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Contact: Democratic Services  Committee Manager

Note: Officers recommend withdrawing Item 6 – ‘Visit Cambridge Destination Management Organisation’ from the agenda. 

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Councillor Payne requested an update on the process for trial, testing and consultation of the demountable stalls proposed for the market square redevelopment project be brought to the 1st July scrutiny committee so that:

·  A definitive process for the consultation of the trial stalls can be subjected to scrutiny, which has previously not taken place.  The success of these stalls is a critical component of the project's success and the experience of traders and shoppers so should be properly and publicly scrutinised.

·  There is clarity about the consultation process being used for the demountable stalls, which has currently changed from the initial report and Executive Cllr's information at full council, which indicated two stalls would be tested and that at the time no prototypes existed.  Substantive changes to the initial plans should be highlighted.

·  Members can understand the criteria by which the initial stall designs have been selected, including having sight of any technical specifications, information about prior evaluations and their certification for use in environments like the Cambridge market square, to be satisfied of their quality and suitability for the local context. and whether time taken to demount and reassemble is to be considered.

·  An indication of the cost of the different models of stalls can be shared with members for comparison.

·  The plans for storing the market stalls during city centre events can be shared, along with an indicator of how and by whom the stalls will be taken down and reassembled.


Report to follow.


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