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Venue: This is a virtual meeting taking place via Microsoft Teams

Note: If you are interested in joining to observe the meeting, please contact Democratic Services 2 working days in advance of the meeting so that joining details for the meeting can be sent to you. Email: democratic.services@cambridge.gov.uk or Phone: 01223 457000. 

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Declarations of Interest


Pre-Application Briefing by the Developer - Brookgate, CB1

Approx: 14:00 am – 16:00



An application (18/1678/FUL) for the development of this site was refused by the City Council in October 2020. 


The application was refused for two reasons:

-        The scheme did not provide the necessary high-quality cycle infrastructure.

-        The proposed scheme would have an adverse impact upon the character of of the area.


This briefing has been arranged to inform members of the progress that has been made since the previous scheme was refused.


Site Context

The application site is located next to the central railway station and the Carter Bridge and forms part of the wider CB1 development area.  This proposal relates to what is known as Blocks B2 and F2, both of which are currently used as parking in connection with the station.                   


The Proposal

Members will be shown a revised scheme that seeks to provide a similar scale of development to the previous scheme, but with amendments that they believe respond to the concerns expressed by members at the October committee. 

The scheme consists of:

-        Erection of an office building and associated facilities

-        Erection of an aparthotel with multi story car park and ancillary

-        Improvements and alterations to the public realm and connectivity


Areas of focus

-        Provision of appropriate cycle and pedestrian infrastructure

-        Visual impact of the scheme upon the character of the surrounding area and in particular the Carter Bridge and the nearby Conservation Area

Councillor attendance

Whilst any subsequent planning application relating to this site will be determined by the Planning Committee, all Councillors are invited to attend and take part in this pre-application developer presentation.


Purpose of the meeting

These meetings allow developers an early opportunity to present proposals for future planning applications to elected members of the Council.


The process allows Councillors to feed into the process at an early stage and raise any questions or concerns that can then be addressed by the developer prior to a formal planning application being submitted.


Whilst the meetings will be held in public, they do not form part of the formal decision making process. All planning applications will be determined in line with formal processes as adopted by Cambridge City Council.  


Format of the Meeting

For each Briefing:


·       Introduction by the Head of Planning Services or a Senior Planning Officer – up to 10 minutes


·       Presentation by the developer of the proposal – up to 30 minutes


·       Opportunity for Members to ask questions, raise issues, seek clarification, comment on the apparent positive and less positive aspects of the proposal – up to 40 minutes


During this part of the meeting it is important that Councillors who may ultimately make the decision on any subsequent planning application do not feel unduly constrained by what they can ask or raise. However they should avoid expressing views that might give any appearance that they are approaching the proposal with a closed mind. The discussion should not be used for negotiations with the developer. These should take place with officers separately from the meeting. Members of the public must refrain from entering into the discussion at the meeting.


·       Summing up – up to 10 minutes


A Planning Department representative will take notes of the meeting, which will be a summary of the proceedings. Nothing said by Councillors at the meeting will in any way be binding on the Committee that subsequently determines the application. The notes will be uploaded to the City Council’s website upon completion.