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18/1952/FUL - 6 Wilberforce Road

23/08/2019 - 18/1952/FUL - 6 Wilberforce Road

The Committee received an application for full planning permission.


The application sought approval for retrospective permission for the erection of a bike store.


The Committee noted that the application was part retrospective with details of modifications to the current building outlined in the amendment sheet.


The Committee received representations in objection to the application from local residents. A representative of the West Cambridge Preservation Society addressed the Committee on behalf of the Society and other local objectors:


The representation covered the following issues:

  i.  The cycle store was out of keeping with the conservation area.

  ii.  Building damages the street scene.

  iii.  Had an adverse impact on the local landscape.

  iv.  The aesthetic of the area was important.

  v.  Application contravened Local Plan policies.

  vi.  Green landscaping needed to be protected.


Joe Sanghera (Applicant) addressed the Committee in support of the application.


Local residents addressed the Committee in support of the application.


Councillor Cantrill sent a statement in support of the application.


Councillor Gehring (Newnham Ward Councillor) addressed the Committee in support of the application and made the following comments:


  i.  The proposed design was sympathetic to the local area.

  ii.  Use of bicycles was to be encouraged and safe storage of cargo bikes would be needed.

  iii.  Cargo bikes had been shown to reduce car journeys.

  iv.  Soft landscaping was important and the proposed greening of this building was welcomed.


The Committee expressed support for the application and suggested that the design was in keeping with the area. It also responded to the Council’s policies regarding Climate Change.


The Chair reminded the Committee of the policy test required for an application in a Conservation Area: that they must improve and/or conserve the area.


The Committee suggested that the existing building might have been approved without the proposed revisions. It was noted that, should enforcement action be needed in the future, the Committee would likely be consulted in advance of any such action.


The Committee:


Resolved (by 5 votes to 1) to reject the officer recommendation to refuse the application.


Unanimously resolved to grant the application for planning permission contrary to Officer recommendation, for the following reason:


The development, as amended, is considered to preserve the character and appearance of the Conservation Area. Notwithstanding this, any harm would be mitigated by the benefits the development would bring in providing secure cycle storage for the property which is consistent with the Council’s policies on sustainability and climate change.   

The description of the application would need to be modified to reflect the fact that the proposal is part retrospective and subject to the following conditions:


1.  Approved drawings

2.  Requirement for soft landscaping scheme