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Agenda item

23/03273/FUL - Land East Of Park And Ride, Newmarket Road, Teversham, Cambridge


Councillor Williams re-joined the Committee prior to the start of this item.


The application seeks full planning permission for the construction of a temporary replacement car storage compound and pre-delivery inspection (PDI) building with associated access, boundary treatment, lighting and landscape up to 31 March 2035.


The Principal Planner updated their report by referring to the amendments contained within the Amendment Sheet summarised as follows:


Amendments To Text:


Correction to the ‘Applicant’ on first page of the Report to Marshall Group Properties (MGP). Paragraph 17.3 of the Report should refer to Marshall Motor Group (MMG) employees rather than MGP. Additional paragraph to Section 21 of the Report (Other Matters) to respond to comments of Teversham Parish Council (as detailed in paragraph 6.2): 21.16 The comments of Teversham Parish Council are noted.


However, the application site does not form part of the area designated as playing fields within the Marleigh development, with this area being located further north. The application site lies outside of the area consented for the Marleigh development. Update to Condition 1 (Time Limit) to secure details of how the land will be restored following cessation of the temporary. Updated condition to read as follows: The use of the site as a temporary car storage compound, hereby approved, shall cease on or before 31 March 2035. The development, hereby approved, shall be removed and the land restored to a condition that has been agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority within 12 months from cessation of the use, in accordance with a scheme of work that has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority prior to the commencement of restoration works. Reason: In the interests of the character and amenity of the area, and to ensure the development does not impact the delivery of Cambridge East in accordance with Policies S/6 and SS/3 of the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2018.


Will Cobley (Agent) addressed the Committee in support of the application.


The Principal Planner and the Delivery Manager said the following in response to Members’ questions:


      i.         There was an update to Condition 1 of the Amendment Sheet setting out restoration works and time scales regarding the cessation of the use of the site.

    ii.         There was an element of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) on site due to the landscaping going in however would not reach 10% due to the majority of the site being hardstanding. There was an added complication of what sort of biodiverse features could be incorporated into the area due to proximity of Cambridge Airport and the safeguarding requirements. Therefore an offsite BNG contribution was decided.

   iii.         The landscaping that would go in would be established to start with. By year 10 landscaping would completely encompass the building.

  iv.         The proposal would result in limited vehicles movements to and from the existing car sales site.

    v.         The advice of Officers was a minimum of 10% BNG which is policy compliant.

  vi.         The surface water drainage conditions were a standard condition to ensure no pollution would get into the groundwater.

 vii.         Landscape maintenance is secured by Condition 13 during the lifetime of the development. Landscaping could explored in Condition 1 following the cessation of the use of the site.

viii.         When the site comes forward as apart of Cambridge East, the condition of the temporary site would establish a new baseline for BNG.

  ix.         The reason that the site did not have 10% BNG onsite was due to the nature of the use of the site (car storage). The Council’s ecology officer was satisfied with the offsite solution in this instance.

The Strategic Sites Manager offered the following summary of amendments to the Officer’s recommendation for both planning applications reflecting Members’ debate during the meeting:


      i.         the amendments detailed in the Amendment Sheet;

    ii.         delegated authority to Officers in consultation with Chair and Spokes to revise Condition 6, re-draft it following ecology advise regarding the ability to take into account offsite BNG as part of any future planning applications.

The Committee:


Resolved (8-2-0) to grant planning permission of full planning application reference 23/03273/FUL in accordance with the Officer recommendations set out paragraphs 23.1 for the reasons set out in the Officer’s report, subject to:

i.                  The conditions and informatives set out below in this report;

ii.                  The amendments detailed in the Amendment Sheet;

iii.                  Delegated authority to Officers in consultation with Chair and Spokes to revise Condition 6, re-draft it following ecology advise regarding the ability to take into account offsite BNG as part of any future planning applications.

iv.                  Authority delegated to officers to carry through minor amendments to those conditions and informatives prior to the issuing of the planning permission.


Supporting documents: