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Agenda and minutes

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Apologies were received from Cllr Bick.


Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.  


Minutes pdf icon PDF 61 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 24 September 2010 as a correct record. 


The minutes of the meeting held on 24th September 2010 were approved as a true and accurate record.  


Revenue and Capital Budgets – 2010/11 (Revised), 2011/12 (Proposed) and 2012/13 (Forecast) pdf icon PDF 310 KB

Additional documents:


The Executive received a report from the Director of Resources regarding the Revenue and Capital Budgets – 2010/11 (Revised), 2011/12 (Proposed) and 2012/13 (Forecast). The Director of Resources outlined the role of the meeting within the wider budget-setting context.


The Director of Resources summarised the content of the report and noted that there were a number of minor changes covering


·  Committee Priorities for Capital and Priority Policy Fund Spending

·  Retiming of capital item CB2719


The Executive received questions from representatives of the Labour and Green Groups.


i)  Councillor Herbert asked the Executive Councillor for Environmental and Waste Services how much was allocated for the Silver Street Toilets works. The Executive Councillor advised that the majority of the capital budget was allocated to the project. The Executive Councillor also highlighted the ongoing programme of improvements, but noted that serious issues with the nighttime economy complicated the situation. It was also noted that a separate budget existed for ongoing repairs.

ii)  Councillor Herbert asked the Executive Councillor for Climate Change and Growth regarding the viability of the Environmental Improvement Programme and Cycleways Improvement Programme in light of the proposed budget reductions. The Executive Councillor advised that alternative additional funding sources were also being considered. The Executive Councillor confirmed that the criteria would not significantly change, and that work was ongoing to ensure that the County Council met its obligations rather than relying on the City Council to cover the funding gap. In relation to the Cycleways Programme, the Executive Councillor advised that at present the majority of the funding was being used to top up existing projects, and that alternative funding was being sought to enhance the project. The Leader and Executive Councillor cautioned against subdividing funding pots to a Ward level, as it was the intention for them to be spent across the Area Committee area.

iii)  Councillor Pogonowski questioned whether savings would be achieved by the route optimisation project, if the project had a medium risk of not delivering. The Executive Councillor for Environmental and Waste Services challenged the assertion and outlined the benefits of the scheme.

iv)  Councillor Herbert sought clarification from the Executive Councillor for Housing regarding the removal of specific budget provision for traveller sites. The Executive Councillor for Housing advised that the specific budget related to the operation of a site. It was noted that efforts were ongoing to secure a site and once one had been secured a budget bid for operating it would then be forthcoming.

v)  Councillor asked the Executive Councillor for Customer Services and Resources what provision had been made to respond to changes in the benefit system. The Executive Councillor outlined the ongoing work including reconfiguration of staff resources to manage the implications of the changes. 


Record of Decision


The Executive resolved unanimously (6 votes to 0) to;

The Leader resolved to,


Please note


All page references relate to the budget setting report as amended by the Executive report, which can be found at






Revenue Budgets and Cash Limit / Savings Target:


Budget 2010/11:


a) Approve the overall revised budget for 2010/11, as shown in Section 3 (page 25) and Appendix W (page 299) for General Fund Services.


Budget 2011/12:


b) Agree recommendations for submission to the Executive in respect of :

·  Bids to be funded from External or Earmarked Funds [Appendix C, page 123, refers]

·  Revenue Savings and Bids [Appendix E, page 126 refers]

·  Priority Policy Fund (PPF) Bids [Appendix I, page 171 refers] – based on the position as outlined in Section 10 (page 57), as amended to include the proposed priorities for Priority Policy Fund (PPF) Bids - see attached replacement Appendix I [page 171 refers].


c) Recommend to Council the Council Tax base, as set out in Appendix G (page 160), and the level of Council Tax for 2010/11, based on a 99% collection rate [Section 8, page 47 refers].


d) Recommend to Council to approve:


(i) the Prudential Indicators as set out in Appendix M(a), Annex 1 (page 191) and to note that the “Authorised Limit” determined for 2011/12 will be the statutory limit determined under section 3 of the Local Government Act 2003 [Section 14, page 85 refers].


(ii) to delegate to the Director of Resources, within the borrowing totals for any financial year within (i) above, to effect movement between the separately agreed figures for ‘borrowing’ and ‘other long term liabilities’.


(iii) the Treasury Management and Annual Investment Strategy set out in Appendix M(b) (page 196).


