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Agenda and minutes

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Apologies were received from Councillors Bygott and Hawkins.



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CUH Cambridge Children's Hospital


The Committee received a presentation on CUH Cambridge Children’s Hospital.


Members raised comments/questions as listed below. Answers were supplied, and comments from officers but as this was a pre-application presentation, none of the answers or comments are binding on either the intended applicant or the local planning authority so consequently are not recorded in these minutes.


1.  Asked how many storeys the building would have and would this impact on tree planting and shading in the courtyards.

2.  Asked for clarification of the phrase ‘parametric optimisim’ as referred to in the sustainability part of the presentation.

3.  Asked about the maintenance of the external appearance of the building.

4.  Asked about the principles for internal navigation around the hospital.

5.  Asked which organisation would run the hospital and if it would be an NHS or a private hospital or a combination of the two. Also asked if the Teenage Cancer Unit would be integrated in this facility.

6.  Asked if provision would be provided for parents to stay with children.

7.  Asked if grey water recycling was being considered.

8.  Asked if cargo cycle and disabled parking was being provided.

9.  Asked if sensory gardens would be provided taking into consideration allergy issues.

10.  Queried the colouring of the building entrance.

11.  Queried whether the atrium will be welcoming.

12.  Noted the presenters had spoken about the building being ‘playful’, needed to distinguish between the architectural sense of playful and spaces for play in the building.

13.  Asked when the development would achieve net zero carbon.

14.  Raised the importance of the building being welcoming to all ages, abilities and ethnicities.

15.  Raised concern regarding the provision of underground connections, and the importance of ensuring that they do not flood.

16.  Queried the use of embodied carbon in the development and why concrete materials were proposed and not cross laminated timber.

17.  Queried choice of materials for external appearance.

18.  Queried the floor levels for proposed internal play areas.

19.  Asked about the availability and accessibility of food and drink facilities.