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**Draft Mineral and Waste Plan Consultation Response

17/05/2019 - Draft Mineral and Waste Plan Consultation Response


Matter for Decision:

To ensure that the Council responds within the consultation period, the Executive Member is now seeking to finalise the attached Cambridge City Council response outside of the committee cycle.

Why the decision had to be made (and any alternative options):

The Draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan is subject to consultation until 9 May 2019.  This is the second consultation on the emerging Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP), which will replace the existing Core Strategy (2011) and Site Specific Proposals Plan (2012).  This decision will be reported in June 25 2019 to the Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee.


The Executive Councillor’s decision(s):

To agree the consultation response to the draft Minerals and Waste Plan

Reasons for the decision:

As set out in the briefing paper from the Principal Planning Policy Officer

Scrutiny consideration:




The Chair and Spokesperson of Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee were consulted prior to the action being authorised.


Attached documents can be viewed with this document titled ‘Member Consultation’ and ‘Briefing Report’.



Conflicts of interest:

None known