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Mayor's announcements



For each petition the petition organiser will be given 5 minutes to present the petition at the meeting and the petition will then be discussed by Councillors for a maximum of 15 minutes.



Review of Open Spaces Strategy

A petition has been received containing over 500 valid signatures stating the following:


We call on Cambridge City Council to carry out an early review of its Open Spaces strategy, updating its inventory of what the city has already, re-affirming the requirement for generous new provision integral to future developments and – not only protecting existing open space – but exploring options to provide more where there is insufficient in some of the city’s already built-up areas.





Cambridge Will Act for Refugees

We the undersigned petition the council to 1) commit to extending the current Council refugee resettlement program to receive an additional 125 refugees or asylum seekers from abroad. 2) communicate to relevant agencies and departments in the UK Government, and through public statements, Cambridge City Council's willingness to welcome and support more refugees in Cambridge, especially, but not exclusively, refugees on the Greek islands who are stuck in unsafe and inhumane camps as well as through the UK Resettlement Scheme. 3) invite district councils within Cambridgeshire to join and collaborate with Cambridge City Council to commit to accept additional resettled refugees within their districts, as previously demonstrated by South Cambridgeshire District Council in 2019. 4) where possible, make council housing available to people resettled through this scheme. 5) commit to working with local agencies, residents, landlords and charities to resolve any barriers to resettlement or support.


As a city, we continue to express solidarity and compassion for refugees around the world. We want our City Council to continue to live up to their previous commitment to be a 'city of sanctuary' by inviting and welcoming more refugees to share our diverse city with us.

The current scheme has successfully resettled around 125 refugees over 5 years to Cambridge from various countries and nationalities. The resettlement scheme has allowed us to welcome some of the most vulnerable of the millions of refugees worldwide. However, this cannot be a one-time solution: we must continue to show that Cambridge welcomes refugees.

We are particularly appalled by the treatment and experiences of an estimated 27,000 refugees trapped in camps on the Aegean Islands in Greece, as highlighted by the Europe Must Act campaign. Refugees in these camps face inadequate sanitary conditions, minimal running water and cramped living conditions. This is especially acute in light of the current pandemic: it is impossible to isolate, social distance and even wash your hands frequently in the camps. There are already 35 cases of Covid-19 amongst the Moria population.

The devastating fire in Moria which raged between 7th-9th September has given this situation new urgency. All have lost their homes; many have lost their life possessions. 40% of the affected people are children. The 35 known Covid-19 cases are now dispersed amongst the 13,000 people sleeping on the street.

The fire was a direct result of the conditions in the camp which Europe has consistently ignored for four years. The UK was instrumental in forming the policies which created these camps.

Therefore, although neither the EU nor the UK Government has committed to a process for local authorities to accept refugees evacuated from the camps, we would like Cambridge City Council to make clear it's wish for the UK to participate in such a process and the City Council’s willingness to receive refugees from the camps in Greece, in addition to refugees resettled from other places. The mayor and city council of Berlin have already committed to receive 15,000 people in this manner.

We would like to  ...  view the full agenda text for item 3b


Public questions time


To consider the recommendations of the Executive for adoption


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General Fund Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) October 2020 (Executive Councillor for Finance and Resources) pdf icon PDF 196 KB

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To deal with oral questions


To consider the following notices of motion, notice of which has been given by:


Councillor Matthews: Trans rights are human rights

Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary individuals are non-binary.


The Council notes that despite 3 years of promises and consultations by successive Conservative governments that have created a storm of anti-trans disinformation, hatred, and violence, the Government has scrapped its plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act. It now suggests that those reforms aren’t a priority for the transgender community despite overwhelming support to de-medicalise the process, removing the spousal veto, and allowing non-binary individuals to gain legal recognition. 


The Council thanks the representatives and campaigners from the Kite Trust, Dhiverse, and the Encompass Network, that met with cross-party councillors and officers—and expresses its optimism that despite the Government, ongoing talks will reinforce and develop empathy and inclusivity in Cambridge.


The Council will—alongside this continuing work to push for local progress—show solidarity that Cambridge will always be inclusive to transgender people by:

  • Flying the Progress Pride flag as soon as possible, and at every occasion where the Pride flag would previously have been flown; the progress pride flag also represents LGBT+ communities of colour in line with our commitment to support the BLM movement.
  • Stating publicly that trans rights are human rights.
  • Facilitating and strongly encouraging all Councillors to attend Safer Spaces training.

The Council also recommits to ensuring a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful relationship with all groups recognised under The Equality Act.




Written questions

No discussion will take place on this item. Members will be asked to note the written questions and answers document as circulated around the Chamber.



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