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Executive post

Executive Councillor for Planning Policy and Transport


The portfolio is scrutinised by the Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee and covers the following:


Plans, policies and strategies

The development, implementation and monitoring of the Council’s plans policies and strategies relating to:

·  Land use planning, including implementing the adopted Local Plan and developing local planning briefs and supplementary planning guidance, and the development of future planning policy including the Joint Local Plan, working with South Cambridgeshire District Council and other partners.

·  Conservation and urban design, and the sustainability of new development.

·  Tree strategy.

·  Open spaces, nature reserves, parks, recreation grounds, commons and closed churchyards, allotments, rivers and other water recreation areas.

·  Inclusive access including for all ages, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities in Cambridge.

·  Biodiversity.

It also includes responsibility for making the Council’s contribution to local, regional and national plans, policies and strategies formulated by other bodies or by joint bodies in which the Council participates.


Functions and Services

The exercise of the Council’s functions and the delivery of services including

·  Development control and building control services through the development and management of shared services, and leading on all operational matters and improvement in relation to planning and building control.

·  Optimising additional income and infrastructure funding generated by new development.

·  Powers of compulsory purchase relating to the areas listed in Paragraph 1.

·  The Council’s statutory responsibilities for drainage and sewerage.

·  Open space maintenance.

·  Play facilities.

·  Recreation grounds including park paddling pools/splash pads

·  Allotments.

·  Closed churchyards.

·  Commons, nature reserves, parks and open spaces

·  Rivers and other water recreation areas, adopted watercourses and drainage, including work with the Cam Conservators and the Council’s Conservator representatives.

·  Events on public spaces.

·  Nature conservation.

·  Environmental improvement.

·  Biodiversity.


Tree management and planting, except for those under housing management which are within the remit of the Executive Councillor for Housing).


Environmental Improvements programme management.


Capital expenditure on the public realm including relevant s106 budgets


The relevant exercise of compulsory purchase powers.

N.B. In discharging responsibilities relating to the formulation and issue of planning briefs and planning guidance, the Executive Councillor should seek to consult the appropriate Committee.


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