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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Rex Freeman Hall, Chesterton Community College, Gilbert Road Cambridge CB4 3NY

Contact: Toni Birkin  Committee Manager

No. Item


Apologies for absence


No apologies were received.


Welcome and Introduction (including Declarations of Interest)


No interests were declared.


To Confirm What Was Said (Minutes) At The Last Meeting And What We Have Done (Action List) pdf icon PDF 64 KB

Additional documents:


Minutes of the two meetings (Planning and Main Agenda) of the 28th August 2014 were agreed and signed as correct records.


The following progress with actions was noted:


14/66/NAC: Cllr Manning stated that the bid for a Tesco Express in East Chesterton had gone to committee. Cllr Bird stated that she had emailed the County Council and was waiting for a reply.


14/68/NAC: Milton Road traffic disruptions. Work was reported to be 2 to 3 weeks behind schedule and was due to be completed at the end of January.

Change to Published Agenda Order

Under paragraph 4.2.1 of the Council Procedure Rules, the Chair used his discretion to alter the order of the agenda items. However, for ease of the reader, these minutes will follow the order of the agenda.



You Want To Know (Open Forum)


Sue Childs: Is there a plan to replace missing and damaged trees on Gilbert Road and Milton Road?


Councillor O’Reilly offered to speak to the city Council’s trees officers and report back.



Mrs Johnson: Supports the above request and suggested including Carlton Way. In addition can action be taken regarding verge parking which damages the trees roots. Even Cambridge Water Company park on the verge. Bus stop bay of often blocked by vehicles.


Councillor Manning stated that utilities repair vehicles were permitted to park on verges.


The Committee suggested that the Chair write to the local MP requesting action to stop verge parking.



Mrs Johnson: Trees recently planted in Carlton Way have died. Please can they be replaced?


Public Question: When the trees are replaced, can smaller varieties be considered as tree roots in Chesterton are a hazard?


Member of the Committee acknowledged that in the past inappropriate planting had taken place in the area.


Yolande Guest: What is to be done about parking across driveways of houses on Milton Road, at Mitcham’s Corner where garage access was needed and where the cycle lane access is needed, so that cyclists do not need to cycle on the pavement? Raised kerbs and flower beds would improve the situation.


Councillor Manning stated that obstruction was an offence and residents should contact the Police. If the problem happens frequently, keeping a diary was suggested.


PS Misik suggested raising this at the next meeting when Police priorities were being considered,


Councillor Onasanya suggested that the City Rangers might be able to help.


The Chair suggested Ms Guest had further conversations with Ward Councillors outside the meeting as a way forward.


Councillor Pitt suggested that action could be taken by the City Council Licencing department if the problem was caused by Taxis.


Louise Sanders: The approaches to the light controlled crossing outside the entrance to CCC regularly flooded in wet weather. What could be done about this.


Councillor Todd-Jones agreed to raise the matter with the County Councillor for the area.



Louise Sanders: Several elderly residents who live on Chesterton Road and now deprived of a bus to get them to CRC for beneficial exercise classes. Can anything be done?


Councillor Bird suggested they try Dial-a-ride.


Louise Sanders: Requested an update on the Apart Hotel on the Gilbert Road / Mitcham’s Road corner. Residents were originally told by developers that the Gilbert Road aspect would have housing on it in the form of flats and maisonettes, not a great monolithic building.


Councillor Todd-Jones suggested that Ms Sanders raise the matter with the planning case officer.


Mike Sargeant: Currently there are problems with parking around Mitcham’s Corner. Pay and Display spaces are ignored in favour of parking in residential streets. What can be done to improve the situation?


Councillor Tunnacliffe stated that he had raised this issue with the parking team. The Pay and Display bays had been installed to help businesses. The area cannot be reviewed at present but will be looked at in due course.


Councillor O’Reilly started that this is a County Council issues but that a conversation with the new Chesterton Co-ordinator might be useful.


Richard Taylor: Milton Road signage update is incomplete. Other problems are not included in the maps or the plans.


