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Temporary arrangements for car parking in response to the COVID-19 situation

12/05/2020 - Temporary arrangements for car parking in response to the COVID-19 situation



Officer Urgent Decision - Record


Changes to car parking arrangements


Decision(s) taken:

To change the arrangements for car parking in the city as set out in option 5 of the briefing paper.

Decision of:

Strategic Director 1 (Fiona Bryant)

Date of decision: 

27 March 2020



Matter for Decision:

To agree some temporary arrangements for car parking in response to the current situation as described in the briefing paper.

Any alternative options considered and rejected:

Other options rejected are included in the briefing paper.

Reason(s) for the decision including any background papers considered:

An urgent decision under paragraph 2 of section 9, Council Procedure Rules was necessary as there are no meetings of the Council, Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee or Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Committee within a reasonable timeframe and taking into account the current national situation it is unclear when this could be possible.  It was important to respond to the Government requirement on car parking and in response to key worker and resident need.

Conflicts of interest and dispensations granted by the Chief Executive:


Other Comments:

The Chief Executive and Leader of the Council were consulted prior to the decisions taken.  In addition, the Executive Councillors for (i) Finance and Resources (ii) Transport and Community Safety were consulted.  The spokes for Strategy and External Partnerships was advised.


There will be budgetary implications of these decisions which will fall outside of the current budgetary framework.  Some budget implications are given in the broadest terms in the officer briefing paper.  When officers are in a position to report further on these, they will be reported to city councillors for decision at the earliest opportunity.

Link to briefing paper: http://mgappmh-01/documents/s49649/CarParkingbriefingpaper.docx.pdf?$LO$=1





Contact for further information:

Fiona Bryant, Strategic Director 01223 457325 fiona.bryant@cambridge.gov.uk