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Agenda and minutes

Venue: via Microsoft Teams

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Apologies were received from South Cambs Councillors Chamberlain and Hawkins and City Councillors Baigent and Thornburrow. Attending as alternates were City Councillors Gawthrope Wood and Scutt



Declarations of Interest


No interests were declared.


Darwin Green 1 BDW3 proposal


The Committee received a presentation on the Darwin Green 1 BDW3 proposals.


Members raised comments/questions as listed below. Answers were supplied, and comments from officers but as this was a pre-application presentation, none of the answers or comments are binding on either the intended applicant or the local planning authority so consequently are not recorded in these minutes.


1. Asked what size the pocket parks referred to would be as they could range in size.


2. Asked where the entrance was to the allotments and where the allotment parking and space for deliveries was. Also asked for confirmation where residents’ parking was on site.


3. Asked how many allotments would be provided.


4. Queried how the pinch point where the development links to Windsor Road would affect capacity on the cycle and pedestrian route now and in the future. Consideration would need to be given to this area to prevent a conflict of traffic on the cycle route.


5. Asked for a condition or binding commitment to maintain the cycle and pedestrian route and restrict motor vehicle access in perpetuity. 


6. Queried where the orbital cycle route was and whether it was segregated or shared use route. Queried whether the County stakeholder group had been consulted and reference to government guidance LTN 1/20. Requested information shows wider connections.


7. Asked whether consideration had been given to using electricity to heat the properties and to installing an energy centre on site.


8. Asked what the proportion of EV charging points to parking provision was in the parking court areas and what speed of charging would be provided.


9. Asked if there would be any solar panels on the roofs in the development.


10. Requested clarity on the energy strategy and specification for insulation.


11. Asked if there were any plans to provide green roofs on the flat roofs and solar thermal?


12. Asked what the heights of buildings would be which looked onto the park. Asked about the intended aesthetic and formality of the park frontage with the character of the rest of the development.


13. Asked about the back to back distances between existing properties and the new development on Tavistock Road.