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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Wilkinson Room - St John the Evangelist Church Hills Road Cambridge CB2 8RN. View directions

Contact: Democratic Services  Committee Manager

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Welcome, Introduction and Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillors Page-Croft, Summerbell and Ashwood. Councillor Thornburrow provided apologies for lateness.



Declarations of Interest





Cllr Ashton

19/33/SAC, 19/35/SAC

Personal: Member of Cambridge Area Bus Users Group

Cllr Dryden

19/33/SAC, 19/35/SAC

Personal: Member of Cambridge Area Bus Users Group

County Cllr Taylor

19/33/SAC, 19/35/SAC

Personal: Member of Cambridge Area Bus Users Group



Minutes pdf icon PDF 331 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on the 22 July were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Matters and Actions Arising from the Minutes pdf icon PDF 198 KB


The action sheet was noted and an updated copy can be viewed at the following link under ‘Updates to Action Sheet’.




Stagecoach Bus Services in South Area

Stagecoach representative to attend and discuss bus services in South Area of City.


The Committee welcomed representatives of Stagecoach to the committee meeting to discuss bus services in the South Area.


The Committee made the following comments:

i.  Referred to previous issues on Long Road.

ii.  Expressed concern that residents were not getting regular updates from Stagecoach.

iii.  Noted that the Bus Users Group in Cambridge was not consulted about the Mill Road, road closures.  When there were issues on Mill Road, a representative was made available on Mill Road for a week to assist residents and users. Asked if funding was available to support the Citi 2 service if there was funding available for the roundabout. Noted that both staff and patients used the Citi 2 bus. Commented that the works were due to take place for 6 months over the winter months.

iv.  Expressed concerns that the Citi 2 bus service could be reduced following changes to the service as a result of the Fendon Road roundabout works.  Commented that buses were a key form of transport.

v.  Referred to bus services which were cut some time ago to Teversham and Coldham’s Lane. 

vi.  Noted that not everyone wanted to travel via Addenbrooks and that Coldham’s Lane was a good opportunity to be looked at.

vii.  Stated that Coleville Road had their bus service cut, which had been operating for 15 years.

viii.  Queried whether Stagecoach could work with City Ambassadors.

ix.  Noted that the Trumpington park and ride bus was supposed to replace some of the Citi 7 services but it did not. This meant that residents were driving to the park and ride, parking there then catching the bus into town which used up valuable park and ride parking spaces.


Representatives from Stagecoach made the following comments:

i.  They had only found out about the Fendon Road road works in July and had put the best solution that they could come up with into place.

ii.  They wanted to hear views from the South Area Committee and residents.

iii.  There were not many diversion routes available and did know the congestion extent which would be created by a ‘rat run’.

iv.  Other option for the Citi 2 bus was to use Mowbray Road, but this would mean having to go through traffic lights twice and would add time to the route and was not a viable option.

v.  The only viable option was the transfer on to the Citi 1 bus if greater notice had been given other options could have been considered however other concerns would still remain with using Nightingale Avenue such as the safety of the junction with Babraham Road and the time it would take to travel through this junction.

vi.  Stagecoach had a finite number of buses and drivers, one option was to reduce the frequency of the Citi 2 bus, but Stagecoach did not want to go down that route.

vii.  Had been open with the issues at Nightingale Avenue, there was an issue with turning right at the bottom of the road.

viii.  Commented that there was some subsidy from the rail company which funded the shuttle buses during the Mill Road works.

ix.  Further information was needed to find out about users: who they were, what they wanted and what Stagecoach could offer. The traffic conditions and route will be reviewed during the operation.  

x.  Were aware that connectivity was very important.

xi.  Shuttle buses used on Mill road had now been earmarked for Histon Road and various local councillors had asked if they could be considered for use to help serve their local constituencies.

xii.  Had met with people at Cambourne and there were a lot of competing interests.

xiii.  Was aware that the network needed to be updated and that there needed to be a service review. Had noted that Teversham had been raised by a local councillor and was being reviewed.

xiv.  Stated that there were new managers in place at Stagecoach who were looking to work with the community.

xv.  Commented that improvements were planned with regards to advertising bus services at the train station and customers should see a dramatic improvement.

xvi.  Would look into the Trumpington park and ride / Citi 7 query.


