllr Todd-Jones to follow up with Police and residents’ regarding drug dealing in the Bermuda Flats area.




Cllr Todd-Jones


Lynda Kilkelly


Environmental Report


Wendy Young to liaise with owner of recycling shelf in Aylestone Road regarding appropriate signage to advertise the ‘recycling’ shelf.



Wendy Young


Environmental Report


Wendy Young to provide details of follow up action taken after multiple needles dumped in Kings Hedges.



Wendy Young


Environmental Report


Enforcement patrols to tackle fly tipping to be undertaken in Maitland Avenue/ Mortlock Road area as per P39 of the Officer’s report.



Wendy Young


Environmental Report


Wendy Young to show Cllr Manning copy of Officer advice for bin locations on Millennium bridge.



Wendy Young



Sent to Cllr Manning 22 Dec 2016



Updates on New Station

Project updates from:


Christine Light, Programme Development Manager and Joe Smith, the Project Manager of Network Rail.



Richard Turner, Alan Neville and Paul Stannard from Greater Anglia.



The Committee received two presentations from Joe Smith (Construction Manager, Network Rail) and Alan Neville (Customer Engagement Manager, Greater Abellio) regarding Cambridge North Station:

·  Layout.

·  Transport links.

·  Progress of construction.

·  Rail services to be available.

·  Internal and external facilities.

·  The station is planned to open 21 May 2017.


The Construction Manager and Customer Engagement Manager said the following in response to questions from Councillors and members of the public:

  i.  There would be staff at the station to provide assistance from first to last train service eg ticket purchase and helping wheelchair users on/off trains. Staff would also assist wheelchairs users to leave the station if the lifts failed.

  ii.  Advance tickets could be collected from machines at the station if people booked details at home.

  iii.  There would be no ticket office but 3 ticket machines would be available.

  iv.  Station ticket machines are latest technology enabled.


Action Point: To check if ticket machines would be multi-lingual and advise Cllr Tunnacliffe.


  v.  There is a planning condition to control walking and cycling access to the station.

  vi.  Surface water drained from the car park into a lined impermeable tank with controlled outflow into a redundant public drain into the River Cam. It could also drain into the grass areas.

 vii.  There were examples of anti-social driving on the Fen Road crossing. Network Rail were looking at how to address this.

viii.  There were times to restrict when bikes could be taken on trains due to capacity issues. Parking facilities were provided at the station, including space for unusual sized bikes. Lessons had been learnt from when the bike store was opened at Cambridge Central Station.

  ix.  Vehicle parking charge details were to be confirmed. Network Rail would continually review the impact of the station on the local area.

  x.  National Rail were responsible for on-site infrastructure. The County Council would pay for infrastructure on/off the sites along designated routes eg the Chisholm Trail.


2016/17 S106 Priority-Setting Round NAC pdf icon PDF 58 KB

Tim Wetherfield

Urban Growth Manager


Under paragraph 4.2.1 of the Council Procedure Rules, the Chair used his discretion to alter the order of the agenda items. However, for ease of the reader, these minutes will follow the order of the agenda.


The Committee received a report from the Urban Growth Project Manager.


The report outlined six proposals for local play area or open space improvements and assessed them against the specific selection criteria.


Members unanimously resolved to prioritise the following local project proposals for the use of devolved S106 contributions from North Area, subject to business case approvals:

  i.  More play equipment and landscaping improvements at Alexandra Gardens (£35,000 cost estimate from ‘play provision for children and teenagers’ funds [£15k] and ‘informal open space [£20k]).

  ii.  Improving biodiversity and access at Bramblefields local nature reserve (£12,000 cost estimate from ‘informal open space’ funds).

  iii.  New skate and children’s scooter park at Chesterton Recreation Ground (£50,000 cost estimate from ‘informal open space’ funds);

  iv.  Mini climbing dome at Nun’s Way Rec Ground (£20,000 cost estimate from ‘play provision for children and teenagers’ funds).


Building Stronger Communities – Community Centres Strategy pdf icon PDF 728 KB

Jackie Hanson: Community Funding & Development Manager Community Services



The Committee received a report from the Community Funding & Development Manager.


The report formed part of a strategic review of community provision; it provided an overview of the recommendations in the draft strategy and the consultation plan.


The Committee noted the report.


NAC Area Committee Grants 2017-18 pdf icon PDF 444 KB

Jackie Hanson: Community Funding & Development Manager Community Services



The Committee received a report from the Community Funding & Development Manager.


The report detailed the applications received for 2017-18 funding for projects in the North Area. The report made recommendations for awards and provided information on the eligibility and funding criteria.


Members unanimously resolved to agree the proposed awards detailed in Appendix 1 of the Officer’s report and summarised in the table below:





Award £ 


50+ Friends

Monthly meetings and bi-monthly cooking sessions



Asian Women's Group

Weekly meetings



Bermuda Community Room

20 winter teas and 15 winter suppers



Cambridge & District Citizens Advice Bureau

Extension of 2016 outreach service 



Cambridge Gymnastics Academy

Weekly freestyle gymnastics class



Chesterton Community Association

Summer outing for families and older people



Chesterton Festival

Chesterton Festival 2017



DEARA  (Darwin, Erasmus, Akeman Street Resident’s Association)

Street party



Friends of Histon Road Cemetery

Information and activities



Good Sounds

Weekly singing sessions



Grove Community Swimming

Free-play swimming sessions



Illuminate Charity

Confidence and personal development coaching



King’s Hedges Brownies

Two trips to Woburn Safari Park and bowling in St Ives



King’s Hedges Guides

Climbing activity session



Meadow’s Bowlers

Weekly indoor bowls sessions



The Meadow’s Children & Family Wing

3 x 6 week disadvantaged women’s programme



Not Quite Over the Hill Club

Mystery tour, holiday seaside outings



Romsey Mill

Media video project



Royal British Legion Arbury

Day trip to Lowestoft



St George’s Over 60's Club

Transport; volunteer petrol expenses;

annual event costs




Sunshine Group

Day trips using Dial-a-Ride



The Red Hen Project

2 summer outings



Young People's Puppet Theatre

Puppet theatre project in Shirley School



Budget available

£ 24,920

Total awards

£ 24,600

Budget remaining

£  320




Environmental Reports - NAC pdf icon PDF 20 KB

Briefing Note

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report from the Operations Manager – Community Engagement and Enforcement.


The report outlined overview of City Council Refuse and Environment and Streets and Open Spaces service activity relating to the geographical area served by the North Area Committee.  The report identifies the reactive and proactive service actions undertaken in the previous year, including the requested priority targets and reports back on the recommended issues and associated actions to be targeted in the following period.  It also includes key officer contacts for the reporting of waste and refuse and public realm issues.


The following were suggestions for Members on what action could be considered for priority within the North Area for the upcoming period commencing March 2017:


Continuing priorities[1]



Priority details


Enforcement patrols to tackle fly tipping on communal archways and green areas at Minerva Way area (including Augustus Close, Hercules Close, Neptune Close and Apollo Way), Arbury Court, Nicholson Way area (including Albemarle Way, Hanson Court and Walker Court) Hazelwood/Molewood Close area, Church Street recycling centre and Edgecombe/ Cadwin field area.


Patrols to address dog fouling on Perse Way area including early mornings, evenings and weekends


New priorities



Priority details


Enforcement patrols to tackle littering outside shops on Chesterton High Street


Following discussion, Members unanimously resolved to approve priorities for action as listed above.


[1] Amendments to continuing priorities are shown in italics


Community Events and Consultation Opportunities pdf icon PDF 11 KB

For information only.


The community page was noted.