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Declarations of interest

 Declarations of interest for agenda item '23-00600-S73 23A Unit 1, Hooper Street'

  • Councillor Dave Baigent - Personal - Personal: Member of Cambridge Cycling Campaign.
  • Councillor Dave Baigent - Personal - Personal: Can see the (application) site from his house and had been a customer. Discretion unfettered.
  • Councillor Katie Thornburrow - Personal - Personal: Application in her Ward. Discretion unfettered.
  • Councillor Martin Smart - Personal - Personal: Knows the family who live next door to the site. Discretion unfettered.
  • Councillor Naomi Bennett - Personal - Personal: Had dealings with Calverleys as they were on the Museum of Technology site in her Ward. Had visited the application site. Discretion unfettered.