Action: Councillor McGerty to write to Cambridgeshire County Council on behalf of South Area Committee to express disappointment at the poor communication with residents and Stagecoach regarding the Fendon Road, road works.


Members of the public asked a number of questions, as set out below.


1.  Asked whether ‘on demand’ bus services had been considered which could re-route buses round the city.


Commented that this had not been specifically considered and noted that as an industry, an ‘on demand’ model had not been successfully developed. This was not a closed door, but at the moment they did not know how to make such a model work.


2.  Acknowledged that a good job had been done in a short period of time.  Noted that the Bus Users Group did not hear about the works until August 2019 and that lessons needed to be learned from this. Queried whether buses could be staggered leaving from Addenbrooks bus station. Commented that there were a lot of confused members of the public that day who were not sure which bus to catch.


Representatives of Stagecoach had been in attendance at Addenbrooks on the first day of the revised bus services and noted that there was a lot of traffic on Cherry Hinton Road. He had been checking real time data throughout the day and it was only during the morning that buses were running between 15-45 minutes late.  Once buses lost time it was difficult to make this up during the day.  Also noted that children were returning to school that day. Confirmed that data would be monitored for the next couple of weeks so that this could be analysed to see what changes could be made. Also noted that delays could have a knock on effect in other areas of the city.

3. Asked whether the ice-rink would be added to the Citi 1 or Citi 3 bus service.

Confirmed that this was being considered but there were no answers at the moment. Need to investigate where people wanted to go, would also consider the park and ride service.


4.  Had emailed radio show presenters and producers to ask that greater information was given out as part of the travel news. Insufficient information had been provided about the works being done at Fendon Road.  Queried why Stagecoach had not been consulted earlier by the County Council. Commented that Stagecoach and the County Council had engineers so a solution could have been developed.

Commented that the consultation regarding the Fendon Road roundabout was done in 2015/16.  Did not know why the County Council did not liaise with Stagecoach earlier. Would continue to push for better relationships with the County Council as they needed to work together. 

5. Queried bus connections.

Confirmed that buses could be diverted; Stagecoach would monitor the Fendon Road works and that changes could be made to bus services if required. Commented that both sides of the roundabout were open an hour ago. Was waiting to hear back from the County Council whether part of Queen Edith’s could be re-opened.


6. Queried the electronic bus timetable displays and commented that these seemed to report to an internal timetable and did not reflect the buses on the road. Commented that the buses on the road needed to be increased by a factor of five and that costs needed to be reduced. Noted that only small changes in bus provision were being discussed. 


Commented that Stagecoach had done a lot over the past 6 months. A discount had been introduced for NHS staff and a student ticket had been introduced. Further enhancements were planned for the bus way. Had just invested in buses, although there was a shortage of drivers in Cambridge. Ambition was there, just needed to manage expectations. Acknowledged the Stagecoach app needed to be improved.


In response to a question about working with Whippet, commented that Stagecoach were the provider and if they could deliver improvements to the service then they would do so.


7. Asked how much notice from the County Council was required to enable Stagecoach to be able to consider any changes to services as a result of road works.


Stated that as much notice as possible would be appreciated, but 6 months would be helpful.


Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods pdf icon PDF 616 KB


The Committee received a report regarding policing and safer neighbourhoods trends.


The report outlined actions taken since the last reporting period. The current emerging issues/neighbourhood trends for each ward were also highlighted (see report for full details). Previous priorities and engagement activity noted in the report were:

i.  Drug dealing in the South Area, specifically in parks and open spaces;

ii.  Anti-Social Behaviour in public areas in Trumpington village; and

iii.  Begging on streets in Cherry Hinton.

