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** RoD Action to Support Street Traders

22/04/2020 - ** RoD Action to Support Street Traders

Decision(s) taken:

To take various actions, as detailed in appendix 1 below, to support market and street traders during the Covid-19 outbreak.


Decision of:

Strategic Director 1

Date of decision:                                           

31 March 2020





Matter for Decision:

To revise previously agreed wording around interim support measures for market traders; and agree interim support measures for street traders, in response to changes in Government Covid-19 measures and to ensure consistency in our policy approach to traders.



Any alternative options considered and rejected:

The decisions are based on an earlier decision taken to support market traders and in the light of the subsequent Government announcement to:

·    close non-essential retail and other defined services; and

·     launch the  Self-Employed Income Support Scheme, which will not be available until June 2020, even where market and street trader businesses are eligible to apply.



Reason(s) for the decision including any background papers considered:

An urgent decision under paragraph 2 of section 9, Council Procedure Rules was necessary to enable street traders to be advised urgently of the Council’s position regarding rent and fees.  All decisions were based on the latest guidance and information resulting from the Covid-19 situation. 


Conflicts of interest and dispensations granted by the Chief Executive:



Other Comments:

The Chief Executive and Executive Councillor Climate change, Environment and City Centre, were consulted the spokes was advised.


There will be budgetary implications of these decisions which will fall outside of the current budgetary framework. Estimated budget impacts are outlined in the ‘Financial Impacts’ section of the paper at appendix 1 below.




Contact for further information:

Fiona Bryant, 01223 457325 fiona.bryant@cambridge.gov.uk