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Supplementary Planning Documents

14/12/2018 - Supplementary Planning Documents


Record of Executive Decision



Supplementary Planning Documents


Decision of:

Councillor Blencowe. Executive Councillor for Planning Policy and Transport



Date of decision:                             



Published on: 


Decision Type:

Non Key

Matter for Decision:

Adoption of seven supplementary planning documents (SPDs) prepared in parallel with the Local Plan which was formally adopted by Full Council on 18/10/18.


Why the decision had to be made (and any alternative options):

To ensure there is no further delay in the full implementation of these documents, the Executive Councillor is seeking to adopt these documents as soon as possible The adoption of the Local Plan now provides the necessary basis against which to formally adopt the prepared SPDs.

The decision will be reported in January 2019 to the Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee.

The Executive Councillor’s decision(s):

To approve the adoption of seven supplementary planning documents that had been prepared in parallel with the Local Plan.


Reasons for the decision:

As set out in the briefing paper from the Principal Planning Policy Officer

Scrutiny consideration:




The Chair and Spokespersons of Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee were consulted prior to the action being authorised. Comments made by the Liberal Democratic Spokes were addressed by the Strategy and Economy Manager, and the Executive Councillor was minded not to change his decision.


A briefing note detailing the background, report entitled the ‘CAMBRIDGE LOCAL PLAN 2018 – ADOPTION’ which went to the Planning and Transport Committee on 02/10/18 and the report entitled ‘Implementation – ADOPTION OF COMPLETED SUPPLEMENTARY PLANNING DOCUMENTS’ both of which went to the Planning and Transport Committee on 02/10/18.



Conflicts of interest:

None known