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Venue: Committee Room 1 & 2 - Guildhall

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Introduction by Chair to the Forum




Declarations of Interest


Application and Petition Details (19/1350/LBC / Public Toilet Silver Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire) pdf icon PDF 477 KB

Application No:  19/1350/LBC

Site Address:    Public Toilet Silver Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire

Description:  Refurbishment of existing basement toilets and associated works to include the provision of a new guard rail to the basement stairs, and the erection of a replacement wheelchair accessible WC and kiosk (following demolition of the existing wheelchair accessible WC structure).

Applicant:  Declan O Halloran

Agent:  Joseph Mac Mahon

Address:  55 Leroy Street London SE1 4SN

Lead Petitioner:  Resident of Wilberforce Road

Case Officer:    Phil Mcintosh


Text of Petition:


The grounds for asking for a Forum on this application are as follows:


Policy 55. Responding to context.

Design & integration with the immediate locality

The new footprint extends the current solid build-line to the line of the overhang canopy. The siting, massing, scale does not respond to the context.

It is not well integrated with the immediate locality.

This design presented in isolation, lacks consideration of the public realm gathering area as a whole. There is no rubbish bin plan, seating plan or cycle rack plan.  No restriction of advertising plan.


Policy 61: Conservation and enhancement of Cambridge’s historic environment.

Silver Street bridge is a Grade 2 listed Heritage Asset.  The new kiosk /disabled toilet building and new railings do not enhance the significance of the setting and views.There is inadequate detailed analysis of the asset and proposal.


Policy 59: Designing landscape and the public realm

The proposal requires substantial undercutting the canopy of the willow tree to accommodate the height of the kiosk and water collecting tower.  This harsh treatment of the tree is not acceptable. The tree is important for biodiversity, providing shade and shelter and is an existing feature that contributes positively to the quality and character of the area.



Policy 63: Works to a heritage asset to address climate change 

The rain water capture scheme feature is unlikely to function effectively under a tree canopy with leaf fall.  The embodied energy costs of removing and replacing the existing forged metal work railings are not considered. The design and condition of the railings are not evaluated.



Is the new Kiosk an additional licensed retail unit or is replacing one of the two existing units in this location?  We object to any additional licensed retail units in this location.


Do you think there are changes that could be made to overcome your concerns?

Yes. If yes, please explain:

·  Retain the Willow tree canopy’s natural shape, allowing for normal pruning.

·  The tree canopy should not be reduced by a third to accommodate the extra height of the new kiosk / toilet. The design of the roof tank should be modified instead.

·  Reduce the foot print of build line so it does not extend into the busy pavement space area.

·  Evaluate condition & design of existing railings and consider retaining them.

·  Present a public realm improvement plan across the bridge area with a detailed analysis of the broader context. Views, river setting, bins, benches, racks and signage.

·   We do not object to the new Kiosk if one or  ...  view the full agenda text for item 4.