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Agenda item

Housing - Related Policies Review - Phase 1


This item was Chaired by Diana Minns (Vice Chair)


Matter for Decision

A review of a suite of tenancy management, repair and void management policies, and the way the service recovers money owed to the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) for rechargeable work, damage to HRA assets or fees relating to HRA owned property or land.


Decision of Executive Councillor for Housing

     i.        Approved the suite of revised policies

    ii.        Noted the review dates listed within each policy and delegated authority to the Head of Housing to determine if individual policies should be brought back for committee approval depending on the degree or significance of any changes made at review points.


Reason for the Decision

As set out in the Officer’s report.


Any Alternative Options Considered and Rejected

Not applicable.


Scrutiny Considerations

The Committee received a report from the Head of Housing.


The Committee made the following comments in response to the report:

     i.        Welcomed the gas safety policy.


The Head of Housing stated the following in response to Members’ questions:

     i.        Assistance was available to help vulnerable residents to clear properties.

    ii.        The mutual exchange system allowed medical needs to be considered when extra bedrooms were needed.

   iii.        The re-chargable repairs scheme was targeted at wilful damage rather than no fault incidents.


The Committee unanimously resolved to endorse the recommendations.


The Executive Councillor approved the recommendations.


Supporting documents: