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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Shirley Primary School, Nuffield Road, Cambridge CB4 1TF

Contact: Glenn Burgess  Committee Manager

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from City Councillor Gawthrope.


Welcome and Introduction (including Declarations of Interest)


The Chair welcomed the public and explained the format of the meeting.








Action List


Street Lighting Programme: Councillor Bird confirmed that she had still not received a written response to her question. Councillor Manning confirmed that he had followed this up, but unfortunately Councillor Orgee was no longer the relevant Cabinet Member.


The minutes of the 16 May 2013 meeting were approved and signed as a correct record.








1) Mr Bond: Raised concern about the poor state of the zebra crossing in Chesterton High Street. He felt it was a hazard to older people and that it should be repaired.


Councillor Manning agreed to look into the issue and report back to a future meeting.


2) Ms Dockerill: Requested that Ward Councillors work more in their local communities.


Councillor Price confirmed that Kings Hedges Councillors were very active in the community and had recently been undertaking a survey throughout the area. Councillor contact details were widely available on the City Council’s website and he encouraged members of the public to contact them direct with any questions or concerns.


3) Ms Harris: Raised concern about the damaged speed cushions on Campkin Road.


Councillor Onasanya confirmed that she had reported this issue and that the speed cushions would be repaired within the next 12 weeks.


4) Ms Johnson: On behalf of local residents, thanked the City Council for the recently planted trees but asked when a decision on the grass verges would be taken. Also raised the issue of anti-social cycling in Metcalf and Gilbert Road. 


Councillor Scutt confirmed that discussions were ongoing with officers and that she would report back at a future meeting.


Police Sergeant Wragg confirmed that the Police were looking at anti-social cycling in this area and were working with cycling campaigners and Councillor Manning to address the issue. The Police were also speaking with local schools.


Councillor Tunnacliffe confirmed that he was in discussion with Ms Johnson regarding the verges and that 2 additional street lights had been secured to make Metcalf Way safer.


5) Resident: Raised concern regarding the £400,000 being spent on the 20mph project and questioned the demographics of those who had expressed support for the scheme.


Councillor Todd-Jones confirmed that the full consultation would run until 5 July and be reported back to the North Area Committee on 1 August.


Councillor Ward confirmed that 600 responses had been received to date with around 60% expressing support for the scheme. It was also noted that he would be discussing with officers a process for ‘individual’ consultation responses and not just 1 per household.


Mr Bond noted that at a recent workshop he had been presented with lots of new data that seemed to prove the benefits of a 20mph scheme.


Councillor Scutt also highlighted the interesting data that was currently being released regarding 20mph schemes.


6) Resident: Highlighted that Milton Road School had been missed of the 20mph map.


Councillor Ward noted this comment.







Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods pdf icon PDF 160 KB


The committee received a verbal update from the Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant and the Community Fire Officer on crime and policing in the four wards.


1) Councillor Manning: Suggested that as part of future reports the Police could highlight additional ‘root causes’ of issues. This would allow the Area Committee to take away and progress issues that were not directly under the control of the Police.


The Chair agreed to liaise with the Police on this suggestion.


2) Councillor Price: Pleased that overall crime figures were down, but enquired as to the reasons for the rise in ‘violent crime’.


The Police Sergeant confirmed that a number of thefts had taken place from fast food delivery drivers and as there had been a ‘threat’ of violence it had increased the overall figures. Also a number of incidents had taken place at a local pub as a result of a change in the management. This issue was being addressed by the Police and Licensing Officers.


3) Councillor Bird: Asked for details on the increase in ‘theft from vehicles’ in East Chesterton.


The Police Sergeant confirmed that a number of arrests had been made and it was hoped that the figures would now decrease as a result.


4) Councillor Brierley: Asked what data source was used for the needle finds.


The Safer Communities Manager confirmed that figures were based on reporting from the City Rangers.


5) Councillor Ward: Reports had been made regarding a motorcyclist driving at 90mph down Histon Road.


The Police Sergeant confirmed that he would look into this issue.


6) Councillor Pitt: Thanked Police Sergeant Wragg and congratulated the Police on the year on year decrease in crime figures. Asked if the burglaries in West Chesterton related to thefts from sheds.


The Police Sergeant confirmed that it was from sheds and garages.


7) Ms Harris: Asked why the fire in Aylesborough Close had not been included in the report.


