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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Chesterton Community College, Gilbert Road, Cambridge CB4 3NY

Contact: Toni Birkin  Committee Manager

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillors Onasanya, Perry, Sales and Tunnacliffe. Also Jonathan James (Lead Officer).


Welcome and Introduction (including Declarations of Interest)


No declarations of interest were made.


Councillor Price proposed, and Councillor Gawthrope seconded, the nomination of Councillor Bird as Vice Chair.


Resolved (by 8 votes to 0) that Councillor Bird be Vice Chair for the ensuing year.


To Confirm What was Said (Minutes) at the Last Meeting and What we Have Done (Action List) pdf icon PDF 327 KB

Additional documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 15 September 2016 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.






14/26/NAC - Tree roots opposite Co-op Green End Road causing trip hazard

Councillor Manning


Update:  Additional tree has been added to the list for remedial work but the item is still on-going.  

Further update: given the cost and the fact that there is now an EIP in that area, and a project I have got added to the Northern Area Corridor Transport Plan pot, it will be done as part of one of these.  Officers have confirmed this won't affect either project (in terms of adding extra cost or stopping elements from being done).


Update 5 Dec 14 Cllr Manning : Initial site visit completed and this matter will be included in a wider feasibility study of the area.


Update 15 Dec 2014 Cllr Manning:  Work has been delayed but the issue is still ongoing.


Update 20 Jan 2015 Cllr Manning: Feasibility study still being written.


Update 9th April Cllr Manning

A residents meeting had been held and a decision on future action is expected to be considered post-election.


Update 14th August Cllr Manning

Waiting for designs to be completed by SKANSA. 


Update 20th January Cllr Manning

This matter is being address with other issues in the area.

The action to be retained for further update


Update 31 March Cllr Manning

This matter was progressing along with the rest of the City Deal consultations.


Update 9 June Cllr Manning

City Deal meeting earlier today discussed this issue


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Manning

City Deal scheme may go forward in January 2017. Maybe resolved by March? Retain on action sheet for the present.




Parking restriction in De Freville area and impact around Milton Rd Library




Cllr Scutt


18 December 2014, Cllr Scutt

Regarding Parking Restrictions steps have been taken to place double yellow on the corners of all the inter sections Milton Road.

County Council are appointing an Officer to look at parking in Cambridge and the problems that residents experience to determine safe parking.


Would investigate the possibility of four hour parking restrictions in this area as requested by Mr Sergeant at the December meeting.



3 Feb 2015 Update Cllr Scutt

From County Officers:

With regards to Milton Road Library parking, whilst it would not be permissible to restrict a parking space solely for library use, the County can restrict the duration of stay to say one hour to prevent long term parking and introduce some turn-over of vehicles utilising the parking bay.

This would involve an amendment to the traffic regulation order (TRO) and the installation of additional signage, so there would be a cost associated with this work which would need to be borne by a third party - that is residents or need to secure funding from alternative sources.

Update 9th April Councillor Scutt

Has discussed this with County Council Officers and options under are consideration including Pay and Display bays,


Update 10th September Councillor Scutt

County transport officers advised that it would not be possible to have dedicated parking bays for the library. Restricting parking to two hours in the area would require a Traffic Regulation Order and would include a wider area.


Update 19th November Councillor Scutt

Double yellow line work due to for early next year.


Update 31st March Councillor Scutt

Cllr Scutt stated that this issue was still on going, the Cambridge Joint Area committee was working on the issue of parking generally and she wanted a solution for the whole of Cambridge.


Double yellow lines are in the queue, two new officers have been appointed and expect work will be done in due course.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Scutt

Legal advice suggested that temporary parking restrictions may not be appropriate due to safety reasons eg the impact on emergency vehicle access. The Joint Area Committee was currently looking at parking in residential areas and would review these in its January 2017 meeting. Any recommendations passed maybe considered by the March Highways meeting. Retain on action sheet for the present.

15/4/NAC Q2

To investigate with property services: area around Tesco’s continues to be untidy. There is a large, uncovered, wire cage style litter bin, and rubbish gets blown about.

Councillor Price


Property Services are in the process of renewing the lease to Tesco and as part of this they will be leased an additional area at the rear of the shops where their cages are and will be erecting a simple store with flat roof (subject to landlord’s approval of the design and planning approval). Their cages will be installed in the area and this should be tidier and eliminate blown rubbish. The rear access road is just for Tesco and the takeaway for deliveries but not, longer term parking. The tenants are responsible to ensure the access is not blocked and control rubbish etc. We will pick up these issues with them.


