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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Committee Room 1 & 2, The Guildhall, Market Square, Cambridge, CB2 3QJ. View directions

Contact: James Goddard  Committee Manager

No. Item



To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies were received from Councillors C. Smart and Gawthrope.


Councillors Avery and M. Smart were present as alternates.


Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare at this stage any interests, which they may have in any of the following items on the agenda. If any member is unsure whether or not they should declare an interest on a particular matter, they are requested to seek advice from the Head of Legal Services before the meeting.


No declarations of interest were made.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 83 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting on 25 March 2014


The Committee queried if they were able to approve the minutes as a correct record as membership had changed since the last meeting 25 March 2014. The Committee Manager said that membership of the Committee should not affect approval of the minutes. Members could take comfort that the draft minutes had been viewed by Officers, Councillor Blencowe and former Committee Members.


Councillor Baigent asked for clarification on minute item 14/5/DPSSC vi (agenda P9 & 10). The Principal Planning Officer responded that affordable housing could be replaced by student accommodation for a limited number of sites under the 2006 Local Plan. This was not carried over to the 2013 Local Plan. The Principal Planning Officer undertook to send Councillor Baigent a statement to clarify the position outside of the meeting.


The minutes of the 25 March 2014 meeting were approved and signed as a correct record.


Public Questions


No public questions were asked.


Local Plan Review

Verbal update from Planning Policy Manager


The Planning Policy Manager gave a presentation on the Cambridge Local Plan Review:

       i.          Review started in 2011.

     ii.          Key planning policy document for the city.

   iii.          Sets policies and proposals for development up to 2031.

   iv.          Involves a number of key stages requiring public consultation.

     v.          Local Plan submitted to Secretary of State for examination (March 2014).

   vi.          Submitted at the same time as the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan.

 vii.          Laura Graham appointed as the Inspector and Alan Wood appointed as the Assistant Inspector.

viii.          The Inspectors have been made aware of representations and the evidence for consideration before the Pre-Hearing.

   ix.          Main Steps:

·       Pre-Hearing Meeting scheduled for 11 September 2014 at 2pm.

·       Overall Programme of Matters and Issues to be released.

·       Joint Hearing Sessions with South Cambridgeshire District Council.

·       Consultation on Modifications.

·       Inspector’s Report.

·       Adoption.

     x.          Modifications for consideration and issues from hearings will be reported back to DPSSC by Officers to seek a steer on significant issues during the examination process.


In response to Councillor Baigent’s questions the Head of Planning Services plus the Planning Policy Manager said the following:

       i.          Three public consultations had been undertaken already. Any further full public consultations will only be undertaken on modifications to the Local Plan, not on the Plan itself.

     ii.          Comments made by Councillor Baigent in objection to the Local Plan before he became a Councillor would stand until withdrawn ie be considered by the Planning Inspector. Officers would liaise with Councillor Baigent after today’s meeting how to clarify to the Inspector that Councillor Baigent‘s comments were personal and not the view of the City Council.


Memorandum of Understanding – Greater Cambridge Housing Trajectory pdf icon PDF 30 KB

Additional documents:


Matter for Decision

The Officer’s report set out the need for a Memorandum of Understanding between Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council. The Memorandum of Understanding states that, as part of the two Local Plan examinations, the housing trajectories for the two areas should be considered together as a joint trajectory for the purposes of housing supply, including a five year land supply.


Changes in circumstances since the submission of the Local Plans indicate that a Memorandum of Understanding between the Councils will demonstrate the soundness of the plans.


Decision of Executive Councillor for Planning Policy and Transport

Approved the Memorandum of Understanding between Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council set out in Appendix 1 of the Officer’s report.


Reason for the Decision

As set out in the Officer’s report.


Any Alternative Options Considered and Rejected

Not applicable.


Scrutiny Considerations

The Committee received a report from the Planning Policy Manager. She referred to the meeting of Joint Strategic Transport and Spatial Planning Group 09:30 on 9 September 2014 where the Memorandum of Understanding was approved without amendment.


In response to Members’ questions the Planning Policy Manager said the following:

       i.          The Memorandum of Understanding would feed into the Local Plan examination process. South Cambridgeshire and the City Council housing trajectories were being considered together to show there was a five year housing supply. Any costs awarded against an individual council after a planning appeal would not be shared with the other council.

     ii.          The purpose of the South Cambridgeshire and the City Council Local Plans was to set out planning policies and demonstrate sufficient land supply to meet demand. The Councils were confident that they had made their cases but the Planning Inspector may take a different view.

   iii.          South Cambridgeshire Council had thought it had a five year housing supply, but discovered it did not when challenged through appeals. The Planning Policy Manager reiterated that South Cambridgeshire and the City Councils did have a five year housing supply when considered together.


The Committee unanimously resolved to endorse the recommendation.


The Executive Councillor approved the recommendation.


The Executive Councillor made the following remarks:

       i.          There was a countywide Memorandum of Co-operation in effect.

     ii.          This had been established before Local Plans were developed, but Local Plans built on the Memorandum of Co-operation.

   iii.          Each local authority agreed to take an allocation of housing and employment numbers.

   iv.          The Memorandum of Understanding worked in parallel with the Memorandum of Co-operation, both would be presented to the Planning Inspector at the Local Plan examination.

    v.          It was hoped the Planning Inspector would make an interim judgement to give the Memorandum of Understanding some weight for consideration in planning appeals once it was in the public domain.


Conflicts of Interest Declared by the Executive Councillor (and any Dispensations Granted)

No conflicts of interest were declared by the Executive Councillor.