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Agenda and minutes

Venue: The Guildhall, Market Square, Cambridge, CB2 3QJ

Contact: Democratic Services  Committee Manager

No. Item




Apologies were received from Councillor Sargeant and Rob Bennett the Council’s Independent Person.  



Declarations of Interest


No interests were declared.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 206 KB


This was the first in person meeting of a committee of the Council since March 2020 afterwhich committee meetings were held virtually under provisions within the Coronavirus Act 2020, which expired on 7 May 2021.  The Vice Chair wished to expressed Councillors gratitude for the work of democratic services to have maintained an on-line service of meetings throughout.


The Vice Chair also wanted the Committee’s thanks to be recorded for the work of Andrew Grant, Returning Officer and the electoral service team for running the elections held on 6 May successfully. 


The Vice Chair also wanted to thank Andrew Grant for his valued contribution as interim Chief Executive from 1 October 2020 in a challenging period for the city council.



The minutes of the meetings held on 27 January 2021 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Vice Chair.



Public Questions


There were no public questions.



External Audit Plan for 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 297 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report from Ernst and Young attaching their Outline Audit Planning Report 2020/21 which summarised the proposed approach to the 2020/21 external audit, including consideration of the most significant audit risks.


Jacob McHugh for EY drew the committee’s attention to the new risks which will feature in the external audit on pages 5 and 6 of the EY report; the work on accounting estimates (page 8) and Materiality (page 8).  There will be a fuller risk assessment for the committee meeting on 14 July.


EY has worked with officers of the Council to agree an achievable timeline to enable the Committee at its 22 September meeting  to consider an audited set of accounts.


The Committee observed that reference had been made to land re-evaluation, which came up as an issue in last year’s audit work. The Head of Finance stated that as a result of last year’s audit, officers  had reviewed land valuations to ensure that there was internally consistent values.


Unanimously resolvedto note the contents of the EY Outline Audit Planning Report 2020/21.



Nominations for Committees for the Municipal Year 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 249 KB


The Committee considered a paper setting out the proposed Committee allocations by party and the nominations received. The Committee considered the rules on political balance set out in the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 in developing the recommendations set out below.


The Committee noted the proposed committees and nominations set out in the paper issued on 17 May.  The Democratic Services Manager stated that the Council on 27 May would be considering a Notice of Motion to propose that the four area committees will continue to meet virtually until the end of 2021 and by meeting virtually, they will be non-decision making.  


Resolved (unanimously) to:


i.  Recommend to Council to agree the number and size of committees and to note the nominations listed below (any updates will be provided in the Information Pack to Council):


Ordinary Committee


Environment and Communities Scrutiny Committee 10 (6 Labour + 3 Lib Dem + 1 Green and Independent)

H. Davies, Healy, S.Baigent, Sweeney, O’Reilly, Lab TBC


Payne, Hauk, Page-Croft




Alternates – Sheil, Gilderdale, Bond, Lib Dem TBC


Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee 10 (6 Labour + 3 Lib Dem + 1 Green and Independent)

D. Baigent, S.Smith, Scutt, Gawthrope Wood, Pounds, Lab TBC


Bick, Porrer, Bond


S. Davies


Alternates – O’Reilly, Sargeant, Hauk, Lib Dem TBC


Housing Scrutiny Committee 9 (6 Labour + 2 Lib Dem + 1 Green and Independent)

Bird, Sheil, Gawthrope Wood, Robertson, Gilderdale, Pounds


Dalzell, Lee




Alternates – Sweeney, Lab TBC, Page-Croft, Lib Dem TBC


Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Committee 6 (4 Labour + 2 Lib Dem)

Robertson, Davies, Healy, S.Smith


Bick, Dalzell


Alternates – O’Reilly, Scutt, Payne, Lib Dem TBC


Civic Affairs Committee 6 (4 Labour + 2 Lib Dem)

Sargeant, Davey, O’Reilly, Dryden


Gehring, Flaubert


Alternate – Moore, Dalzell


Employment (Senior Officer) Committee 6 (4 Labour +2 Lib Dem)

Herbert, Moore, S. Baigent, Collis


Bick, Porrer


Alternates: A.Smith


Licensing Committee 10 (6 Labour + 3 Lib Dem + 1 Green and Independent)

Bird, McPherson, McQueen, Dryden, Moore, Collis


Page-Croft, Cox, Bond




Alternates – Scutt, Flaubert


Planning Committee 7 (5 Labour+ 2 Lib Dem)

Smart, D. Baigent, Thornburrow, Gawthrope Wood, Dryden


Porrer, Flaubert


Alternates – Herbert, McQueen, Page-Croft


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority - 1 seat



Alternate - Smart


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority Overview and Scrutiny Committee 2 Labour

Davey, D. Baigent


Alternates – Moore



Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Audit and Governance Committee 1 Labour + one alternate



Alternate – Moore


Greater Cambridge Partnership Joint Assembly 3 (2 Labour + 1 Lib Dem)

S.Smith, Moore, Bick




Joint Development Control Committee - Cambridge Fringes 6 (4 Labour+ 2 Lib Dem)

Smart, D. Baigent, S.Smith, Thornburrow


Porrer, Page-Croft


Alternates – Scutt, Gawthrope Wood, Flaubert, Bond


ii.  Agree the nominations for Chairs and Vice Chairs as below:




Vice Chair

Environment and Communities Services

H. Davies


Planning and Transport

D. Baigent





(nb. Tenant/Leaseholder is Chair of Part 1 of the meeting)

Strategy & Resources


H. Davies

Civic Affairs








D. Baigent


Smart as Vice Chair (South Cambridgeshire District Council has the Chair this year)


iii.  Noted there were no constitutional updates for the meeting.


Nominations of Honorary Councillors pdf icon PDF 230 KB


The Committee noted that this item would appear at a future committee in keeping with a desire to focus Council meetings on core business whilst the impact of the coronavirus public health guidance is still observed.



To note Record of Officer Urgent Decision


Officer Urgent Decision: Powers of the Proper Officer for s83 of the Local Government Act 1972-declarations of Acceptance of Office by Councillors pdf icon PDF 10 KB


The decision was noted.