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**** ROD Cambridge South Station Consultation Response

03/08/2021 - **** ROD Cambridge South Station Consultation Response


Record of Executive Decision


Cambridge south station CONSULTATION RESPONSE


Decision of:

Councillor Thornburrow Executive Councillor, Planning Policy and Transport




Date of decision:   

2 August 2021


3 August 2021

Decision Type:

Non Key

Matter for Decision:

The purpose of this decision is to approved the Council’s response to the consultation on the application by Network Rail made under the Transport and Works Act 1992 for the Cambridge South Infrastructure Enhancements scheme (including the new Cambridge South Station) and request for deemed planning consent submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport. 


The proposed response is attached to this report.  In summary, the response proposes that the Council supports the scheme in principle, however requests additional information is submitted by the applicant for the Council to review and comment on before the application, and makes recommendations for replacement or additional conditions.


Why the decision had to be made (and any alternative options):

Cambridge City Council are a statutory consultee and the consultation deadline ends on 2 August 2021. Early response to this consultation would be appreciated

The Executive Councillor’s decision(s):

To submit the consultation response as drafted

Reasons for the decision:

In order to represent the views and concerns of the City Council and ensure that these are considered in the forthcoming inquiry

Scrutiny consideration:

The Chair and Spokespersons of Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee were consulted prior to the action being authorised on 2 August 2021.


Consultation response: Document Out of Cycle Decision: Response to Cambridge South Station Consultation Response - Cambridge Council.

Conflicts of interest:

None known.


Councillor S.Davies – Felt it wasn’t possible to adapt the response to adequately reflect concerns about the fundamental problems with the project as it seemed to be written from a 'planning compliance' mindset. Would be supporting Smarter Cambridge Transport's objection to the proposal and I would encouraging the other Green and Independent Group members to adopt the same stance.