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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Coleridge Community College, The Auditorium,Radegund Road, CB13RJ

Contact: Democratic Services  Committee Manager

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Welcome, Introduction and Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillors Benstead, Jones, Hart & Massey



Declarations of Interest


Minutes pdf icon PDF 307 KB


Councillor Whitehead provided an update to the minute 19/5/EAC:


Under the Local Highways Improvement Innovative funding had been granted in principle for the double yellow lines to be extended along Wadloes Road; there would now be a public consultation.


Councillor Baigent stated the following under page 8 of the agenda pack, minute 19/6/EC:


Following public concern over the lack of action regarding drug dealing and associated anti-social behaviour, a meeting was held with City Councillors and the Chief Constable who gave a convincing argument that action was being taken on this matter. He explained that he had since received two letters from the public regarding drug dealing on Argyle Street and needle finds on Romsey Rec.  The information had been passed to the local Police Sergeant via e-mail copying in the Chief Constable.


A response had been received from the Police Sergeant who advised high-visibility patrols had taken place every day for a week at various times and no needles had been found or any associated anti-social behaviour witnessed. However two members of the public during the patrol had confirmed that drug deals and drug use had taken place on Romsey Rec despite the high police presence. The Police Sergeant also stated that drug needles had been found at the play area of Ross Street Community Centre.


Councillor Baigent concluded that concerned residents, many of whom were parents and grandparents, should write to the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner as further action was needed such as covert operations; high visibility patrols were simply not enough.  Drug dealing and associated anti-social behaviour needed to be stopped permanently.


The Committee were asked to agree that a letter also be sent to the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner outlining the Committee’s concerns. It was agreed to do so. (ACTION).


Councillor Baigent then gave apologies and left the meeting.



Councillor Taylor provided an update to the minute 19/4EAC:


Huntingdonshire District Council was now running workshops on improvements to make taxi fleets environmentally friendly. Taxi Licensing Councillors from South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City had been introduced to each other. 


Councillor Moore advised that she and Councillor Herbert had met with the Chief Executive and Leader of South Cambridgeshire District Council to raise the issue of taxis and how to ensure the same standards of safeguarding as the City Council were met; and how to make the fleet environmentally friendly.  The conversation had been positive.


The minutes of the meeting held on 10 January 2019 were then signed as a correct record by the Chair.



Matters and Actions Arising from the Minutes


The Action Sheet was noted and an updated copy could be viewed at the

following link under ‘Committee Action Sheet’:





Environmental Report - East Area Committee pdf icon PDF 4 MB

Before the Environmental Report, there will be an introduction to the East Area Streets and Open Spaces Community Engagement Team (formerly the City Rangers) that work across the City.




The Committee received a report from the Operations Manager - Community Engagement and Enforcement.


The report outlined an overview of City Council’s Streets and Open Spaces, Environmental Health and Shared Waste service activity relating to the geographical area served by the East Area Committee.


The Operations Manager – Community Engagement and Enforcement made the following comments in response to the Committee’s questions:

  i.  Confirmed the total of 426 needles reported in the Environment and Waste Data table in Abbey Ward was over three different incidents of needles.

  ii.  All needle finds were reported to the County Council who worked with the Police, but could not comment on the working relationship between the two organisations. 

  iii.  When a report of a needle find had been sent through from the Customer Contact Centre, the officer usually visited the site within an hour, not the five days which had recently been reported to a member of the public. 

  iv.  Would ensure that the message of the correct time for pick up for reported needle finds was reiterated to all Customer Contact staff so that the information given would be correct.

  v.  Needles were always given the highest priority when reported.

  vi.  Would request with the relevant report author regarding the waste and recycling data to include additional information as to what the percentage reported equated to.

 vii.  Some black bins were purchased by residents; if the bins appeared to be abandoned, the City Council would take them away, following the bin abandonment process.


Councillor Moore explained that the top line of the waste and recycling data showed the percentage of the waste collected for the blue bins, with the second line, the green bins.


The Committee passed on their thanks to officers for their work undertaken to produce the report and commented that they liked the new style of the report.



Open Forum


Members of the public asked the following questions to the Committee (the first two questions were submitted via e-mail):


Could we have some more bulbs planted outside the Barnwell Road library to spruce it up a bit?


Councillor Johnson: Had brought the request to the attention of the Executive Councillor for Streets and Open Spaces, Councillor Thornburrow, who advised that this should be a straight forward process. This would be discussed at a future date after the meeting. 


Could the Committee discuss doing something similar to the Romsey R or the information board at Arbury Court outside the shops on Barnwell Road? Show a bit of pride in our neighbourhood.


Councillor Johnson: Agreed the area could be improved.  The S106 (developer contributions) funding round open for grants to improve local facilities was now open. Would speak to local community groups on how to apply to apply for funding. 


There were a number of broken drain covers along the route of Coleridge Road to the Brook, these need repairing.


County Councillor Kavanagh: The best way to report any issues with the highway was through the County Council website where you would be given a reference number and the relevant officer would have to respond within an agreed time frame.


The Marshalls housing development off Newmarket Road also includes a primary school. I recall being informed at a meeting of East Area Committee that a secondary school would also be built in this area; is this still the case?