Action: ASB Team to circulate round details of the new Police Officers who serviced the South Area.


The Committee discussed the following policing issues:

  i.  Aggressive begging was frightening to members of the public as they were not always equipped to be able to respond. Members of the public needed to understand that it was not just about enforcement and that individuals required support to be diverted away from begging.

  ii.  Referred to drug dealing which was taking place in the park which bordered the back gardens of properties in Gunhill Close.

  iii.  Noted issues in Coleville Road and empty properties / flats which could be used by individuals for ASB.

  iv.  Referred to drug dealing taking place in Princess Court and Hanover Court

  v.  Referred to a persistent beggar on Mill Road who had returned.


Members of the public raised the following policing issues:

  i.  Highlighted the issue of illegal and dangerous parking on Greenlands and Red Cross Lane and noted whilst the County Council Enforcement Team could be contacted to check parking, a more permanent solution needed to be found.


Councillor McGerty thanked the member of the public for highlighting this issue and asked for any ideas to resolve this issue. He noted that people still parked on freshly painted yellow lines and noted that yellow lines which had been introduced on Nightingale Avenue had meant that over 100 parking spaces had been lost.


Noted that the County Council’s enforcement Team could be contacted to check whether people were parking in accordance with restrictions.


Action: Councillor McGerty to follow up requisition for CCTV camera at Greenlands / Red Cross Lane. 


The Police noted that reference had been made to aggressive behaviour by some of the people who were parking where they shouldn’t and stated that this issue was not reflected in their ‘calls for service’. Stated that if this issue was reported then appropriate resource could be allocated to investigate this element of the issue.


Members of the public suggested:

  i.  To query whether on-road parking was required.

  ii.  Automatic number plate recognition.

  iii.  Signage.

  iv.  CCTV cameras specific for parking enforcement.

  v.  Suggested that the County Council purchase an ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) car as Peterborough Council had something similar.


Members of the public were encouraged not to approach aggressive people by themselves and to report any issues or concerns through the appropriate channels.



The following priorities were unanimously agreed:

  i.  Address youth ASB on the Anstey Way estate.

  ii.   Address youth ASB in Trumpington Meadows.

  iii.  Continue work to address serious street-based violence, child criminal exploitation and child sexual exploitation.


Open Forum


Members of the public asked a number of questions, as set out below.


1.  Asked whether a motion to prioritise active would be supported. Active travel meant walking, cycling, scooting etc ahead of using buses, taxis, cars. Referred to deaths which had occurred on Milton Road and the guided busway.


Councillor McGerty said that he wanted to see less car usage. Referred to the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) who had ambitions to double the number of buses. He noted that alternative modes of transport to cars were required.


County Councillor Taylor agreed with the proposal. She noted that speed limits on the guided busway had been reduced. Referred to two children who had been hurt after being hit by vehicles. Referred to Fendon Road roundabout which would have four pedestrian crossings. She wanted a road hierarchy which put people with disabilities top, then pedestrians then road users. She had been working with CamCycle in relation to the bus way in Trumpington.


Action Point: Councillor Taylor confirmed she would look into the active travel issue.


2.  A member of the public asked whether it was the intention in the future not to have the open forum at the beginning of the meeting and whether it was necessary to submit questions in advance of the meeting.


Councillor McGerty said he had asked for the Stagecoach item to be first on the agenda as he thought this was an item that a great number of residents would be interested in. He had expected a higher turnout of people with a specific item on the agenda. Confirmed that questions did not need to be submitted in advance of the meeting.


Post meeting note: An advantage of questions being submitted in advance of a meeting may mean that a response could be provided at the meeting but there is no requirement to submit questions in advance. 


3.  A member of the public asked whether members had received notification about the Citi 1 and 2 bus services before the last South Area Committee and were members supportive of the disruption. Referred to Councillor McGerty and County Councillor Taylor receiving correspondence from Graham Hughes as local members.