16 June 2015

Retrospective planning application on-going.


Update 10th September Councillor Price

Councillor Price stated that work to improve was underway. He would push to have the double yellow lines in the area reinstated.


Update 31 March Councillor Price

The area had been re-surfaced recently and was waiting to hear when lines would be re-instated.  There had been no complaints about rubbish and wanted to retain until the lines had been re-instated.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Price

Retain on action sheet until the lines had been re-instated.


Leila Dockerill said cars were holding up lorries in the evening near Tesco’s.


Sharing ‘Open Data’ to assist with the setting of Area Committee Police Priorities

Councillor Manning and Councillor Todd-Jones


Councillor Manning has agreed to take this forward and will be arranging a follow up meeting.


Update Sept

This will be discussed at the next meeting when the Police are present.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Manning

No action to date. Retain on action sheet for the present.

16/04/NAC Q5

Chesterton Recreation Ground toilets often locked: why?


Councillor Manning undertook to raise with Councillor Johnson


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Manning

Gent’s toilets were generally open, but the ladies were not. Cllr Manning to investigate on behalf of Mr Bond / Chesterton Eagles Football Club. Retain on action sheet for the present.


Meadows Community Centre

Jackie Hanson to have dialogue with Histon and Impington Parish Council with regards to Meadows Community Centre.


Update 9 June

Cllr Todd-Jones undertook to investigate further.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Todd-Jones

Undertook to investigate further as no information available to date. Retain on action sheet for the present.

16/21/NAC Q1

Adshel Bus Shelter

Cllr Todd-Jones and John Richards to request that Adshel provide a replacement Bus Shelter.


Adshel/Clearchannel hoping to replace bus shelter with a refurbished shelter.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Bird

Bus shelter now in place. Remove from action sheet.

16/30/NAC Q1

Councillor Onasanya


Investigate street lights in Callander Close.


Post meeting update:

The County Strategic Projects Officer has advised their street lighting faults database has been checked and they have not had any faults reported for this road since February 2015.  Balfour Beatty have also advised they do not have any outstanding customer issues at present.


Update 30th Aug 2016

Liaising with Paul Payne at Balfour Beatty to see what (if  anything) can be done to eradicate the dark areas highlighted in the plan sent by the constituent.


Update 20 September 2016

Unfortunately we are unable to change the type of lantern which has been installed due to the specification requested by Cambridge county council. We understand that there will be areas with darker spots where lights have been removed due to the 10% reduction on residential roads.


As there is no liable obligation for the council to provide any Streetlighting on residential roads this is unfortunately where the lights are being removed from. We will therefore not be making any changes to the lighting on Callander Close.


Update 15 December  2016

Cllr Onasanya to feedback at next NAC meeting. Retain on action sheet for the present.

16/43/NAC Q1

Ward Cllrs (City and County) to action together


Milton Road pavement and road surface in need of repair.


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Scutt

City and County Councillors were working together with Milton Road Local Liaison Forum to address issues. There was funding available from the City Deal to make improvements. Retain on action sheet for the present.

16/43/NAC Q5

Cllr Scutt and Cllr Onasanya


Pavements to Arbury Road in poor state of repair. Raise as priority.


Contact cycle team about this matter


Update 15 December  2016 Cllr Scutt

County Officers looked at Arbury Road pavement; it was not in a state where the County Council could justify making repairs due to budget restrictions. Cllr Scutt to look at alternative funding sources to undertake work. Retain on action sheet for the present.



You Want to Know (Open Forum)


Members of the public asked a number of questions, as set out below.


1.       Richard Taylor asked if North Area Committee (NAC) could encourage the installation of defibrillators in all community buildings and that a comprehensive list be given to emergency services


Councillor Todd-Jones said there was a defibrillator in the Guildhall, but it could not be guaranteed they were available in other meeting venues. Councillor McPherson was happy to train people on how to use them.


Action Point: Councillor Todd-Jones to liaise with Ambulance Service to ensure Emergency Services have a comprehensive list of defibrillators stored in community buildings across the city.


2.       Richard Taylor queried which organisation was responsible for Milton Road trees.


Councillor Todd-Jones said the City Deal were responsible.


3.       Richard Taylor took issue with filming restrictions imposed by the Chair at the last NAC meeting.


Councillor Todd-Jones said filming restrictions had not imposed, Mr Taylor had been asked not to film children present at the meeting.


4.       Michael Bond asked for the damaged middle bollard on St Andrew’s Rec cycle path to be replaced.


Councillor Manning said a heavy duty bollard was required, not a standard one (ie like for like replacement) to prevent repeated damage.


Action Point: East Chesterton Ward Councillors to liaise with Mr Bond regarding replacement of damaged middle bollard on St Andrew’s Rec cycle path.


5.       Colin Davidson raised concerns about damage to his property by City Council employees on 3 occasions. He asked for a written undertaking that the City Council “would leave him alone”.


Councillor Todd-Jones said the City Council Chief Executive had written to Mr Davidson to apologise. Councillor Price added that the City Council could not guarantee it would not enter Mr Davidson’s garden in future as it may need to do so in extenuating circumstances.


Action Point: Councillor Todd-Jones to pass on concerns from Mr Davidson (regarding damage to his garden by City Council Officers) to the Chief Executive and Senior Officers.


6.       Kelley Green expressed concern about speeding traffic on Fen Road after speed bumps were removed.


Councillor Todd-Jones said he had spoken to Officers (Chris Foyle and John Richards). New speed humps/cushions should be in place within 1 – 2 weeks of tonight’s meeting. Work was expected to start the day after NAC. Speed humps/cushions were expected to be in place before bollards on the pavement to prevent people mounting the pavement to avoid the humps. Councillors Sargeant and Smart said that bollards and humps should be put in at the same time for safety reasons. Councillor Manning said Fen Road needed resurfacing, which was why the speed humps were removed in the first place. Various contractors undertook different phases of the work to complete different tasks, hence features going in at different times.


Richard Taylor suggested councillors made dangerous driving on Fen Road, Green End Road and Chesterton High Street a Police priority after he had witnessed various incidents.


Action Point: Councillor Todd-Jones to follow up with Andrew Preston regarding Fen Road work progress query raised by Mr Taylor.


7.       Kay Harris submitted a written statement raising concerns about poor lighting in the Hawks/Campkin Road area.


Councillor Scutt said the County Council recognised its policy on the diming of street lights was detrimental and there was a proposal to return lights to full strength in future.


Action Point: Councillor Scutt to check lighting levels in the Hawks/Campkin Road area in response to residents’ concerns.


Various members of the public said that low light levels, spacing between columns and poor pavement surfaces (eg uneven) were a problem across the city. The situation was exacerbated by tree foliage blocking light.


Councillor Scutt said Balfour Beatty had not implemented correct lighting levels and there was no clause in the County Council’s contract through which enforcement action could be taken.


Councillor Todd-Jones said the City Council was trying to find funding to help the County Council increase lighting levels.


Councillor Manning said that Balfour Beatty had removed a net figure of 10% of lighting columns. As highways were exempt from the 10% reduction, only residential areas had lost columns. The County Council had committed to undertake a Member led review to ascertain if compensation claims had increased since lighting levels dropped.


8.       Alex Skinner asked if the County Council were obliged to review the impact of a lack of lighting on residents. Some of whom felt trapped in their own homes due to lack of street lighting.


Councillor Manning said the County Council had no statutory responsibility to provide street lighting.


9.       Lilian Rundblad raised concerns about lack of lighting in the Borrowdale bus shelter.


Action Point: Councillor Todd-Jones to follow up with John Parrott about lack of light concerns in the Borrowdale bus shelter.


10.     Leila Dockerill expressed concern that the #17 bus servicing Fen Road had been cancelled.


Councillor Manning said he had contacted Stagecoach who said they were rationalising services that were making a loss. The County Council were looking at ways to plug the #17 service gap eg paying a subsidy to re-instate the service.


Councillor Bird said she had also contacted Andy Campbell (Stagecoach). He signposted #2 as an alternative service to #17. Councillor Bird thought this was impractical for Fen Road residents.


11.     Richard Taylor queried the transparency of the Local Highways Improvement process.


Councillor Todd-Jones said applications no longer went to Area Committees but were reviewed by the County Council.


Action Point: Councillor Manning to attend Local Highways Improvement Panel in January 2017 and will pass on Mr Taylor’s comments eg lack of publically available information.


12.     Richard Taylor queried if sufficient information was in the public domain for people to comment on Fen Road planting, signage and road markings.


Councillor Todd-Jones summarised actions to date and signposted information in the public domain.


13.     Richard Taylor queried if sufficient information was in the public domain regarding Milton and Histon Road remodeling.


