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Agenda and minutes

Venue: This a virtual meeting and therefore there is no physical location for this meeting.. View directions

Contact: Democratic Services  Committee Manager

Note: If members of the public wish to address the committee please contact Democratic Services by 12 noon two working days before the meeting. Questions can be submitted throughout the meeting to Democratic.Services@cambridge.gov.uk and we will endeavour to respond to questions during the discussion on the relevant agenda item. If we run out of time a response will be provided to members of the public outside of the meeting and published on the relevant Area Committee meeting webpage. 


No. Item


Welcome, Introduction and Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Summerbell and County Councillor Ashwood.


Declarations of Interest






Councillor Ashton


Personal: Chair of Cherry Hinton Residents Association.

Councillor Dryden


Personal: Member of Cherry Hinton Residents Association.

Councillor McPherson


Personal: Member of Cherry Hinton Residents Association.



Minutes pdf icon PDF 247 KB

Additional documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 7 September and 30 November 2020 were approved as a correct record by the Chair.


Matters and Actions Arising from the Minutes pdf icon PDF 170 KB

Additional documents:


The committee action sheet was noted. Councillors would send any updates to the Committee Manager outside of the meeting.


Minute reference: 20/10/SAC and 21/04/SAC Open Forum

·       Action:

o   Cherry Hinton City and County Councillors to contact Richard Ling (Team Leader, County Council) to compile a list of pedestrian crossings where the timings need to be changed.

o   Councillor Jones asked for examples from across the city to pass onto County Officers via SAC Chair and County Councillors.

·       Progress:

o   Councillor Jones asked for details from stakeholders that she could forward on as examples. None have been received to date.


Open Forum


A member of the public raised the following issues:

      i.          In March 2020 County Council Officers came to South Area Committee and gave £800,000 cost figure for the Dutch Style Roundabout.

     ii.          The cost increased due to utilities work.

   iii.          Took issue with the figures given by County Officers. This was an issue of transparency.


Councillor McPherson said the County Council had been contacted and their response published on the South Area Committee webpage containing this meeting agenda. Suggested that further queries regarding the Dutch Style Roundabout costs should be directed to the County Council.


Councillor Taylor said she and Liberal Democrat Councillors were taking up this issue at the County Council via the Highways and Transport Committee. A report was due 9 March 2021 regarding the Dutch Style Roundabout project details. Regular reporting was expected to the Committee and local councillors in future.


Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods pdf icon PDF 288 KB


The Committee received a report from Sergeant Mazur regarding policing and safer neighbourhoods trends.


The report outlined actions taken since the last reporting period. The current emerging issues/neighbourhood trends for each ward were also highlighted (see report for full details). Previous local areas of concern and engagement activity noted in the report were:

      i.          Traffic [general] and anti-social behaviour by drivers of vehicles and motor bikes in the AURA, Lime Avenue and Hobson Avenue areas of South Trumpington;

     ii.          Support for funding so Police Officers can be trained to use decimetre to monitor decibels of noise from vehicles and motor bikes, as part of general monitoring of speeding and anti-social behaviour by drivers/riders;

   iii.          Drug dealing around the Clay Farm Centre;

   iv.          Drug dealing and anti-social behaviour around Cherry Hinton Hall; and

    v.          Policing of the ‘Cambridge Lakes’.

The Committee discussed the following policing issues:

      i.          Bike theft in Trumpington Ward, such as Great Kneighton.


Members of the public raised the following policing issues:

      i.          Bike theft from:

a.    Ninewells apartments due to poor building security.

                                                   i.     Thieves could break in without leaving signs of doing so.

                                                  ii.     The Police listed Trumpington buildings as exemplars of ‘secure by design’ initiative, which was a misnomer that needed to be corrected as the secure bike areas were not fit for purpose.

b.    City centre and railway station.

     ii.          Drug dealing and anti-social behaviour around Cherry Hinton Hall. The City Council were not installing CCTV cameras at Cherry Hinton Hall.

   iii.          Anti-social behaviour in the Trumpington area.


Councillor Thornburrow (speaking as a Planning Committee Member and Executive Councillor for Planning Policy and Open Spaces) said the Planning Committee reviewed general building details when they came to committee, the Police signed off general details, but third party (ie developer) was ultimately responsible for bike storage security as they detailed the materials and construction. Councillor Thornburrow would liaise with Ninewells residents and the developer (Hills).


Councillor McPherson encouraged people to report crimes/issues to the Police either through ringing 101 or other methods such as on-line. The Police would use information to build up intelligence data. Sergeant Mazur encouraged residents to invite the police to attend resident association meetings. She was happy to be the South Area contact.


Councillors requested changes to the recommendations.

      i.          Councillor McPherson formally proposed to add the following priority: Drug dealing, moped riding and anti-social behaviour around Cherry Hinton Rec and Cherry Hinton Hall.

     ii.          Councillor McGerty formally proposed to add the following priority: Bike theft in Ninewells and Trumpington Ward.


The amendments were unanimously agreed.


The following priorities were unanimously agreed:

      i.          Continue work to tackle vehicle-related antisocial behaviour and driving across the South of the City.

     ii.          Continue work (patrols and diverting young people away from crime and antisocial behaviour) across the South of the City, with specific focus on Trumpington Ward.

   iii.          Drug dealing, moped riding and anti-social behaviour around Cherry Hinton Rec and Cherry Hinton Hall.

   iv.          Bike theft in Ninewells and Trumpington Ward.


SAC Area Committee Grants 2021-22 pdf icon PDF 402 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report from the Community Funding & Development Manager regarding Community Grants.


The Officer’s report detailed applications received to date for 2021-2022 funding for projects in the South area and made recommendations for awards. It also provided information on the eligibility and funding criteria.


Following discussion, Members resolved (unanimously) to agree the proposed awards detailed in Appendix 1 of the Officer’s report and summarised in the table below:







Cambridge Royal Albert Homes

Exercise bike and bench



Cambridge Royal Albert Homes

Afternoon tea for residents



Cherry Hinton Residents Association

Christmas lights switch on event; 2 newsletters



Denis Wilson Court Social Club

Summer garden party; Autumn trip and Celebration of Age lunch



Hanover and Princess Courts Residents’ Association

Summer seaside outing, September barbecue, Christmas event and monthly craft sessions



NIE Theatre

Story telling workshops



Nightingale Gardeners

Kindness garden; pop up friendly cafes; small acts of kindness picnic



Red Cross Areas Residents’ Association




St Andrew’s Church, Cherry Hinton

Tea dances twice a week for 4 weeks for the over 70's



Trumpington Community Drama Group

Production of cabaret show; 2 rehearsals and 2 performances



Trumpington Meadows Delivery & Action Group Ltd

Father Christmas tours (x 4) across Trumpington before Christmas



Trumpington Meadows Delivery & Action Group Ltd

"Birthday Picnic" to celebrate 5th anniversary of Trumpington Meadows Wildlife Trust country park and nature reserve



Trumpington Residents' Association

20 autumn/winter activities (eg bingo, crafts, cooking) for older people



Trumpington Residents' Association

Christmas events eg light switch-on at Trumpington Pavilion, Clay Farm Centre, Trumpington Meadows Centre



Trumpington Residents' Association

“The Summer of Life’s Simple Pleasures” – approx. 20 outdoor activities in summer 2021






South Area Committee Dates 2021/22

Proposed South Area Committee dates for the 2021-22 municipal


·       21/06/21

·       06/09/21

·       29/11/21

·       07/03/22


Venues will be agreed later.


The following dates were agreed:

·       21/06/21

·       06/09/21

·       29/11/21

·       07/03/22