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Agenda and minutes

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The Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) Phase 2 site is situated to the South of the first phase. The site is bounded by the Addenbrooke’s Rd and railway to the west, Dame Mary Archer Way to the north, the Bell School Site (residential  site currently under construction) to the east  and the Green Belt to the south. The site (approximately 10ha) was taken out of the Green Belt in the 2006 Cambridge Local Plan (site 9.09) for clinical development and research uses but was safeguarded for post 2016.


The site did not form part of the application approved in 2009 for Phase 1 of the CBC development. The site now forms part of Policy 16 in the Draft Cambridge Local Plan and para 3.46 states that ‘development here will be similar to that approved for the remainder of the site, with approximately a third of the land to be developed for NHS and private clinical development and two-thirds for biomedical and biotechnology research and development activities’.


The new master-plan is currently the subject of pre-application discussions and an Environmental Impact Assessment including Landscape Visual Impact Assessment and Transport Assessment. The application will come forward in outline form.


Parallel to the outline application a full application is also likely to come forward for the first building on the site, which will be the ‘gateway building’ to the west of the site. Although a full application, this building will be worked up alongside the parameter plans for the outline application to ensure comprehensive development of the wider site.


This briefing is intended for officers and the applicants to update members on progress to date and to discuss the key issues ahead of a target submission for a new outline application.




Officer Presentation


The case officer took members through the history of the CBC Phase 1 site, and the floorspace build out to date for clinical research and treatment uses, and biotech and biomedical R&D.


The case officer set the policy background for the proposal, and its context within the 2006 Cambridge Local Plan and 2014 Draft submission plan.


Developer Presentation

Outline submission


    i.             Developer’s vision  is one of a landscape led approach

  ii.             Application submission in November or December this year

 iii.             Landscaping will be brought into the development with the building lines being the defensible edge. Multi-storey car parks will ensure land is used efficiently for landscape.

iv.             Phase 2 will provide for connections to phase 1 to the north.

  v.             Design development led to the ‘piano key’ solution using courtyards.

vi.             Linear park running parallel with Dame Mary Archer Way

vii.             Northern courtyards provide active meeting paces, urban in nature.

viii.             MSCP locations- variety of options looked at; ‘bookend approach’ considered best.

ix.             Cycle and pedestrian activity prioritised within the core of the development.

  x.             Heights are lower than Phase 1, proposals are 31m high stepping down to 27m towards the Green Belt edge.

xi.             The Southern courtyards are more rural in nature with planting and sustainable drainage. Southern buffer will also include rain gardens, native shrubs etc.





First Detailed application 


   i.             Abcam is a Cambridge company which has seen recent growth

  ii.             First building will set the benchmark for the development of the rest of the second phase.

iii.             Site constraints with foul pumping station to west of the site

iv.             High cycling potential for staff

  v.             Building will be seen as a gateway to the site, with no ‘back of house’ to the building and a front entrance to both the north and south.

vi.             Landscape will have a woodland buffer concept to the south and the orchard/colourful planting to the north.

vii.             Building will have series of ‘social’ spaces to include the café, atrium and landing spaces, and the roof top garden at the top floor.

viii.             The elevations have emphasised the vertical elements to add more proportion. Lab benches have been screened through the façade. Fins will act as brise soleil and shadows/reflection will change as you move around the building.

ix.             Parking will be applied for in a temporary nature (at grade parking) although the plan will be for a MSCP application to come forward enabling the MSCP to be built instead of the temporary parking.


Member Questions/Comments


   i.          What is the energy load for the building and how will this fit with overheating?

The architects will undertake modelling and will provide for Brise soleil patterns, which alters for different elevations. The buildings could produce too much heat and we will look at what that rejected heat could be used for.



   ii.        How has the land use ‘spilt’ been decided and could this change?

For phase 1 the floorspace, and its split is set out in the planning permission. A  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.