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Executive post

Leader of the Council


The Leader of the Council is elected by Council, and is by convention the leader of the largest political group on the Council.


The Leader of the Council also holds the portfolio for Strategy which is scrutinised by the Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Committee. 


The Leader shall be responsible for exercising functions on behalf of the Executive in the circumstances set out in the Council’s Executive Procedure Rules in Part 4 of this Constitution.


The Leader shall have the power to determine which Executive Councillor shall have responsibility for the exercise of executive functions in cases of doubt or in cases for which provision has not been made in the Constitution. Where the Leader decides to lead, or to co-ordinate work with one or more Executive Councillors, or take decisions on a matter within another executive portfolio (e.g. a major project), it will be identified in the Forward Plan.


The development, implementation and monitoring of the Council’s plans, policies and strategies relating to:

·       Corporate objectives, policies and strategies of the Council subject, where necessary, to the approval of the Council and excluding those objectives, policies and strategies which are the responsibility of another Executive Councillor.

·       Programmes which give direction to, and co-ordinate, the implementation of the Council's corporate policies and priorities.

·       The need for, and the development of, new services and policy not within the terms of reference of other Executive Councillors.

·       Matters falling substantially within the Terms of Reference of more than one other Executive Councillor, where not otherwise delegated.


The exercise of the Council’s functions and the delivery of services including:

·       Leadership of Council and leadership of Group

·       Overall lead on corporate objectives, policy, strategy, and Transformation

·       Democratic services and oversight of civic functions

·       Leading on external partnerships and visibility within city, combined authority and beyond

·       Responsible for all items of the Council’s business, and default lead on any item not covered by another Exec

·       GCP Board member & CPCA substitute Board member

·       Leading on external partnerships and visibility within the city, university, Combined Authority and national government

·       Emergency planning and resilience


Functions and Services 


The exercise of the Council’s functions and the delivery of services in respect of the areas listed in Paragraph 1 including, by way of illustration: 


Corporate and Other Services 


·       The Council's emergency planning functions.

·       Democratic Services.

·       Other responsibilities which do not fall within the remit of another Executive Councillor. 


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