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Contact: Clare Rankin  Cycling and Walking Officer

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Welcome and Introductions


Apologies – Cllr Richard Robertson, John Richards, Cllr Tim Moore, Roxanne de Beau (Cambridge Cycling Campaign) and Mike Davies (County Council).


Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising


Minutes agreed with no outstanding actions.


Promotion grant funding


·  Oblique Arts – ‘Pedal Power: A healthier way of life.

Adapting existing technology used at previous events, the grant application would be to fund staffing costs and technical support for the use of a pedal-powered generator at key events in the City. The audience would learn through participation the health benefits of cycling, with a meter calculating the calories being used. A dedicated Facebook page would be used to invite participants to share their experiences of the project and cycling in general.

The total amount being sought is £3922 for the year.


The Steering Group’s comments were as follows:


o  Benefits.

The Group are more than aware of the physical, psychological and social benefits of cycling but were concerned that the project’s emphasis on calorie counting was possibly not the appropriate approach; particularly for children and young people who may feel critical of their appearance and fitness level. Based on the literature provided and quality of the presentation, it was felt a stronger application was needed.



o  Five events/venues.

The Group were informed that the project would be taken to five events during the year such as Mill Road Winter Fair, Romsey Arts Festival and St Matthews School. Some disappointment was expressed by the Group however, not only regarding its focus wholly on the Mill Road area events but as to the lack of clarity on the full list of events and the dates.


o  On-line monitoring.

Oblique Arts are reminded of the various on-line apps now available for calorie counting.



The proposal has some merits but based on the information provided and the number of other grant applications currently pending, the Group felt unable to give their approval at this stage. A stronger case would need to be made in order for the Group to give this application further consideration.


·  Camsight – Anne Streather

Camsight provide support services for the visually impaired across the county. This includes a tandem bicycle service with volunteer pilots. £5,000 is being sought for a secure bike shelter and additional cycle hoops. This would have the additional benefit of helping to promote cycling within the organisation.


The Steering Group’s comments were as follows:


o  Installation.

CR stressed the importance of having at least 900mm between cycle stands to ensure effective usage.


o  Colour contrasts.

Although Camsight members are likely to be accompanied by a volunteer when approaching the cycle shelter, some colour contrasts may be helpful to partially sighted users.


o  Cycle shelter design.

As the shelter will be needed for tandem cycles it will likely need a bespoke design. CR could work with Anne Streather on the floorplans in order to achieve the best use of the space available.



The Group considered this to be a sound application. As the bicycles are regularly used and would likely encourage more cycling within the organisation, the proposal was regarded as having very clear and lasting benefits.


City Deal Cycle Scheme update


o  The Chisholm Trail and the Cross-City Cycle Route were approved for consultation at the City Deal Assembly. The next stage will be the Executive Board on the 4th August.

o  Milton Road/Histon Road bus priority project. Although the project title does not mention cycling these are both key strategic cycle routes into the city. The County Council have held a drop-in session and WSP have been appointed to work on options. Approval to consult will need to be sought prior to a consultation period early next year. The final decision will be made by the City Deal Board. The removal and replacement of trees along these routes will be among the sensitive issues under consideration.


City Cycling Schemes update


o  Green Dragon Bridge. This is currently out to consultation.

o  20mph Project. Signs in the east of the City will be added this summer.

o  City centre cycle racks. The remaining Guildhall Street cycle racks will be installed this autumn.

o  Joint Cycleways budget. The Four lamps roundabout likely to be the next project although the City Deal City Centre Access Study may have implications on traffic management in the area.

o  There is a proposal to widen Palmer’s Walk (the path between Mill Road and ARU) to be funded by the Joint Cycleways minor schemes budget with a contribution from ARU.

o  Station area cycle parking. CR has met with Brookgate and the Abellio Station Manager who have agreed to provide more cycle racks and improved access in the main area. Some further temporary racks have been suggested on County land left of the station building but are not being supported by Abellio on grounds of management and potential blockage of the footway. 

ACTION: Cllr Blencowe reminded all that he and Cllr Robertson have fortnightly meetings with the CB1 contractors. Members are to be kept informed on all developments in relation to cycle parking provision within CB1.


ACTION: CR to approach the County Council regarding additional cycle racks within the station area.


South East Cycle Route signage (Tins/Snakey Path to Cherry Hinton)


CR will need to discuss this with colleagues at the County Council.


ACTION: CR to review Snakey Path signage for possible improvements.


Two-way cycling in one-way streets


This (County) project aims to make as many as possible of the one-way streets two-way for cycling. The highest priority/more straightforward roads have been considered and most are now 2-way for cycling. The next phase will involve the more problematic roads and will need Safety Audit scrutiny.


Cllr Blencowe questioned the logic and benefit to residents of changing Emery Street-Perowne Street as he has not been approached by residents.


According to CR, the project is intended to encourage cycling by providing greater permeability and reduce vehicle/cyclist aggression as cyclists are given legal 2-way access. Coronation Street has been removed from the project due to Highways safety concerns given its usage as a vehicular ‘rat-run’ and narrow width.


Any Other Business


Date of next meeting – TBC.