County Councillor Whitehead: There would be a primary school built on the site but no secondary school.


Councillor Blencowe: There was a reference to the secondary school in the Master Plan for the land North of Cherry Hinton between the airport and St. Andrews Church. 


County Councillor Whitehead advised plans for the secondary school had been placed in abeyance, it may be possible within the next five or six years if there was a need in the east of the city.  Any multi academy trust could apply to the DFE for permission to build a school whether or not it is required. Permission had been given but there were no plans for the school to be built in the immediate future.


Parking spaces have been marked out along the Ancaster Way but there is not enough space for the disabled parking.


County Councillor Taylor: Blue badge holders could park in any resident’s bay.


Councillor Barnett: This would be passed on to County Councillor Crawford for further investigation.


There are a number of proposed developments in Abbey Ward similar in design from budget hotels to multiple supermarkets and more student housing. There is a concern on the affect this would have in the area with an increase in congestion and air pollution along Newmarket Road. Could the Committee advise what consideration was being given to these issues?


Councillor Johnson: Agreed that a better quality of development was required particularly in the Abbey Ward; sustainability was a key issue and quality of life for residents had to be taken into consideration.


Could an update be given on the Barnwell Hub development?


Councillor Whitehead: The Barnwell Hub was at the pre-planning stages with the City Council. 


Would like to bring to the Committee’s attention the illegal parking in and around Wadloes Road; largely created by individuals parking and going to McDonalds, as there was not enough space in the carpark. Parking was also taking place on the chevrons. These issues affect me on a daily with vehicles parking in front of my garage, vehicles causing obstructions outside my house and litter. Regular enforcement was needed.


Councillor Whitehead: If people are parking in an area which was under a resident’s parking scheme then this would be an issue with the City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council (traffic warden patrol), otherwise it was a Police matter.


Councillor Johnson: The concerns raised were shared by many residents on Newmarket and Wadloes road. Despite Abbey ward Councillors objections to McDonald’s request to increase the number of drive through windows, permission was granted. 


Councillors have been speaking with McDonalds to increase their litter patrols as there was certainly room for improvement; it was unacceptable that litter was being thrown from the vehicles. Councillor Whitehead has put in a request to double the amount of yellow lines.


Councillor Whitehead: Would ask the police to increase their patrols in the area if the resident could advise if there were certain times of the day when it was particularly bad (ACTION).


The new children park on Coldham Common is fantastic, what is the time scale for installation at St Matthews play area.


Councillor Blencowe: This has been scheduled but could not say when but would hope a response could be recorded in the minutes.


Committee Manager Note: The Project Engineer has stated that future timescales are that the play area should be complete (subject to approval at consultation) by the end of September. However this may slip depending on procurement and legal input.


Would the Committee advise on how funding could be allocated to support a women’s suffrage mural which could raise the profile of individuals such as former Councillor Clara Rackham.


Councillor Smith: S106 public art money can be applied for; but in the first instance it would be beneficial to speak with the City Council public art officer. The officer would advise on what requirements were needed to apply for the funding.


It would be beneficial if a Cambridge Society Fair (particularly at ward level, highlighting Coleridge) could be organised; to encourage community activity bringing residents and various associations together. 


Councillor Smith: Welcomed the suggestion but there were opportunities throughout the East Area to advertise organisations and groups, such as an East Area Committee. Recently in Romsey, a meeting had been organised with Councillors, residents and local business to discuss ideas regarding community events throughout the summer, particularly when Mill Road Bridge would be shut. Adverts had been placed around Romsey advertising the meeting and around 40 people had shown up.  This was an example of a positive and powerful community discussion which anyone could organise



EAC Area Committee Grants 2019-20 pdf icon PDF 350 KB


The Committee received a report from the Senior Grants Office regarding Area Committee Community Grants.


The report detailed applications received to date for 2019-20 funding for projects in the East area and made recommendations for awards. It also provided information on the eligibility and funding criteria.


In response to a question from Councillor Green, the Senior Grants Officers advised that funding had been allocated in the past to the organisers of the Mill Road festival, but they had not applied for 2019/20. 


Following discussion, Members resolved (unanimously):


To agree the proposed awards detailed in Appendix 1 of the officers report and as summarised in the table below.





Award £


Abbey People

Big Lunch - June 2019



Abbey People

3 outings + Christmas lights event



Birdwood Area Residents’ Association

1 trip



Cambridge Community Church (C3)

7 week empowerment course for women



Forever Active Forum Ltd

Weekly exercise to music class + 12 strength and balance classes



Friends of Mill Road Cemetery

Support for volunteers for community events + maintenance



Hemingford & Romsey Roads Street Party Group

Street party - 13 July 2019



Kings Hedges Family Support Project (The)

50 weekly drop-in session at Fields Centre



Menagerie Theatre Company

26 drama workshops for young mothers + performance



Merry-Go-Round Toy Library

Replacement toys



Oblique Arts

"Arty Abbey" project - 8 workshops for disadvantaged 11-16 year olds + event



Petersfield Area Community Trust (PACT)

Annual summer event + monthly community activities



Romsey Mill Trust

40 weekly targeted youth sessions + detached youth work