Councillor Onasanya stated that she had responded to Mr Taylor’s concerns by email and was happy to have further discussions on this matter outside the meeting. Hard copies of the photos were circulated but had not been included in the agenda packs due to their size. She invited further feedback for the consultation process.


Doug Whyte: Residents of Calendar Close were concerned that the new nursery provision in Buchan Street would cause parking problems in the area. In addition, twice a week there appears to be a well-attended event at the Centre which causes parking difficulties for local residents.


Councillor Price was surprised that this had not been raised as an issue at the consultation stage. He agreed to investigate the parking difficulties. He confirmed that improvements to the area around Buchan Street were now noted as a budget proposal.



Councillor Austin stated that the initial plan for the nursery was a half day provision for 12 children. It is intended to serve the local area and not attract high car use.


Richard Taylor: Was still waiting for an answer to a previous question regarding Milton Road junction.


Ward Councillors for the area would discuss this further with Mr Taylor outside the meeting.


Leila Dockerill: Garages are being demolished to make space for additional housing. However, some residents with disabilities are dependent on being able to garage their cars close to their houses.


Councillor Price reassured Mrs Dockerill that well used garage would not be demolished.


Councillor Scutt apologised for arriving late to the meeting due to traffic issues. She offered to respond to any questions from residents outside the meeting.


Environmental Data Reports pdf icon PDF 696 KB


Councillor Roberts, Executive Councillor for Environment, Waste and Public Health, introduced the item.


The committee received a report from the Public Realm Manager regarding environmental data.


The Committee were invited to suggest issues that they would like to see tackled in the neighbourhood area during the upcoming quarter to help shape the activity to be undertaken within the public realm.


Members welcomed the map. Concerns were raised regarding public awareness of the waste policy. People were unaware that bagged dog faeces could be disposed of in any bin.


Members made the following comments in response to the report:


     i.        Stated that the Environmental Team did a good job and that Cambridge had high standards of street cleansing.

    ii.        Suggested timing clean-ups of Bramblefields around planned use by pupils of the Shirley Primary School so that they could enjoy clean and safe outdoor space.


The following locations were proposed for additional bins.

   iii.        Councillor Manning: Halfway between the Coop & Sherbourne Close, Cheney Way area, next to benches on Haling Way, next to benches recently installed on Kinross Road (ie 2 bins), the end of Evergeeens,  Mariners Way underpass (after LHI bid is put in).

  iv.        Councillor Pitt: Recycling area in Campkin Road shops and Milton Road junction.

   v.        Councillor Manning Kinross Road and Mariners Way underpass.

  vi.        Councillor Price: Lawrence Way and St Kilda Ave (near new bench). Consult residents re location.

 vii.        Councillor O’Reilly: Roseford Road/Perse Way junction, Perse Way/Acton Way junction, Frenches Road and a Dog waste bin for Histon Road cemetery.

viii.        Councillor Sarris: Fen Road by river (bin plus dog waste bin), St Andrews Rec by bench (bin plus dog waste bin), Grumpy's      Green End Road (bin), Union Lane/Scotland Road junction (bin plus dog waste bin -dog waste bin priority) Sherbourne Close (bin plus dog waste bin), Cam Causeway and Franks Lane alley (bin), Echo Grove bus stop (bigger bin), Mermaid Takeaway ( bigger or additional bin). Kendal Way

  ix.        Councillor Tunnacliffe: near new Sainsbury’s once completed at Mitcham’s Corner.

   x.        Councillor Scutt: Bateson Road (College exit), Chesterton Road (De Freville bus stop and Old Spring bus stop), Chesterton Lane (near Carlyle Way), Milton Road (near shops at Arbury Road end and near shops at Elizabeth Way end), Victoria Avenue bridge.


Councillor Roberts suggested that Ward Councillors should discuss this further and agree a list by email.


Ward blitzes were discussed and some members felt that the wards due for the first clean-ups had been selected unfairly. Councillor Roberts stated that all areas would enjoy a clean-ups but that the process had to start somewhere. The new approach would spread resources across Cambridge rather than concentrating on the City Centre. The City Ranger suggested that East Chesterton Church would be willing to assist with area clean up. Encouraging the public to get involved was agreed to be a good idea.


Members of the public proposed the following locations for new bins:

  xi.        Campkin Road (dog waste bin).

 xii.        Hawkins Road green.

xiii.        Milton Road shops.

xiv.        Downhams Lane (cut through area on Woodhead Drive)

xv.        Milton Road (near to number 17)


Councillor Roberts stated that accurate maps would allow route optimisation and would increase the frequency and efficiency of public bin collections. Councillor Pitt disputed the assertions that in the past there were no accurate records for where public bins were located. 


The Officer’s recommendations were amended as follow, additional working underlined and in bold:


Recommendation One: Enforcement patrols to tackle fly-tipping in the alleyways and footpaths around Kings Hedges (Pulley) Recreation Ground and St Kilda’s Avenue.


Recommendation Four: Jet wash Milton Road / Green End Road / Cam Causeway  shops to remove grime and chewing gum from the shop fronts


Resolved (nem con):


To agree the following amended priorities, for the North Area for the quarter of October to December 2014: 


1.   Enforcement patrols to tackle fly-tipping in the alleyways and footpaths around Kings Hedges (Pulley) Recreation Ground and St Kilda’s Avenue.

2.   Enforcement joint working and patrols to deal with littering from students of Cambridge Regional College in the areas of Campkin Road and Nuns Way Recreation Ground

3.   Investigating the feasibility of litter/recycling and dog bins along Kings Hedges Road, as well as litter bins on Scotland Road and dog bins on Nicholson Way and Haviland Way.

4.   Jet wash Milton Road / Green End Road / Cam Causeway shops to remove grime and chewing gum from the shop fronts

5.   Cleanse of area of Scotland Road and Green End Road junction to remove litter and grime and to investigate the suitability of litter bins in the area.

6.   Early morning patrols for dog fouling on Kings Hedges (Pulley) Recreation Ground.


In addition, the Committee instructed Officer’s to investigate further action in the following areas:


·        Camplin Road _ Tesco area

·        Arbury Court – investigation of flytipping and littering issues

·        Shirley School / Brambesfield

·        Downhams Lane – investigation of litter issues.

·        Kingsway – investigation of flytipping.

·        Arbury Road / Milton Road Junction  


NAC S106 Devolved Decision-Making: Taking Stock and Moving Forward pdf icon PDF 34 KB


The Committee received a report from the Urban Growth Project Manager.


The report outlined the arrangements for the next rounds of S106 priority-setting, which had been agreed following consideration by the Community Services Scrutiny Committee on 16 October. A short presentation was given to highlight what these changes will mean for the North Area and to provide an update on the progress of S106-funded projects previously prioritised by NAC.


Members made the following comments in response to the report:

     i.        Welcomed the progress made to date.

    ii.        Stated that the new arrangements in relation to S106 funding for the indoor sports, public realm and public art contribution types would allow larger projects to be delivered.

   iii.        Welcomed the new approach to tracking progress on existing S106 projects, which will posted on the council’s Developer Contributions web page (www.cambridge.gov.uk/S106) in due course.

  iv.        Accepted that a grant-funding approach to the next (third) S106 priority-setting round was a good idea, provided that this did not limit the area committee’s ability to prioritise project proposals in future priority-setting rounds. The Urban Growth Project Managers replied that this risk had been highlighted in the scrutiny committee report earlier that month. He said that, in the next priority-setting report in February 2015, NAC would be reminded of possible proposals which might come forward in the fourth round in order to inform its decisions of which grant-funded options to prioritise in the third round.

   v.        Raised concerns that that insufficient notice had been given for a public consultation meeting regarding the proposed BMX track improvements next to Brown’s Field community centre. The Urban Growth Project Manager apologised and will remind officers of the need to provide more notice of consultation events in future.


