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** RoD Kings Hedges Family Support Group

27/03/2020 - ** RoD Kings Hedges Family Support Group


Record of Executive Decision




Decision of:

Councillor Smith, Executive Councillor for Communities



Date of decision:             


Recorded on: 


Decision Type:

Non Key Decision

Matter for Decision:

To offer Kings Hedges Family Support Group a 2019-20 grant of £20,000

Why the decision had to be made (and any alternative options):

The Kings Hedges Family Support Group 5 year lottery funding comes to an end at the end of March 2020 and they are considering a range of options as they do not have funding to carry on with the current level of activity that the lottery funding as enabled them to develop.


They currently run 5 separate groups in Abbey, Arbury and East Chesterton and compliment the work undertaken by the meadows Children & family Project. They work in high need areas and support families with complex needs.


Officers have undertaken an in-depth financial assessment and liaised with Kings Hedges Family Support Group. The proposal is to offer them a grant of £20k this year so that they do not need to start redundancy planning and can focus on fundraising for 2020-21. This £20k gives them security to undertake projects in the new financial year and will give prospective funders assurances they have a viable organisation.


Officers to support Kings Hedges Family Support Group to look at what their longer-term planning needs to consider.

The Executive Councillor’s decision(s):

The Executive Councillor for Communities agreed to offer Kings Hedges Family Support Group a 2019-20 grant of £20,000.

Reasons for the decision:

The Kings Hedges Family Support Group raised concerns in their £2020-21 grant application about the viability of the organisation going forward without a reduction in the much needed services they currently offer.


The funding will enable the Group to better plan services into 2020-21 without cutting immediately in April (not caused through poor management). It will also help them lever in alternative funding with Council monies being offered as match funding.

Scrutiny consideration:

The Chair and Spokesperson of Environment and Community Scrutiny Committee were consulted prior to the action being authorised.


Not applicable.

Conflicts of interest:

None known.


Not applicable.