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Executive post

Executive Councillor for Environmental Services and City Centre


The portfolio is scrutinised by the Environment and Community Scrutiny Committee and covers the following:


Plans, policies and strategies

The development, implementation and monitoring of the Council’s plans, policies and strategies relating to:

·  Waste management and recycling

·  Environmental Health and licensing (excluding those functions which are the responsibility of the Executive Councillor for Housing or Licensing Committee).

·  City strategies including on the city centre, economic development and training, tourism, and partnerships with the Universities.


The Council’s responsibilities for food and occupational safety ie: 

·  Food hygiene and safety

·  Health and safety

·  Drinking water

·  Sale of game 

·  Control of infectious diseases 

·  Acupuncture, tattooing, ear piercing and electrolysis.


Functions and Services

The exercise of the Council’s functions and the delivery of services including:

·  Contaminated land;  radioactive substances

·  Refuse collection, waste disposal and  recycling 

·  Monitoring and control of water, air and noise pollution, including lead for the Council on reducing air pollution in the city centre from vehicles

·  Control of pests and nuisances

·  Street trading, subject to compliance with the planning policy framework set by the Executive Councillor for Planning Policy and Transport

·  Markets

·  Tourism policy, including work with the Destination Management Organisation (DMO)

·  City Centre Management and working with the Business Improvement District (BID)

·  Hackney carriage and private hire vehicles

·  Fleet management

·  Neighbourhood enterprise co-ordination


The relevant exercise of compulsory purchase powers.


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