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Application and Petition Details (21/00264/FUL / Blocks B2 & F2, Devonshire Quarter Devonshire Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire)

Application No:  21/00264/FUL

Site Address:    Blocks B2 & F2, Devonshire Quarter Devonshire Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire

Description:  Erection of two new buildings comprising Class E(g)i/E(g)ii floorspace including ancillary accommodation/ facilities with associated plant and cycle parking for Block F2 and an Aparthotel (Class C1) with multi-storey car park for Network Rail, including car and cycle parking, for Block B2 with associated plant, hard and soft landscaping and permanent access from Devonshire Road to the Cambridge Station Car Park, utilising the existing pedestrian and cycle access, restricted to emergency access to the railway only.

Applicant:  C/O Agent

Agent:  Bidwells, Emma Thompson

Address:  Bidwells Bidwell House Trumpington Road Cambridge CB2 9LD

Lead Petitioner:  South Petersfield Residents Association

Case Officer:    Toby Williams


Text of Petition:  


We, the undersigned, request a Development Control Forum on the above planning application to address matters that the applicant believes have been adequately addressed or are immaterial considerations, but which we believe are of critical importance to the long-term success of this development:


1) Block B2 height and mass.


2) Future-proofness of B2, including ability to convert the multi-storey car park into cycle parking, partially or wholly in phases, preserving at least disabled parking bays, and ensuring safe access and egress for people using cycles.


3) Accommodation of over-ranked CCLT taxis.


4) Reinstatement of more green planting between Devonshire Rd and the surface car park.


5) Great Northern Rd: mini-roundabout, parking bays and replacement of trees.


6) Impacts on food parks and community events behind One Station Square.


7) Wind tunnel effects along the Northern Access Road.