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Agenda and minutes

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The Senior Technical Officer presented the report and outlined the application and made the following points in response to members’ questions:

i.  Clarified that Scudamores had submitted two premises licence applications one at Bridge Street and one at Granta Place.  The application at Granta Place had been approved because no representations had been made in relation to that application.

ii.  Confirmed that the agent had consulted the police about the application and had agreed conditions which were included within the application.


Mr Conisbee, Mr Krushkov and Mr Ingersent made the following points on behalf of the Applicant:

  i.  The application was not for an off-licence per se but the intention was to serve alcohol on punts which were pre-booked.

  ii.  Referred to p51 of the agenda and commented that felt that current operations were sufficient to deal with objections.

  iii.  Three alcohol punting packages were provided by a third party vendor. Customers booked and organised these tours through a third party vendor. The vendor invoiced Scudamores for the punting element of the booking.

  iv.  Punts serving alcohol accounted for less than 1.6% of their business. 

  v.  Chauffeurs should conduct a challenge 25 check.

  vi.  Having tours booked through a third party was a clunky process, some customers expressed frustration with the booking system. They were looking to bring the process in-house.

 vii.  Referred to bat tours which were delivered in-house and had a better booking process.

viii.  Alcohol would be brought down to the punt sealed and would be opened on the punt.

  ix.  Punts would be in the cumulative impact area for a very short period of time when the punt was moved around.

  x.  Referred to the additional documents a, b and the plan which had been provided to members and published on the website in advance of the meeting.

  xi.  Referred to other punt tour companies which were closer to Beaufort Place than Scudamores and confirmed that tours by Scudamores did not cover this area of the River Cam.

 xii.  None of the objections had said that Scudamores had caused the issues raised by the objections.

xiii.  With the current procedures in place the application would not add to the cumulative impact. 


Mr Conisbee, Mr Krushkov and Mr Ingersent made the following points in response to members’ questions:

  i.  There would continue to be a mixologist on the punt, Scudamores did not want their staff to be serving alcohol as they would be concentrating on navigating the punt.

  ii.  Staff members were not permitted to consume alcohol on punt tours.

 iii.  The youngest chauffeur was 17 years old; they would not be able to take a tour which was serving alcohol.

iv.  Tying punts together was irresponsible. Self-hire customers were briefed before they went out on the river. If Scudamores became aware that their punts had been tied together then they would intervene and take action to stop this.

  v.  Staff could not take punts out after hours; there was a policy against this.

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