Councillor McGerty stated that he was supportive of the Fendon Road scheme but was not supportive of the disruption it had caused. He was not aware that the Citi 2 bus would not go directly to Addenbrooks.  Referred to a meeting which was taking place the next day where practical solutions were to be discussed.


The member of the public commented that the County Council did not take a holistic approach with their work.


Councillor Pippas commented that the County Council needed to find better ways to communicate.


A member of the public referred to three public information meetings, which had been organized in relation to the Fendon Road works but commented that these were not consultations. The County Council needed to think things through and consult with bus operators prior to road works taking place.


County Councillor Taylor commented that she was interested in a shuttle service to Addenbrooks and asked Stagecoach what was the best way for people to contact them. Commented that earlier discussions between the County Council, Stagecoach and bus users was needed.


Action: Committee Manager to invite County Council Cycling Officers to attend the next area committee meeting to talk about Fendon Road, road works.


4.   A member of the public referred to comments made by Mr Browne in an article about 3rd world immigrants when he worked for the Spectator magazine which they found distressing. Also referred to a neo-fascist march which had taken place that weekend.


County Councillor Taylor noted that the comments were made some time ago and Mr Browne had been asked to retract his comments.  Councillors had to comply with a code of conduct and would not be expected to make those comments and neither should MPs.


Councillor Pippas said that people made the difference and the people of Cambridge were wonderful and welcoming.


Councillor McGerty commented that the member of the public was a valued member of the community and their concerns were taken seriously. 


5.  A member of the public referred to the consultation exercise which had been undertaken in relation to the Fendon Road roundabout and stated that this could have been much improved. Commented that road users had not been looked at equally and it was not surprising that pedestrians had not been given precedence. The roundabout would be bad news for bus users and journey times.


Councillor McGerty commented that the way in which the scheme had been delivered was not good but that the scheme should be delivered. Pedestrian and cycle safety should be considered. He wanted to support the GCP. The scheme was not designed to exclude buses. The GCP were holding a people assembly on the way forward to achieve a modal shift in transport.


Presentation on the Traffic Signal Junction

County Council Highways Service representative to attend and make verbal presentation about the refurbishment of the traffic signal junction at Cherry Hinton Road/Queen Edith’s Way/High Street/Fulbourn Road, Cambridge.


County Council Highways Service representatives attended the meeting and gave a verbal presentation about the refurbishment of the traffic signal junction at Cherry Hinton Road/Queen Edith’s Way/High Street/Fulbourn Road, Cambridge.


The Highway Service representatives made the following comments:

i.  The original scheme had been consulted on in March 2016.

ii.  People were worried about pedestrian and cycling safety.

iii.  Referred to the layout of the scheme on plans.

iv.  Referred to Giant’s Grave and the high street originally having two lanes but now one lane was suggested.

v.  Had wanted to install the scheme after the consultation in 2016 however due to staff resources had been unable to do so. They were now in a position to take the scheme forward.

vi.  When the scheme was constructed, they anticipated a 20 week programme, they wanted to avoid road closures but some may be required.


The Committee made the following comments in response to the report:

i.  This was an improved plan and noted that although some trees would be removed new ones would be planted in their place. Also noted that County Officers would be in touch with the City Councils Tree Officer to discuss the trees as part of the scheme.

ii.  Asked whether pedestrians and cyclists could be separated.

iii.  Commented that this scheme was different to the Fendon Road scheme as officers had spent time speaking to residents and a good job had been done on a limited junction.

iv.  Questioned if a one way solution had been considered.


Members of the public asked a number of questions, as set out below.


1.  Expressed concerns about narrow paths and commented that this was a good opportunity to extend paths.


Officers would look at whether parts of the path could be widened but there were pinch points where this would be difficult.


2.  Commented that this was not a radical scheme, there was no bicycle / vehicle separation and looked like a late 1990s junction. Plans should be put in place to future proof the scheme for the next 20 years. 


Two lanes were needed for safety. There was no room for a bus lane down the high street. The GCP were looking into a solution and also looking at adjusting was traffic lights did in the presence of a bus.