In response to members’ questions, the Urban Growth Project Manager stated the following:

  vi.        The improvements to Buchan Street community centre are on target to be delivered in late December 2014.

 vii.        Scoping of works needed to improve lighting for the Nuns Way multi-use games area had highlighted that it may be more appropriate for the project to be taken forward with Repairs and Renewals funding, rather than S106 funding. This (and an update on devolved funding available by contribution type) will be confirmed in the report to NAC next February.

viii.        Member suggestions of better sign-posting of the Chestnut Grove play area will be passed on to officers scoping those play area improvements and developing the project appraisal. Given that £50k of S106 funding has been allocated to this priority project, the appraisal will be reported to the Area Chair, Vice Chair and Opposition Spokes for sign-off.

  ix.        Community Development officers continue to liaise with county council counterparts over the county council’s proposals for the development of community meeting space at Milton Road Library (an NAC 2nd round priority project). An update on progress will be included in the February 2015 report to NAC.

   x.        If further scoping work on the detailed proposals for a priority project reveals that more (or less) S106 funding may be needed to deliver the project, this can be considered at the project appraisal stage. Project appraisals for projects over £75k will be reported back to the area committee for approval.


Mike Sargeant: What is the position regarding Chesterton Sports Pavillion?


The Urban Growth Project Manager undertook to look into this matter. S106 contributions with specific stipulations about how/where they should be used were outside the scope of S106 devolved decision-making by area committees.



In conclusion, the Urban Growth Project Manager reminded Members that the priority setting of proposals for S106 funding would require the area committee to make some difficult decisions. To enable area committees to decide their local priority projects at a single meeting, ward councillors will be asked to identify their short-listed proposals at the start of that meeting. In the fourth priority-setting round later next year, the area committees will be asked to identify a smaller number of priority projects (compared to the first and second rounds) involving project management/delivery by the council so that the council can implement projects effectively within the available staffing capacity.


Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 pdf icon PDF 45 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report from the Safer Communities Section Manager.


A report on the introduction of the new Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 was taken to Strategy and Resources Committee on 29 September 2014. The Executive Councillor approved the recommendation at 2.1.4 in the report to “take the report to Area Committees and request that they review if any areas merit consideration for Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs)”.


In response to Members’ questions the Safer Communities Section Manager and PS Misik stated the following:

     i.        The Community Trigger gives communities an opportunity to ask for a review of how their anti-social behaviour case has been dealt with if they are not satisfied.  The threshold and procedure for making an application will be tested over the next 6 months.

    ii.        Evidence would be needed to support the three complaint trigger point.

   iii.        Police had been using the restorative justice options available to them.

  iv.        Factors taken into account when considering low level events, would include aggravating factors and the level of distress caused.

   v.        The new powers would be additions to the ‘tool bag’ of options open to the police.


Members suggested the following areas which might merit consideration for Public Space Orders:


  vi.        Councillor Sarris suggested, Maitlock Avenue, Mortlock Avenue, Green End Road and Cam Causeway where suggested and door to door begging had been an issue. The Safer Communities Manager said that the Safer Communities Team and the Police were aware these issues and were working to resolve them. Councillor Sales suggested, Fisher Street as an area of low level ASB. PS Misik would discuss this area with PS Wragg.

 vii.        Councillor Price suggested the area around the Tesco Express in Campkin Road and the MUGA in Nuns Way.

viii.        Alexandra Gardens.


Leila Dockerill expressed concerns about young people causing a nuisance on the walkways of flats. She suggested that the Police were not interested and took little action.


Doug Whyte requested a greater Police presence on the streets. He suggested that even in the City Centre, on a Saturday night, there was a lack of a Police presence.


Councillor Manning stated that this was a matter for the Crime and Police Commissioner.


Resolved (by 8 votes to 0 with 1 abstention).


     i.     The North Area Committee noted the new measures being introduced to address anti-social behaviour, as detailed in the attached report Officer’s; and

    ii.     Suggested that the following areas merit consideration for Public Space Protection Orders.


Cam Causeway

Mortlock and Maitland Avenue

Campkin Road

Alexandra Gardens