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Agenda and minutes

Venue: This a virtual meeting and therefore there is no physical location for this meeting.. View directions

Contact: Democratic Services  Committee Manager

Note: If members of the public wish to address the committee please contact Democratic Services by 12 noon two working days before the meeting. Questions can be submitted throughout the meeting to Democratic.Services@cambridge.gov.uk and we will endeavour to respond to questions during the discussion on the relevant agenda item. If we run out of time a response will be provided to members of the public outside of the meeting and published on the relevant Area Committee meeting webpage. 


No. Item


Welcome, Introduction and Apologies for Absence pdf icon PDF 123 KB


No apologies were received.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 254 KB


The minutes of the meetings held on 8 March were approved as a correct record.


Matters and Actions Arising from the Minutes pdf icon PDF 48 KB


The committee action sheet was noted. Councillors would send any updates to the Committee Manager outside of the meeting.


Update to 21/6/SAC - Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods: Councillor Thornburrow would liaise with Ninewells residents and the developer (Hills) about bicycle stores.

·  Councillor Thornburrow followed up with the resident raising the issue at the South Area Committee, contacted Hills and subsequently had a meeting with a Director from the development company.  The outcome was that that Hills followed on the specific points raised by the residents and had improved the bicycle stores accordingly.  Hills reported back when they had completed the work. Councillor Thornburrow hoped all the problems are resolved now, although all bike owners must be vigilant when locking bikes up.


Open Forum


Members of the public asked a number of questions, as set out below.


1.  A member of the public raised the following issues about Clay Farm Skatepark in Trumpington:

  i.  When is the surrounding groundwork to be completed, allowing the skatepark to open?

  ii.  If this work will not be completed for a while (at least a month), can we at least take the fence down which is not keeping skaters out anyway?

  iii.  How can we move forward with getting lights provided at the skatepark?

  iv.  I would like to note that we have the support from PC Beatrice Ley, who said about Jesus Green skatepark: "With increasing lighting in the area and renovations to the park, pro-social use of the facilities is likely to increase which will diminish crime."


The Streets and Open Spaces Development Manager’s written answer said:

  i.  The skate park is currently on land that has not yet transferred to the City Council.  The land is managed by Countryside as part of their development footprint.

  ii.  The skate park is currently separated from the surrounding play area which is still to be constructed.  The area is currently being used by the developer for parking, mess/office accommodation and access, linked to the wider build out of neighbouring phases of the residential areas. The wider residential construction is partly dictating the start of the play area construction work. Countryside have indicated that the play facilities will start later this year, most likely autumn although they nominated late summer as their preferred time. They have to remove existing temporary facilities including a temporary car park so realistically autumn time.

  iii.  The actual skate area has been fenced and 95% complete for a few months now. Countryside have still to carry out some ground reinstatement and installation of revised ancillary items around the main half pipe. The ancillary items installation is intended to be completed during  June/ July. There has been ongoing difficulties with unauthorised access as Countryside were trying to secure the skate area until the outstanding construction work was complete.  Countryside need to secure the skate area from the wider construction site, they have agreed to provide a temporary access into the skate area from the guided bus route cycle path.  The fencing is to remain on site until such time as the neighbouring construction work and site traffic are less of a risk to the public.

  iv.  The skate area is very popular and once the remaining facilities are constructed it would probably be the best time to look at possible enhancements. There was no specific requirement for Countryside to provide additional lighting in this area. There is existing lighting along the guided bus route adjacent to the skate area and there will be electrical light from the  neighbouring retail/ residential area currently under construction.  Lighting skate areas to encourage use later into the evenings can be a sensitive issue with local residents. However if it appears that there will be an active local skate community that wish to discuss enhancements/ additional lighting then following transfer to the City.  Consultations with wider community would be necessary to assess impact on residents, wildlife and the local environment, particularly as the skate area lies within a Country Park setting. If in the shorter term an existing  group of skaters wanted to approach Countryside and ask for additional lighting then they could do this and get a formal response from Countryside.  Officers would stress there is no requirement for Countryside to provide additional lighting as part of the current consent which they have  to construct the play area as a whole.


2.  Question from Constituent/Councillor Flaubert regarding demolition of 1-2 Fitzwilliam Road 19-1141-FUL:

  i.  On the exterior of the building is a glass painting, a piece of naive art known locally as 'The Moon, Sun, and Stars'. Permission to demolish the building has been given without any mention of saving the art.

  ii.  There is considerable local social history attached to this site. In the 1870s, the "Cottage Home for Orphan Girls" was founded there by St John's College. After the war, the home was run by Dr. Barnardo's. The county council took over the site in the early 70s, when it became a hostel for boys. The current building dates from the early 90s.

  iii.  Why was the artwork not considered in the planning application? Can the artwork now be saved, and either reincorporated into the building, or a new home found, e.g. at the Signal Box community centre or the Museum of Cambridge? 


The Principal Planner’s written answer said: The Conservation Team were not aware of the significance of the window/art during the course of the application and therefore did not recommend a condition to save the window. The Local Planning Authority therefore has no power to retain it. The Principal Planner has discussed salvaging the window with the agent for the site. He would discuss it with the applicant and let the Principal Planner know in due course. Hopefully it could be salvaged. The next step would be for Councillor Ingrid Flaubert to have a plan for the window.


3.  Councillor Hauk said there was no electricity supply for food vans (parking) in the Clay Farm area. Possibly also for a Christmas tree later in the year. Could this be provided as standard in other places?


Action Point: Councillor Page-Croft to follow up.


Environmental Report - SAC pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Committee received a report from the Senior Operations Manager.


The report outlined an overview ofthe council’s Streets and Open Spaces, Environmental Health and Shared Waste service activity in the Area Committee area over the past six months.


In response to Members’ questions the Senior Operations Manager said the following:

  i.  Was unaware of a trend suggesting increased fly tipping and needle drops in Trumpington compared to other periods reported (in earlier committees).


Action Point: Would liaise with Councillor Hauk about this query.


  ii.  Volunteer work should have started in all southern wards, not just some.


Action Point: Would liaise with Councillor S. Davies about this query.


  iii.  Noted Councillors’ appreciation that officers were looking into car repair issues in Cherry Hinton (actions by a company were impacting on residents).