The Police Sergeant confirmed that the fire had taken place after the report had been written. In response to this fire the Police had spoken with housing colleagues about the need to secure empty properties properly.


The Community Fire Officer confirmed that work was ongoing with City Homes to minimise the risk of fires.


8) Councillor Brierley: Asked if statistics on traffic violations such as anti-social cycling could be included in future reports.


This comment was noted.


9) Councillor Pitt: Asked if the Police were promoting cycle safety in schools.


The Police Sergeant confirmed that the Police had a good relationship with all of the schools in the area and work was ongoing to promote cycle safety.


10) Councillor O’Reilly: Confirmed that any decision of the Committee should be based on evidence, and as anti-social cycling was not reflected in the accident statistics, she was happy for it to no longer be a priority.


Councillor Manning supported this and agreed to work with the Police were required to identify any ongoing hotspots for anti-social cycling.


Councillor Boyce noted that cycling accidents tended to be under-reported, whereas most car accidents tended to be reported for insurance purposes.


These comments were noted.


On a show of hands the following three Neighbourhood Priorities were agreed unanimously:


  i.  Continue the arson prevention work

  ii.  Continue the prevention and enforcement work to reduce cycle theft

  iii.  Address ASB in the green areas across the North






Devolved Decision-Making and Developer Contributions: Taking Forward North Area Priority Projects pdf icon PDF 33 KB

Report attached separately


The committee received a report from the Urban Growth Manager.


The Head of Community Development gave an update on the Sikh Community Centre and it was agreed that a site visit would be arranged for members to look at the plans and proposals in more detail.


The Asset Manager gave an update on the BMX Track (next to Brown’s Field Community Centre) and the Nun’s Way Skate Park. It was agreed that members of the community centre would be consulted and that repairs to the 5-a-side goals could also be looked at.


1) Mr Bond: Provided the committee with an update on the proposed extension to St Andrew’s Hall.


The committee thanked Mr Bond for the update.


With regard to identifying a play area improvement option as its fourth, 1st round priority project, the committee proposed deferring the decision subject to a visit of the local play areas under consideration. It was also requested that officers provide demographic information and maps to aid the future decision making. The Urban Growth Project Manager confirmed that this could be addressed in a report to the next Area Committee meeting on 1 August.


Resolved (unanimously) to:


  i.  Note the steps being taken to deliver the North Area Committee’s current first round priority projects, to be funded by devolved developer contributions.


Resolved (by 7 votes to 2) to:


Defer the decision regarding setting a play area improvement priority subject to more information and a visit to the particular play areas under consideration.


North Transport Corridor Area Transport Plans: Update on Section 106 Funding and Programme Scheme pdf icon PDF 37 KB

Opportunity to update on the progress of schemes which have been allocated Northern Corridor Area Transport Plan (NCATP) funding and seeking views and ideas on any additional schemes for consideration.


Report to follow


The committee received a report from the Capital and Funding Manager, the Cycling Projects Team Leader and the Area Manager (Traffic).


1) Ms Johnson: Expressed concern that a cycle route from Orchard Park to the City Centre would result in more anti-social cycling.


The Cycling Projects Team Leader confirmed that the aim was to make the route as safe as possible. It was also noted that the proposal would go out to full public consultation.


2) Mr Bond: Suggested that the 20mph scheme may give an opportunity to look at providing a different road environment for cyclists, cars and pedestrians.


This comment was noted.


3) Councillor Todd-Jones: Confirmed that the Fen Road Steering Group had generated a lot of good ideas and suggested that a further meeting take place with input from County Council Officers and Network Rail.


The Area Manager (Traffic) agreed to progress this with Network Rail and then liaise with Councillor Todd-Jones.


4) Resident: Asked if any additional funding had been allocated for the Histon Road crossing.


The Area Manager (Traffic) confirmed that there was a total budget of £70,000 and that discussions would take place with Parish Councils prior to a public consultation.


5) Councillor Todd-Jones: Asked if any progress had been made on the additional projects as identified at the North Area Committee in September 2012.


The Capital and Funding Manager confirmed that these would be looked at.


6) Mr Bond: Confirmed that the bus stop on Milton Road remained a problem.


This comment was noted.


7) Mr Bond: Suggested that, as the bus stop on Green End Road was now permanent, appropriate road markings should be installed.


This comment was noted.