Councillor Todd-Jones referred to the next meeting of the Local Liaison Forums.


14.     Richard Taylor asked if the City Deal should be consulted in future regarding Green End Road chip shop planning applications.


Councillor Sarris said he had raised the City Deal perspective in relevant Planning Committee meetings.


Action Point: Councillor Todd-Jones to follow up with Planning Officers if City Deal should be consulted in planning applications.


Policing & Safer Neighbourhoods pdf icon PDF 291 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report from Sergeant Mišík regarding the policing and safer neighbourhoods trends.


The report outlined actions taken since the last reporting period. The current emerging issues/neighbourhood trends for each ward were also highlighted (see report for full details). Previous priorities and engagement activity noted in the report were:

       i.          Continue with Class A drug work – this underpins much criminality and also impacts on community safety.

     ii.          Monitor anti-social behaviour around Grumpy’s and the Fen Road area.


The Committee discussed the following policing issues:

       i.          Increased numbers of violent crime.

a.    Sergeant Mišík said there was a general increase in crime figure trends across the country due to a change in the way figures were recorded. There was no increase in hospital admissions as a result of the extra number of crimes recorded.

     ii.          Anti-social behaviour around Grumpy’s and the Fen Road area was a seasonal problem that the Police were asked to monitor when the weather improved.

   iii.          Installation of mobile speed camera in Ashfield Road.


Action Point: Anti-social behavior team to follow up with Police regarding installation of mobile speed camera in Ashfield Road.


   iv.          Cycle thefts in West Chesterton.


Action Point: Sergeant Mišík to clarify reasons for increase in cycle thefts in West Chesterton.


    v.          Online hate crime and difficulties in reporting it.


Action Point: Councillor O’Reilly to liaise with Police on a more user-friendly method of reporting online hate crime.


   vi.          Seasonal peaks and troughs in burglary figures.

 vii.          20MPH and 30MPH speed limits often broken.

a.    Sergeant Mišík referred to Association of Chief Police Officers guidance that stated that enforcement should be proportional to speed. The police were focussing on education rather than enforcement of 20MPH at present.


Members of the public raised the following policing issues:

       i.          Anti-social behaviour by cyclists:

a.    Riding at night without lights.

b.    Riding on the pavement.

     ii.          Dangerous driving on Nuffield Road, Fen Road, Green End Road and Chesterton High Street.

a.    Speeding.

b.    Drivers losing control of vehicles.

c.    Cars not allowing space for cyclists on road.

·  Councillor Manning expected a protected cycleway to be implemented on Fen Road through the City Deal.

   iii.          Requested more detailed figures/information regarding violent crime in future police reports to NAC as per West/Central Area Committee.

a.    Sergeant Mišík suggested at the last WCAC that the new format would be rolled out to all area committees.


Action Point: Councillor Todd-Jones to follow up with Police Mr Taylor’s request for breakdown of assault figures in police area committee report as they committed to do for West Area.


   iv.          Drug dealing in the Bermuda Flats area.


Action Point: Councillor Todd-Jones to follow up with Police and residents’ regarding drug dealing in the Bermuda Flats area.


NAC requested additions to the Police priorities. Councillor Todd-Jones formally proposed to add the following:


Added Police Recommendation

-        Tackling anti-social behaviour in the Darwin Drive / Akeman Street area.


Add Further Recommendations

-        Addressing speeding/dangerous driving on Fen Road.

-        Tackling anti-social cycling on pavements.


The change to priorities was agreed by 10 votes to 0.


The following priorities were agreed by 10 votes to 0:

-        Tackling anti-social behaviour in the Darwin Drive / Akeman Street area.

-        Addressing speeding/dangerous driving on Fen Road.

-        Tackling anti-social cycling on pavements.


Environmental Reports pdf icon PDF 518 KB


The Committee received a report from the Operations Manager – Community Engagement and Enforcement.


The report outlined an overview of City Council Refuse and Environment and Streets and Open Spaces service activity relating to the geographical area served by the North Area Committee.  The report identified the reactive and proactive service actions undertaken in the previous quarter, including the requested priority targets, and reported back on the recommended issues and associated actions. It also included key officer contacts for the reporting of waste and refuse and public realm issues.


The following were suggestions for Members on what action could be considered for priority within the North Area for the period of December to February.


Continuing priorities[1]



Priority details


Enforcement patrols to tackle fly tipping on communal archways and green areas at Minerva Way area (including Augustus Close, Hercules Close, Neptune Close and Apollo Way), Campkin Road, Arbury Court, Nicholson Way area (including Albemarle Way, Hanson Court and Walker Court)  and Maitland Avenue/ Mortlock Road area.


Patrols to address dog fouling on King’s Hedges “Pulley” Recreation Ground, Nuns Way Recreation Ground and the areas of Blackberry Way and Lawrence Way including early mornings, evenings and weekends


The Committee discussed the following issues:

       i.          Fly tipping in King’s Hedges.

     ii.          Inappropriate items being left for recycling in Aylestone Road.


Action Point: Wendy Young to liaise with owner of recycling shelf in Aylestone Road regarding appropriate signage to advertise the ‘recycling’ shelf.


   iii.          Dumping of needles.

a.    Wendy Young said 1 incident of multiple discarded needles had increased the overall collection figure. There had not been a general increase in the number of needles discarded. Details of the incident had been forwarded onto the police to get multi-agency follow up.


Action Point: Wendy Young to provide details of follow up action taken after multiple needles dumped in Kings Hedges.


   iv.          Enforcement patrols to tackle fly tipping in Maitland Avenue/Mortlock Road area still to be undertaken.


Action Point: Enforcement patrols to tackle fly tipping to be undertaken in Maitland Avenue/ Mortlock Road area as per P39 of the Officer’s report.


    v.          Litter on Millennium Bridge because people were ignoring bins provided, possibly due to their location.

a.    3 alternative locations suggested: Nicholson Way, the busway near Chesterton College and near the Grove School.


Action Point: Wendy Young to show Cllr Manning copy of Officer advice for bin locations on Millennium Bridge.


   vi.          Bins were requested for the following locations:

a.    Histon Road opposite Gilbert Close.

b.    The Tesco end of Primary Court/Scotland Road.


The Committee discussed the following as additional and revised recommendations for action:


Recommendation 1

       i.          Deep cleanse of area at Ashfield Road.


Following discussion, Members unanimously resolved to approve priorities for action as amended above.

[1] Amendments to continuing priorities are shown in italics


Environmental Improvement Programme pdf icon PDF 141 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report from the Senior Engineer, Streets & Open Spaces, regarding the Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP). The report outlined progress of existing schemes and new suggested schemes for 2017/18. The Senior Engineer brought the report up to date by referring to paragraph 5.4 and stating that (should the Area Committee support the new schemes suggested) the estimated £2,000 remaining budget available could rise to some £8,000 by the summer 2017 depending on final out-turn costs of schemes being delivered during 2016-17.


In response to Members’ questions the Senior Engineer answered:

       i.          (Ref Appendix C P64) North area ward dropped crossing improvements were progressing well and may be completed by January 2017.

     ii.          Some funding in addition to the allocated £40,777 may be needed to complete dropped kerb work, but contingency had been made within the EIP budget to cover this.

   iii.          Whilst there had been delays in bringing some projects dating from 2013 to fruition there was now no work outstanding from earlier EIP commitments. There had been delays in implementing/completing some projects because:

a.    The entire Streets & Open Spaces delivery team was replaced during 2014-15 as staff looked for opportunities elsewhere.

b.    EIP projects often required a lot of officer time/work to implement, with significant dependencies, although the project scope and budget were often quite small.

c.    Of time required to source suitable contractors to undertake work due to the level of work and demand in the Cambridge area.

   iv.          Small operational changes were made to the EIP process in 2015 to improve deliverability for future bidding rounds.

    v.          Noted Councillor Manning’s request to be listed as a proposer for project 8 North area ward dropped crossings (Ref Appendix C P64 of the Officer’s report) along with Councillor Bird.


Following discussion, Members resolved (unanimously):

       i.          To approve the allocation of £39,000 of the new EIP funding expected to be available for North Area during 2017-18 towards the list of proposed projects in Appendix A of the Officer’s report.

     ii.          To defer to 2018-19 the invitation to consider a further application opportunity (should the level of un-allocated funding for 2017-18 be small), but consider allocating any larger amount (anticipated up to £8,000) earlier should it prove practicable.


North Area Committee Dates for 2017/18

The Committee is asked to agree the following dates for the municipal year 2017/18:


22 June 2017

14 September 2017

14 December 2017

1 March 2018


The Committee agreed the following dates for the 2017/18 municipal year:

·       22 June 2017.

·       14 September 2017.

·       14 December 2017.

·       1 March 2018.


Community Events and Consultation Opportunities pdf icon PDF 23 KB


Noted details in the agenda pack.