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Executive post

Executive Councillor for Housing


The portfolio is scrutinised by the Housing Scrutiny Committee and covers the following:


The development, implementation and monitoring of the Council’s plans, policies and strategies relating to:

·  The provision of housing in the City, including the Council’s Housing Investment Programme and the construction of new council homes 

·  The provision and management of housing accommodation and associated services under the Housing Acts, including the approval of the Housing Revenue Account and the fixing of rents for Council dwellings and garages

·  The Council’s responsibilities towards homeless people and people in housing need, including lead responsibility for city centre homelessness working with appropriate Executive Councillors in relation to their relevant responsibilities

·  The Council’s responsibilities in respect of private sector housing

·  The Council’s responsibilities in respect of social housing and Registered Providers

·  The Council’s statutory responsibilities for residential caravan sites and travellers.

·  Ensure that the climate and biodiversity emergencies are considered in all initiatives in their portfolio and ensure their portfolio contributes towards Cambridge becoming a zero carbon city


Functions and Services


The exercise of the Council’s functions and the delivery of services in respect of the areas listed in above including:

·  The improvement and maintenance of dwellings and associated facilities funded from the Housing Revenue Account.

·  The management of the Housing Revenue Account, including debts owed to it by tenants and former tenants, working with the Executive Councillor for Finance and Resources on their overall treasury management responsibility

·  The making of loans for house purchase and improvement

·  The giving of aid and advice in respect of housing 

·  The Council's powers and responsibilities under homelessness legislation. 

The powers and responsibilities of the Council in relation to private sector housing, including enforcement of standards and allocation of grants.

·  The exercise of compulsory purchase powers

·  Liaison with, and funding of, Housing Associations and other relevant outside bodies and agencies in pursuance of the housing objectives of the Council

·  Formulating and implementing programmes of environmental improvements in housing estates or other land falling within the Housing Revenue Account.

·  The freehold or leasehold disposal of land or property and the terms for disposal, except for Right to Buy dwellings sold under the Housing Act 1985, properties in shared equity schemes and other land or property held for housing purposes or for the provision of facilities and amenities for local residents or tenants.

The relevant exercise of compulsory purchase powers.


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