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Garage Rent Increase Transitional Protection

24/04/2018 - Garage Rent Increase Transitional Protection


Record of Executive Decision



Garage Rent Increase Transitional Protection



Decision of:

Councillor Price, Executive Councillor for Housing



Date of decision:   


Recorded on: 


Decision Type:

Key Decision

Matter for Decision:

Garage Rent Increase Transitional Protection

Why the decision had to be made (and any alternative options):

A report to Housing Scrutiny Committee in January 2018 approved the introduction of higher rental charges for garages in city centric locations. Transitional protection was approved for tenants of council homes who rent garages in these areas as the garages were originally built for the use of council tenants, Following a number of representations, it has been agreed to extend this transitional protection to other city residents.

The Executive Councillor’s decision(s):

The Executive Councillor for Housing has decided to extend the transitional financial protection offered to council tenants who rent garages in the higher value area of the city to other city residents who rent garages in this area. The protection will ensure that garage rents go up by no more than inflation plus £2.00 per rent week, plus the prevailing rate of VAT until the full charge is achieved.

Reasons for the decision:

Review of policy approved following receipt of a number of representations from those in financial hardship about the value of the rent increase in one go. As it is Impossible to determine who will suffer financial hardship, the transitional protection will be offered to all city residents for whom the significant increase will apply. 

Scrutiny consideration:

The Chair and Spokesperson of Housing Scrutiny Committee were consulted prior to the action being authorised.


A report detailing the background and financial considerations for the original policy was approved at Housing Scrutiny Committee on 17 January 2018. The financial impact of providing the additional transitional financial protection is estimated to be £57,925.92 in 2018/19, and will be incorporated into the 2018/19 budget as part of the HRA Medium Term Financial Strategy.

Conflicts of interest:

None known


This decision would be reported to the Housing Scrutiny Committee on 19 June 2018.