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Application and Petition Details (21/03620/FUL / Devonshire Gardens Devonshire Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 2BJ)

Application No:  21/03620/FUL

Site Address:    Devonshire Gardens Devonshire Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 2BJ

Description:  Demolition of existing depot building and redevelopment of site to provide two new buildings comprising Class E (g)(i) / E (g) (ii) floorspace with associated plant and cycle parking, three new residential buildings comprising 100 units with associated plant and cycle parking, one new building comprising flexible commercial space (Class E) to include a creche with associated cycle parking, flexible community space (Class F.1/F.2), hard and soft landscaping and associated access.

Agent:  Alison Wright

Address:  Bidwell House Trumpington Road Cambridge CB2 9LD

Lead Petitioner:  South Petersfield Residents Association

Case Officer:    Steve Fraser Lim


Text of Petition:    


We, the undersigned, request a Development Control Forum on the planning application for Devonshire Gardens (21/03620/FUL) to address matters that the applicant believes have been adequately addressed or are immaterial considerations, but which we believe are of critical importance to the long-term success of this development:


1.  The provision of usable open green space is too small and cramped.

2.  There needs to be more provision for visitors, deliveries and club cars.

3.  The density and compactness of the dwellings is not conducive to a high quality of life.

4.  The single-aspect dwellings facing north and north-of-west will receive too little direct sunlight, and those facing south may receive too much in the height of summer.