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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Virtual Meeting via Teams

Contact: Democratic Services  Email: democratic.services@cambridge.gov.uk


No. Item


Welcome, Introduction and Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Green.


Declarations of Interest






Councillor Baigent

Personal: Cycle Campaign


Councillor Massey

Personal: Trustee of Abbey People


Councillor Smith

Personal: Cambridge Cycle Campaign


Councillor Moore

Personal: Member of the Street Party organised by St Martin


Councillor Davey

Personal: Cambridge Cycle Campaign


County Councillor Kavanagh

Personal: Cambridge Cycle Campaign


County Councillor Taylor

Personal: Cambridge Cycle Campaign


Councillor Barnett

Personal: Cambridge Cycle Campaign









Minutes pdf icon PDF 310 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 3 December 2020 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Matters and Actions Arising from the Minutes pdf icon PDF 116 KB


Councillor Massey advised that she had written to the Acting Police and Crime Commissioner highlighting the Committee’s concern regarding any loss of PCSOs in the area.


Councillor Davies informed the Committee a second meeting of the McDonalds Newmarket Road working party had met. The main action was that the Police and County Council Officers would be working together to monitor the dangerous driving as soon as it was deemed safe to do so. 


The City Council had been tasked to look at solutions on how to assist the garage owners on Wadloes Road regarding the parking issues caused by members of the public visiting McDonalds.


New bins would be installed in the area to help with the litter problem in the area. Residents would be asked for their views on the suggestion of installing electrical charging point(s) in McDonald carpark and the impact that this would have.



Open Forum


MOP: Would like to ask the Committee about the persistent anti-social behaviour at the park/play area at the junction of Ravensworth Gardens and Tenison Road. What has the Council done to help tackle this problem, and what further action could be taken; how should this problem be addressed.


Councillor Robertson acknowledged there had been a recurrence of anti-social behaviour. The Management company had asked on behalf of the residents if they could install gates and fencing with a commitment that the gates would be unlocked from dawn to dusk so that the play area could be open to the public. This had not been done for a period and locks had been broken. The fencing was also easy to climb over.


A recent issue of groups of teenagers and anti-social behaviour had been reported. Therefore, it was vital that any issues of anti-social behaviour should be reported and any breaches of lockdown such as groups gathering should also be report to 101. The City Council’s anti-social behaviour team could also be contacted as well as Environmental Health.


The anti-social behaviour team had advised that only one complaint had been received but had contacted residents in the last few days to gather information to take to the problem solving group (this includes the Police and other outside agencies). Council Officers had also been instructed to contact the management company to discuss the newly upgraded CCTV.


As no other questions had been received the following issues were raised by the Committee:


With two new residential sites being built in the Romsey area (timberworks), residents were concerned if there would there be enough school places, particularly for primary school age children and what effect this would have on local children. Occupancy in Petersfield had started, with Romsey expected in the next three months.


What contingencies did the County Council have in place to use the money that had been allocated from these sites to assist with primary education and what they were. Suggested that St Philips School should be extended to meet this need.


Councillor Whitehead advised the County Council would have planning in place to ensure there were enough primary school places when the new housing was completed. However, could not specifically advise what those plans were without talking to the relevant officers responsible for school place planning. Could advise that it was not possible to extend St Philips as this had been discussed and investigated recently.


The County Council had recently decided to remove a planned nursery space in the East Barnwell Community Centre. The decision was made without consultation with residents. Would it be possible to write to the County Council to express their concerns at the removal of such a crucial service on this decision on behalf of East Area residents.


The Committee agreed that a letter should be written by Councillor Barnett.


Councillor Massey advised of the following:

Abbey Councillors had successfully persuaded Marshalls to relocate their mast away from the residential area.


Had been working with the Police who recently were taking enforcement of 20pmh as a priority; future planning with the County Council and the Police to look at the highway designs. A special camera would be brought in specially for this enforcement issue to be used across the city.


Highlighted a Facebook page called Cambridgeshire and Peterborough says No to Harassment of Women and Girls.



EAC Area Committee Grants 2021-22 pdf icon PDF 397 KB

Additional documents:




The Committee received a report from the Senior Grants Officer regarding Area Committee Community Grants.


The report detailed applications received to date for 2021-22 funding for projects in the East area and made recommendations for awards. It also provided information on the eligibility and funding criteria.


In response to a question from Councillor Baigent concerning the Romsey Music Project, the Senior Grants Officer advised the application had not targeted the aims of the funding stream sufficiently, and had provided  little evidence of need or of targeting the disadvantaged. However, officers would work with the organisation to look at other potential funding streams and future applications.


All other applicants had received funding. If there were unsuccessful applications these would have been recorded with the £0 awarded.


Following discussion, Members resolved (unanimously):


To agree the proposed awards detailed in Appendix 1 of the officer’s report and as summarised in the table below.





Award £


Bird Box Gallery (via Birdwood Area Res Assoc)

Month-long visual arts festival



Birdwood Area Residents’ Association (BARA)

Autumn day trip for residents



Cambridge Community Arts

Two 8-week creative art courses



Friends of Mill Road Cemetery

Running costs of the Friends



Groundwork East

Green Skills employment programme



Kings Hedges Family Support Project (The)

2 weekly drop-ins at Fields Children Centre x 50



Mill Road Winter Fair Association

Running costs associated with putting on the Fair



Oblique Arts

6 weekly art workshops and exhibition for 13-17year olds



Petersfield Area Community Trust (PACT)

Christmas event, coffee mornings. 2 opening events and ideas survey for new Community Centre



Romsey Music Project (The)

Programme of art music events and activities



St Martin’s Church

Summer community street party for local residents




EAC - Environmental Report pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Environmental Health Manager introduced the report and made the following comments in response to the Committee’s questions:


      i.         Noted the request for additional dog bins in the Abbey ward and would investigate the matter further and if funding permitted this. 

    ii.         Acknowledged the request to make those areas highlighted in Abbey ward concerning fly tipping was made a priority for the community clean-up day when this was permitted.

   iii.         The City Homes team was looking to appoint a Community Enforcement Officer for council residents.

  iv.         Abandoned cycles were taken to the Cowley Road depot where they were distributed to various charities. Would enquire which charities they were and if the OWL Bikes were one of them.

    v.         Noted the comment that only a third of pruning of the trees along the avenue next to Mill Road Cemetery had been completed.

  vi.         Noted the request for additional signage concerning safe dog walking in open spaces.

 vii.         Due to COVID restrictions there was limited pest control (rats). Discussion would be held on how this could be opened back to significant pests (mice, cockroaches, pharaoh ants and bed bugs) in line with the Government roadmap.

viii.         Working with Marshalls and residents regarding noise complaints from Marshalls

The Chair of the Committee thanked the Environmental Health Manager for their report and for the hard work of all the officers that had been undertaken since the last report.



East Area Committee Dates 2021/22


The following dates were agreed unanimously:


Thursday 24 June 2021

Thursday 16th September 2021

Thursday 2nd December 2021

Thursday 17th March 2022