(iv) amendments to the Council’s Approved Lending List, shown in Appendix M(c) (page 217)


e) Delegate to the Director of Resources authority to finalise changes relating to the corporate and departmental restructuring and the reallocation of support service and central costs, in accordance with the CIPFA Best Value Accounting Code of Practice and the Service Reporting Code of Practice for Local Authorities (SeRCOP) which applies from 1 April 2011 i.e. for 2011/12 budgets. [para 6.23, page 43 refers].


Capital: [Part D, page 71 refers]


Capital Plan: [section 13, page 77]


f) Agree the inclusion in the Capital Plan of capital schemes approved by the Leader in out of cycle decisions:

(i) Lammas Land Play Area

(ii) Vie Play Area

(iii) Vie Public Open Space

(iv) Replacement of Market Sheets

(v) Chip & Pin Upgrade in Car Parks

(vi) Route Optimisation Software

[para 4.5, table 8, page 30 refers].


g) Agree the transfer of £25,000 funding from City Centre Management Capital Programme to the City Centre Management revenue budget approved by the Executive Councillor for Customer Services and Resources as an out of cycle decision.


h) Approve the following project appraisals, that have been referred by Executive Councillors:


From the Executive Councillor for Customer Services and Resources:


(i) Procurement of Electric Van for Courier Service

(ii) Northgate e-Benefits, Self-Serve and Mobile Working Module

(iii) Vehicle Replacements 2011/12

(iv) Redevelopment of the Visit Cambridge website and the development of a fully integrated Destination Management System


From the Executive Councillor for Climate Change and Growth:


(i) Tins Path cycleway improvements

(ii) Essential Repairs to Grafton West Multi-Storey Car Park Boundary Wall

(iii) Change to the capital bid C2719 Grand Arcade Car Park – Replacement of existing Pay on Foot Equipment included in Appendix Q (page 259), which should be programmed for 2012/13, rather than 2011/12.



From the Executive Councillor for Arts and Recreation:


(i) Corn Exchange winches


From the Executive Councillor for Community Development & Health:


(i) Replacement of CCTV Communications Equipment


j) Agree recommendations to the Executive in respect of the bids outlined in Appendix T (page 290) for approval to include in the Capital Plan, or put on the Hold List.


From the Executive Councillor for Housing:


(i) Approve the use of £331,000 of Developer’s Contributions, identified for investment in affordable housing, towards the cost of the redevelopment of Seymour Court, with the balance of funding to be met through Homes and Communities Agency grant (if available), housing capital balances and an element of prudential borrowing if required (although it is not anticipated that this will be required).


(ii) Approve a Housing Capital Allowance for 2011/12 of £13,930,000.



k) Agree to a one-year reduction of £220,000 in the revenue funding to support Capital in 2012/13 [para 16.44, page 98 refers].


l) Agree the Capital Plan, as shown in Appendix N (page 219) for the General Fund (which will be updated to incorporate rephasing, new bids and the above recommendations) and Appendix S (page 288) for the Housing Capital Investment Programme.


m) Note the impact of revenue and capital budget approvals and approve the resulting level of reserves to be used to:

(i) support the 2010/11 budget

(ii) support the 2011/12 and future years budgets. [Section 17, page 99 refers]




n) From the Executive Councillor for Climate Change and Growth:


i)Approve the transfer of the Sustainable City grants budget from 2011/12 onwards from the Environment to the Customer and Community Services department (see report on Environment Scrutiny Committee agenda).


ii)Approve the transfer of the funding for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Biodiversity Partnership and the Cambridgeshire Travel for Work Partnership from 2011/12 onwards from the Environment to the Chief Executives department (see report on Environment Scrutiny Committee agenda).


Executive Councillor for Housing


o)  Housing Revenue Account [Part C, Section 11, page 65 refers] To note that the Budget-Setting Report circulated for consideration by this committee and the Executive included the financial implications based on the Draft Housing Revenue Account Subsidy Determination, issued on 5th November 2010. Following issue and receipt of the Final Housing Revenue Account Subsidy Determination on 10th January 2011, the resulting changes need to be considered and incorporated.


To further note that the Housing Management Board considered and approved an amended version of the HRA Budget Report on 11th January 2011, which incorporated the changes required. Community Services considered an amended Housing Capital Investment Plan on 13thJanuary 2011.