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Area Committee Grants 2018-19

16/04/2018 - Area Committee Grants 2018-19

The Committee received a report from the Senior Grants Officer regarding Community Development and Leisure Grants.


Members considered applications for grants as set out in the Officer’s report, and table below. The Senior Grants Officer responded to Member’s questions about individual projects and what funding aimed to achieve.





Award £ 


Christ’s Pieces Residents’ Association

1 winter evening talk



Friends of Histon Road Cemetery

Information and activities



Friends of Midsummer Common

Community activities and maintenance of community orchard



Budget available


Total awards


Budget remaining



In response to Members’ questions the Senior Grants Officer said the following:

  i.  There was a rolling program of funding that bids could be made for.

  ii.  Formal or informal groups could bid for funding -  the "formal" applicant group would be the accountable group.


Members considered the grant applications received, officer comments and proposed awards, detailed in Appendix 1 of the Officer’s report, in line with the Area Committee Community Grants criteria.


Following discussion, Members unanimously resolved to agree the proposed awards detailed in Appendix 1 of the Officer’s report and summarised in the table above.