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Agenda item

07/0003/COND51A / 07/0003/COND52E / 07/0003/COND53 - Land Between Huntington Road and Histon Road, Cambridge Darwin Green


Councillor Flaubert joined the meeting prior to the start of this item.


Councillor Smith stated that he is a ward councillor for the area and had received and made representations on behalf of residents regarding various aspects of Darwin Green site however discretion remained unfettered.


Councillor Thornburrow had attended public meetings with residents regarding various issues arising from the Darwin Green site however discretion remained unfettered.


Councillor Cahn had attending public meetings where various issues were explained to him regarding the site, however discretion remained unfettered.


Councillor Porrer was the Chair of West Central Area Committee where issues with Darwin Green had been raised, however discretion remained unfettered.


Councillor Williams was an employee of Christ’s College University of Cambridge and as such excused himself from the item. He would not participate in the debate, would not vote and left the room for the duration of the item.


The Committee received three applications seeking to re-discharge conditions 51, 52 and 53 of planning permission 07/0003/OUT. These applications set out the details of proposed demolition works and related matters for the sites knows as Darwin Green 1 as well as well as the relevant specific parcel known as BDW2. The conditions had been discharged in full but due to the unforeseen requirement to undertake demolition works on site the details submitted require updating.


Adrian Jarman (Applicant) addressed the Committee in support of the application.


The Principal Planner said the following in response to Members’ questions:

      i.         The houses marked green on the demolition plan were not inhabited.

    ii.         The demolition period was planned to take place for 12 weeks.

   iii.         Barratt David Wilson Homes (BDW) were hoping to start as soon as possible and complete the works by mid-April. This was a time where neighbouring residents windows were less likely to be open.

  iv.         The structures to be demolished comprise all underground services, completed foundations and superstructures ranging from initial brick courses to completed houses.

    v.         Convenient times for demolition had been discussed. There would be breaks in demolition work during the day (blocks of periods of time). There had been discussions to use a space in Darwin Green Community Rooms as a hub for home workers.

  vi.         There were 7 monitoring stations on site. If there were excess noise decibel levels, the contractor would be notified.

 vii.         Monitoring stations would also monitor dust particle levels.

viii.         If there was a notification from the monitoring station work would cease immediately until issue was resolved.

  ix.         The 24 hour helpline goes directly to BDW.

    x.         Residents would also we welcome to report directly to Planning service.

  xi.         There would be no demolition works taking place on Saturdays. However there would be some construction work and deliveries on Saturdays between the hours of 8:00-13:00. As such the shared link path connecting Windsor Road with the rest of the site would be closed during those hours on Saturdays. It would also be shut during demolition. Currently attempting to find a resolution to come up with a solution to have path open during times of construction. There were however health and safety issues.

 xii.         Planning Officer would attend site once per week and raise any issues that had been brought to his attention.

xiii.         Would wish to advise residents of the times that works would take place.

xiv.         There would be possibly up to 1 lorry per day through Impington area.

xv.         Reserved matters application would not be coming back to Committee.

xvi.         Concrete would be broken up on site. BDW have a mobile crusher. Materials will then be re-used as foundations/base materials across the site.

The Chair made a statement highlighting the following points:


·      The committee wished to promote the highest possible quality of sustainable housing development.

·      It was necessary and in the interest of BDW, neighbouring and future residents, neighbouring communities and both local planning authorities that all developments on the site and across Greater Cambridge are built in accordance of the approved plans.

·      The Committee encouraged BDW to collaborate with shared planning service officers with a view to submit a S73 application to ensure construction was in accordance with the approved plans.

The Committee:


Resolved (unanimously) to grant planning permission of full planning application reference 07/0003/COND51A, 07/0003/COND52E and 07/0003/COND53  in accordance with the Officer recommendations set out paragraphs 14.0 for the reasons set out in the Officer’s report, subject to:


      i.         The planning conditions set out below in this report.


Supporting documents: