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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Committee Room 2, The Guildhall, Market Square, Cambridge, CB2 3QJ. View directions

Contact: Clare Rankin  Cycling and Walking Officer

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Welcome and Introductions


Apologies: John Richards (City Council).


Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising


Minutes agreed.

·       Station Area. Cllrs Blencowe and Robertson continue to raise cycle parking at their regular contractors’ meetings. Operations Manager (Community Engagement) Wendy Young has confirmed that the by-law only allows the removal of abandoned bicycles not bikes that cause an obstruction (although how ‘obstruction’ is defined is in itself problematic). According to Cllr Robertson, Abellio’s own by-law is in use and could act as a template should the Council opt to apply for a new by-law. This would need to go through the lengthy process of approval by the Cabinet Office however.

As Abellio will be removing bikes following the opening of the cycle park 14th March, a thorough audit of the site could then be conducted, although CR stressed that the site and cycle routes will continue to change as the building work within CB1 continues. The worst area for abandoned or poorly parked bikes is on Network Rail land (in front of the Mott Macdonald building) and officers have been discussing access to this area with Abellio.

·       Tins Path signage. CR has conducted an audit and is in discussion with County colleagues. There is a proposal to re-launch this route with a name and new signage. Short-term arrangements are still to be confirmed however. All agreed a re-launch in time for spring or summer would be welcomed.

·       Espresso Library (café), East Road. CR has contacted the café regarding the use of the generous highway space in front and is waiting for a response.


Promotion Grant Funding pdf icon PDF 229 KB

·       Camsight                                  (Anne Streather/ Jerry Gilbert)

·       Cambridge Cycling Campaign         (Roxanne De Beaux)

·       Station bike hanger (CR

Additional documents:


Camsight. Presented by Anne Streather, Gail Hazel and Jerry Gilbert.

·       The previous application for a tandem shelter was withdrawn. This new application has been made in partnership with Outspoken and includes bike maintenance courses, mentoring sessions aswell as storage within the Outspoken building and the funding for a member of Camsight acting as Project Manager for 1 hour per week calculated at £37.10 per hour.



The Group had no objections to this application in principle and welcomed Outspoken’s involvement. It was felt however that some of the costings were excessive; particularly the project management fee and would recommend these to be recalculated.  Camsight are also advised to contact their insurer to have the liability element of the project verified.


APPROVED – based on a lesser amount (50% reduction in the Project Management budget and the 2x4 half days mentoring for Jerry Gilbert and a volunteer)

Total grant - £3,500.


The Reach Ride. Presented by Roxanne de Beau.

·       Cambridge Cycling Campaign hope to increase participation in this popular event with the help of more promotion. Match funding is therefore being sought for the design, printing and distribution of the leaflets etc.



The Reach Ride has an established local profile and sends a positive message regarding cycling longer distances.


APPROVED - £1000 match funding.


Station bike hanger. Presented by Clare Rankin.

·       The hangers would be provided to City Rangers to hang on bikes causing an obstruction, with the final design (and wording) specifically relevant for use around the Station Area. Wendy Young has raised concerns regarding littering but the intention would be to use these sparingly and as a short-term approach as awareness of the new cycle park increases.

·       The maximum cost would not exceed £1000 for the design and print.

ACTION: CR to circulate a quote to the Group re the Station Area bike hangers.


APPROVED – subject to design input. As the route to the cycle park will continue to change as the development takes shape, this will need to be reflected in the design/wording.




Cycle Parking

·       Cycle parks

·       Civic Buildings

·       On street


·       Cycle parks. Officers continue to explore options for the expansion or re-design of the Grand Arcade cycle park. The Magistrates have been approached regarding the relocation of their underused car parking but this has not been greeted with enthusiasm. (Free parking for the Magistrates was one of the conditions of the Lion Yard/Grand Arcade redevelopment proposals.)


ACTION: CR to clarify the conditions of the lease between the County Council and the Grand Arcade re. the car park. 


·       According to Roxanne de Beau, Cambridge Cycling Campaign are also trying to engage with the management of Lion Yard regarding the possibility of secure parking underneath Lion Yard.

·       Meanwhile at Queen Anne Car Park, officers are waiting for a quote for to expand the cycle park with improvements to include improved lighting, and CCTV. CR confirmed there is City Deal funding for cycle parking.

·       Civic buildings. According to Cllr Blencowe, East Area Committee three years ago agreed to carry out an audit of cycle parking provision at all community-used buildings. Cllr Blencowe encouraged further work to begin with input from Electoral Services and Community Services and in co-ordination with the Cycling Campaign. Cllr Smart stressed the need for more provision in the city centre although according to CR most available space has already been used. A resident-led cycle hanger scheme which takes up a single car parking space has been successfully trialled in Hackney although support for something similar in Cambridge would need to be proved.


ACTION: Roxanne de Beau to discuss parking provision with colleagues at Cambridge Cycling Campaign.


·       All agreed on-street racks replacing car parking provision is never a straightforward solution and in the case of the Thoday Street project required a great deal of resource in terms of officer time according to Mike Davies. A clear policy is needed.


City Deal/County Cycle Schemes Update


·       The Chisholm Trail will be going before the City Deal Executive Board as a planning application soon, accompanied by the Abbey Chesterton Bridge.

·       Cross-City Cycle Projects. Officers are currently summarising the responses with three projects likely to go forward.

·       Lengthy discussions are ongoing on the Western Orbital, Milton Road/Histon Road schemes as well as proposals for the city centre.


City Schemes Updates


·       Green Dragon Bridge (Section 38). This will go ahead although the painting of the double yellow lines on Water Street has been delayed.

·       Shelford Path signage – work ongoing.

·       Quayside – cycle parking proposed.

·       Fen Road. Proposals mostly relate to traffic calming measures but these are currently with Safety Audit.

·       Junction of Tenison Road and Great Northern Way. Cllr Robertson expressed his concern at what he saw as an increasingly dangerous area for cyclists and pedestrians in light of the anticipated volumes of taxis and cyclists. This will need a thorough examination when the Great Northern Way is complete and clear routes to and from the cycle park have been established.


ACTION: The Group to revisit the Tenison Road/Great Northern Way traffic issues at a future meeting.


Any Other Business


·       Global Cycle Hack - 24th June (Cambridge Cycling Campaign). This brings together cycling, innovation and technology as approx. 100 participants ‘hack’ barriers to cycling. Costs are predicted to be low as ARU have agreed to provide event space. Should the Group be interested in providing its support, a budget will be available in 2-3 weeks. Cllr Robertson felt the word ‘hack’ had negative connotations.