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Executive post

Executive Councillor for Open Spaces, Food Justice and Community Development


The portfolio is scrutinised by the Environment and Community Scrutiny Committee plus Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee and covers the following.


Plans, policies and strategies


The development, implementation and monitoring of the Council’s plans, policies and strategies relating to:


·  Open spaces

·  Community development

·  Food justice

·  Community facilities, leisure, art and culture


The local welfare and community development needs of all neighbourhoods throughout the City.


The provision, promotion and development of policies and programmes to provide children and young people to play and participate in community life, including providing direction and advice to other committees of the Council in pursuance of these aims; the provision and promotion of leisure, sporting, artistic and cultural activities


Functions and services


·  The powers and duties of the Council in respect of children's activities and youth facilities 

·  Community strategy including the powers and duties of the Council in respect of opportunities for individuals and communities in the City including:

o  education and self-development

o  play programmes

o  artistic, cultural, sporting and leisure activities and entertainments including City Events and Cambridge Folk Festival

o  the provision, maintenance and management of places of public entertainment, sport and recreation (including the Guildhall Halls)

o  council owned or operated community facilities

o  museums and art galleries

·  Cemeteries and crematoria

·  Public art

·  Promotion of circular economy

·  regenerating and encouraging the development of community life and enabling local communities to take action on their own behalf 

·  Ensure that the climate and biodiversity emergencies are considered in all initiatives in their portfolio and ensure their portfolio contributes towards Cambridge becoming a zero carbon city


Open Spaces


·  Tree strategy and herbicide reduction plan

·  Open spaces, nature reserves, parks, recreation grounds, commons and closed churchyards, allotments, rivers and other water recreation areas.

·  Inclusive access including for all ages, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities in Cambridge.

·  The Council’s responsibilities for:

o  Drainage and sewerage.

o  Open space maintenance.

o  Play facilities.

o  Recreation grounds including park paddling pools/splash pads

o  Allotments.

o  Closed churchyards.

o  Commons, nature reserves, parks and open spaces

o  Rivers and other water recreation areas, adopted watercourses and drainage, including work with the Cam Conservators and the Council’s Conservator representatives.

o  Events on public spaces.

o  Nature conservation delivery

o  Environmental improvement.

·  Capital expenditure on the public realm from relevant s106 budgets.

Food Justice

·  Council representative on the Cambridge Sustainable Food partnership board.

·  Council representative on the city’s Food Poverty Alliance.

·  Leading delivery on the Council’s Sustainable Food Policy Statement.

·  Working with local partners to promote food justice and increase food redistribution.

·  Developing Meanwhile and other additional growing spaces.


The relevant exercise of compulsory purchase powers.


More Information


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