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Agenda item

20/03523/ FUL and 20/03524/FUL - St Johns Innovation Park


The Committee received an application for full planning permission.


The application sought approval for erection of a 5 storey building and a 6 storey building for commercial / business purposes, erection of a transport hub, gymnasium, surface parking, landscaping and associated infrastructure including demolition of the existing building (St John’s House) and associated structures.


The Principal Planner updated his report by referring to updated condition wording on the amendment sheet.


Mr Hanlon (Agent) addressed the Committee in support of the application.


The Committee raised the following concerns in response to the report:

  i.  Impact of the application on traffic and parking in the area.

  ii.  Overnight parking by heavy goods vehicles in Cowley Road due to a lack of facilities elsewhere. What alternative facilities would be provided if the County Council prohibited overnight parking here?

  iii.  Impact of narrowing of Cowley Road. The Assistant Director said this was not a material consideration for this application. Councillor Bradnam asked Councillor Hawkins to consider the impact in her capacity as South Cambs Lead Cabinet Member for Planning Policy and Delivery.

  iv.  Drainage.


The Transport Assessment Manager said the following in response to Members’ questions:

  i.  Road narrowing was occurring as part of the Waterbeach Greenway project to promote walking and cycling over car usage to give them part of the carriageway.

  ii.  Expected restrictions to be put on the roads to prohibit overnight parking. Deliveries to the site should be made by small delivery vehicles not heavy goods vehicles.

  iii.  Funding from the development could contribute to monitoring of parking and consultation with residents on issues requiring mitigation.

  iv.  Restrictions were needed to move heavy goods vehicles from Cowley Road to promote it as a walking/cycling route. An alternative heavy goods vehicle parking site would be reviewed in future.

  v.  The Travel Plan included a Parking Management Plan which would monitor parking in nearby areas. This could be adapted to become a Staff Parking Monitoring Plan.


The Assistant Director said enforcement could occur through an ongoing review process as part of the Travel Management Plan.


  vi.  People were expected to travel to the site by car, but it was hoped a modal shift would occur in future to bikes/public transport.


The Principal Planner said the following in response to Members’ questions:

i.  The travel hub had car parking and a gym. There was separate cycle parking elsewhere.

ii.  Car parking spaces were capped at 1,100 as per the Master Plan.

iii.  The development was mainly office use with a small amount of retail.

iv.  Ground water would be evacuated through controlled discharge to the sewer.

v.  It was hoped to screen tall buildings on-site with trees.


Councillor Bradnam proposed an amendment to the Officer’s recommendation to include a condition to monitor displacement of parking before/during construction and after occupation.


This amendment was carried by 9 votes to 0.


Councillor Thornburrow proposed an amendment to the Officer’s recommendation that flat roofs should be green unless needed for other purposes.


This amendment was carried by 9 votes to 0.


The Committee:


Resolved (by 9 votes to 0)to grant the application for planning permission in accordance with the Officer recommendation in respect of applications 20/03523/FUL and 20/03524/FUL each  for the reasons set out in the Officer’s report and the amendment sheet, subject to:

i.  the conditions and informatives referred to in paragraphs 248 and 249 of the Officer report (including delegated authority/discretion therein mentioned to Officers);

ii.  agreeing the precise wording with the Chair relating to an amendment to the text of condition 13 securing a travel plan covering an employee parking management plan including specified triggers;

iii.  condition 19 (Green Roofs to include an informative); and

iv.  the prior completion of the s106 Agreement in accordance with para 247 of the Officer report together with an additional obligation securing a financial contribution to monitor parking in the adjoining residential area.

Supporting documents: